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Abstract Listing for 2017 DE Systems Symposium


Abstracts are listed below according to the order they were submitted. Note that this listing only includes abstracts submitted to-date via our online system. Additional entries are likely; check back often.

Abstract titles, when shown, will link to the abstract content once the appropriate release forms are received.

17-Systems-001: Title not released by author
17-Systems-002: An Update on the Beam Control Technology Assessment Report
17-Systems-003: Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) Directed Energy (DE) On-the-Move (OTM) Program Overview
17-Systems-004: Status of International DEW Collaborations
17-Systems-005: Joint Laser Systems Effectiveness Joint Test Overview
17-Systems-006: Title not released by author
17-Systems-007: Development of a High Energy Laser System to Support the Indirect Fire Protection Capability
17-Systems-008: Integration Readiness Level Assessment of the HADES program
17-Systems-010: Overview of DARPA/MTO Sea Hawk Coherent Fiber-Array Technology Development & Performance Evaluation in Field Experiments
17-Systems-011: Measurements and Analysis of Ship-Induced Optical Turbulence and its Effect on High Energy Laser Performance
17-Systems-012: Technology Transition Opportunities for the ABLE Beam Control System
17-Systems-014: High Power Microwave System Studies for Integration on Airborne Platforms
17-Systems-015: Title not released by author
17-Systems-016: Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) ATD
17-Systems-017: A Flexible and Efficient Hybrid Energy System for Pulsed Power Applications
17-Systems-018: Decomposition of Directed Energy Applications to Distributed Volume Turbulence Adaptive Optics Parameters
17-Systems-019: A Programmatic Description of the ASALT Laboratory Upgrade
17-Systems-020: Initial Results of the OGRE Adaptive Optics Compensation Algorithm
17-Systems-021: High Temperature Semiconductor Diode Laser Pumps for High Energy Laser Applications
17-Systems-022: Compact Optical Inertial Reference Unit Developed Under NAVAIR SBIR
17-Systems-023: The Integrated Weapons Environment for Analysis (IWEA): A Weapons Effect Tool for Synergistic DE & KE Effects
17-Systems-024: High Temperature Operating Diode Pumps for Lowering SWAP of High Energy Laser Sytems
17-Systems-025: Antenna Options for HPRF/HPM-Based DEWs
17-Systems-026: Title not released by author
17-Systems-027: Title not released by author
17-Systems-028: Powering Directed Energy Systems in Ground Vehicles
17-Systems-029: Predictive Avoidance for Directed Energy On The Move
17-Systems-030: The AIAA/DEPS Directed Energy Systems Integration Committee
17-Systems-031: Comprehensive Overview of a HEL-JTO Sponsored Wavefront Sensor Study
17-Systems-032: Tiled Vs. Filled Phase Compensation: A System-Level, Deep-Turbulence Study
17-Systems-033: High-Altitude Laser Defense against Hypersonic Threats
17-Systems-034: T&E Diagnostics for DE/HEL Weapons Systems Effectiveness
17-Systems-035: Preliminary Results of HEL vs Advanced Target Components Testing
17-Systems-036: Navy Support to the US/UK Effects of High Energy Lasers Project Arrangement (EHEL PA)
17-Systems-038: HELMTT Laser Diagnostics Compared to Analysis for RTC 3 Feb 2017
17-Systems-039: Laser Aircraft Strike Suppression Optical System: LASSOS
17-Systems-040: Low Loss Spinel Window Technology Development
17-Systems-041: Aero-Optical Fixed Wing Demonstrator (AeroFWD) Program
17-Systems-042: Deployment of Turbulence Characterization Systems
17-Systems-043: Transonic Flight Testing of the Aero-Optical Fixed Wing Demonstrator (AeroFWD)
17-Systems-044: Enhanced Tracking System (ETS) Performance Modeling
17-Systems-045: Re-Issuance of DoDI 3100.11 Management of Laser Illumination of Objects in Space
17-Systems-046: An alternative mechanism for the defeat of airborne anti-armor threats
17-Systems-047: Navy Laser Simulation Experiments - For the Warfighter, By the Warfighter
17-Systems-048: The Stabilized Shipboard Maritime Atmospheric Characterization System Atmospheric Transmission Measurement (MACS ATM) LIDAR
17-Systems-049: Spectral Features from Mid-IR Ultrashort Pulse Laser Propagation Through Optical Media
17-Systems-050: Laser Weapon System Demonstrator - Overview and Update
17-Systems-051: Advanced Non-Intrusive Field Strength Sensors
17-Systems-052: Field Strength Sensor Network (FSSN)
17-Systems-053: Summary of Far Field Radiation C-IED Efforts at NSWCDD
17-Systems-054: Improved Approach for Using Far Field Radiation For IED Defeat
17-Systems-055: Title not released by author
17-Systems-057: Title not released by author
17-Systems-058: Dynamic Acquisition For HEL Integration
17-Systems-060: A Technical Overview of Advanced Adaptive Optics in the ASALT Laboratory
17-Systems-061: Title not released by author
17-Systems-062: Synthetic Scene Generation of Actively Illuminated Targets
17-Systems-063: Ultra-Sensitive Fast-Framing LADAR SWIR Camera (FLSC)
17-Systems-065: Title not released by author
