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Call for Papers

Contributions are solicited for presentation with a primary interest in topics that support a system level view of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and activities that support the transition of DEW system, sub-system, or technology toward an operational system. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • At either a system or subsystem level, report on the "Ilities" such as reliability, maintainability, and logistical supportability
  • Demonstrator or experiment status and the technology transition plan
  • Lesson learned either past or present about the policy, engineering, and/or acquisition challenges of developing the DEW including topics like life cycle cost analysis, the Analysis of Alternatives process, and other acquisition-related topics
  • Technologies that offer a system level performance advantage such as compact cooling, electrically and/or volume efficient lasers or rf sources, performance enhancing beam control or antenna concepts, mobile power systems, compact beam directors or antennas, or concepts to improve magazine depth
  • System operational requirements including weapon system performance, effectiveness, interoperability, deconfliction/predictive avoidance, fratricide avoidance and how these requirements were developed
  • Concept of operations (CONOPS) development, war-gaming, or studies that survey or support the utility of a DEW
  • Weapon system integration requirements, constraints and issues including Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaPC)
  • DEW effects
  • Power and thermal control subsystems

A special networking event will be held Wednesday morning: The poster presentation session will be supported by the six plenary system talks where attendees can interact with the system teams as well as review an estimated 60 poster presentations on near and far term technologies. Unlike the system oral presentations, poster presentations can include basic research and other topics not directly traceable to the impact on the system.

Important Dates for Presenters

  14 July
Abstracts due

  28 July
Authors notified of acceptance

  8 September
Presentations due with release forms

  21 September
Papers due with release forms

  25-29 September
DE Systems Symposium

Submission Instructions

General information on the submission of abstracts, presentations, papers and release forms is provided here. Presentations and papers will be considered for acceptance at Distribution Limitations A and D and at Secret levels.

Note that it is the responsibility of the lead author to obtain all approvals and releases for submitted abstracts, presentations, and papers. All submitted materials including unclassified presentations must be appropriately marked for security classification as well as identification of any distribution restrictions. Additionally, please identify the presenter (if different from the lead author) and update contact information.


The abstract deadline has passed. Questions about abstracts may be directed to, the Symposium chair.

All persons wishing to present at the 2017 DE Systems Symposium must submit an abstract for consideration. Abstracts must be unclassified and are due on or before 14 July 2017. Authors will be notified on or before 28 July of acceptance of their paper for presentation and/or publication.

Authors may choose whether to release either the title or the abstract online. Those who do not yet have public release approval are encouraged to submit the abstract before the deadline and select the appropriate options on the submission form to keep the details off the Website listing. Authors may also make arrangements to submit classified or limited distribution material. To do so, authors should submit a place-holder title and abstract through the online submission form and follow the instructions there that are suitable for their material.

Please contact with any technical issues regarding abstract submission. Subject matter questions regarding abstracts should be directed to a member of the symposium technical committee.

Note: While an automated email is sent confirming receipt of your abstract, some military domains may block delivery of such an email. If you do not receive email confirmation, you may check this online listing of submitted abstracts. This listing is dynamically generated based on abstracts received at the time the page is displayed and author permission (granted when submitted). If the title of your abstract is contained in this listing, it has been received by DEPS.

Presentations and Papers
In order to assemble the presentations for the symposium in a timely manner, authors will be required to submit the sponsoring Program Office approved versions of classified and unclassified presentations no later than 8 September. Any presentation received after this date is subject to not being presented at the discretion of the technical committee.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers as well as presentations. Submitted papers may, upon author approval, be forwarded for consideration by editors of the Journal of Directed Energy, a peer-reviewed publication. Papers will be due on or before 21 September and should be submitted in either Microsoft Word format, which is preferred, or Adobe Acrobat format (pdf file). Specific format instructions can be found on the following link: Journal Author Instructions with the following exceptions: no page limit, single space paragraphs, double space between paragraphs and integrated figures and tables. Include full information (including address, phone, fax, and email) for corresponding author. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that the paper has not been published, nor under consideration, elsewhere.

Note that all submitted materials, including unclassified presentations, must be appropriately marked for security classification as well as identification of any distribution restrictions.

Unclassified, public release (Distribution A) presentations and papers that are less than 5MB in size can be sent electronically to Carolyn Bowman at Unclassified presentations and papers that are Distribution C or D, contain embedded videos, or are more than 5MB in size can be mailed on a CD to the following address or uploaded to a secure file transfer site such as AMRDEC.

DEPS Graphics
695 Conway Ave.
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Unclassified presentations must be received by 8 September 2017; papers by 21 September 2017.

Classified papers and presentations can be mailed via either US Postal Service registered mail or via FedEx to the address below.

Outer envelope:
Attention: Document Control
801 University Blvd. SE, Suite 209
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Inner Envelope
Attention: Tisha Mangold
801 University Blvd. SE, Suite 209
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Please mail classified submissions NLT 1 September in order to guarantee receipt by 8 September.

Please ensure packaging on outer envelope does not display individual names or security classification; display only destination and a valid return address. Remember also that the CD as well as the actual file(s) must be appropriately marked. See Security Markings below. Example CD markings are as follows:
    (U) This Is My Story, Date, Classified
    By: (person name, office symbol, and title that is creating the document)
    Derived From: (what documents were used to classify the document)
    Declassify On: (date the document can be declassified)

All Classified and Limited Distribution presentations must be received by 8 September 2017; papers by 21 September. Please be sure and mail classified submissions in sufficient time to ensure deliery by the advertised due date.

Release Forms

Release forms are required for all papers and presentations submitted to the 2017 DE Systems Symposium. These Microsoft Word release forms can be completed electronically, then printed for signature and submission. It is the responsibility of the lead author to obtain all approvals and releases for submitted presentations and papers. Submission instructions are provided on the form itself. Forms are due at the same time as the corresponding presentation/paper. Note that poster papers are considered presentations and the presentation release form should be used in those cases.

Presentation Release Form      Paper Release Form

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