17-Systems-066: UCF-CREOL-TISTEF and HEL Testing
17-Systems-067: The Totality Of Optics Fabrication
17-Systems-068: The Joint Laser Deconfliction Safety System (JLDSS) Phase 1 and 2
17-Systems-069: Comparison of Hartmann Turbulence Sensor Tilt and Intensity Measurements with Scintillometer Results
17-Systems-070: Title not released by author
17-Systems-071: Powerful Source of Collimated Coherent Infrared Radiation with Pulse Duration Fewer than Ten Cycles
17-Systems-072: Experimental Validation of a General Wave Optics Propagation Scaling Law
17-Systems-073: Experimental Process and Initial Direct Measurement of High Energy Laser for Intensity and Phase Parameters at the Aperture to Support Accurate Field Measurements
17-Systems-074: Mission Engineering and the Operational Aspects of HIJENKS
17-Systems-075: Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) Directed Energy (DE) On-the-Move (OTM) Volume Surveilance Segment
17-Systems-076: High Power Joint Electromagnetic Non-Kinetic Strike (HIJENKS)
17-Systems-077: Title not released by author
17-Systems-078: Image Blurring as a Means of Estimating Airborne DE Performance
17-Systems-079: Using AAOL for End-to-End Engagement Testing, AAOL-BC
17-Systems-080: Laboratory Testing of High Energy Laser Beam Control Research Testbed (HBCRT)
17-Systems-081: A Computationally Efficient Model for Air-Plasma Chemistry
17-Systems-082: GUI based software for generation of synthetic aero-optics phase screens for use in laboratory beam control simulations
17-Systems-083: Modeling of Compact Two-Phase Cooling Systems for Laser DEW Components
17-Systems-084: Initiation of Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) support to DoD Directed Energy efforts
17-Systems-085: Key Aspects of HEL Performance
17-Systems-086: Development of a Low Pressure Drop Coldplate with Integrated Vapor Chamber for Laser Diode Thermal Management
17-Systems-087: Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of a FlexCool Thermal Strap for Directed Energy System Thermal Management
17-Systems-088: Phase compensation in the presence of BIL-HEL wavelength differences
17-Systems-089: Title not released by author
17-Systems-090: Acquisition Sensor Technologies for Adverse Weather Environments
17-Systems-091: Evaluation of HEL System Performance by Coupling Weather Cubes and the Weather Effects Metric
17-Systems-092: Metrology and Calibration for Navy Laser Weapons: The Need and Importance
17-Systems-093: Anchoring Turbulence Profile Models using Boundary Layer Measurements from CABLE/TRAX
17-Systems-094: Metrology and Calibration for Navy Laser Weapons: NSWC Corona-NIST Efforts
17-Systems-095: Simplifying accurate measurements of high-power laser emission by using radiation pressure
17-Systems-096: Atmospheric Characterization at the Shuttle Landing Facility using two DELTA Turbulence Monitors
17-Systems-097: Effects of High Energy Laser Strikes on Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
17-Systems-098: Match of optical paths in high-power fiber laser array with broadened linewidth
17-Systems-099: Title not released by author
17-Systems-100: Title not released by author
17-Systems-101: Title not released by author
17-Systems-102: Overview of laser source development at the Air Force Research Laboratory / Directed Energy Directorate / Laser Division
17-Systems-103: Exploring recuperation time
17-Systems-104: Increasing tiled array performance through geometry and factors of fill
17-Systems-106: Enviromental Laser Test Facilty
17-Systems-107: HADES SWaP Analysis and Comparison with Pumped Two Phase Cooling
17-Systems-108: Title not released by author
17-Systems-109: MENACE II Engagement/Mission Scenario Modeling
17-Systems-110: Title not released by author
17-Systems-111: Modeling and Design Methodology for the Development of Electro-Optical and Laser Weapon Systems
17-Systems-112: Brassboard Driver Development at NSWCDD
17-Systems-113: Next-Generation Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons - JNLWD FY17/18 Project Updates
17-Systems-114: CHAMP Lessons Learned
17-Systems-115: Directed Energy Weapon System Concept Characterization and Technical Description Development for Air Force Acquisition
17-Systems-116: Title not released by author
17-Systems-117: Beam Control System Development for the SHiELD ATD
17-Systems-118: Aero-Effects Mitigation for the SHiELD ATD
17-Systems-119: SHiELD System Aircraft and Pod Integration
17-Systems-120: Advancements in a Rugged Compact Laser for the SHiELD ATD
17-Systems-121: SHiELD Flight and Ground Test Program
17-Systems-122: SHiELD Lethality and Vulnerability Analysis
17-Systems-123: SHiELD System Mission and Performance Analysis
17-Systems-124: Title not released by author
17-Systems-126: Title not released by author
17-Systems-127: Title not released by author
17-Systems-128: Title not released by author
17-Systems-129: The High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office – A Historical Perspective
17-Systems-130: Title not released by author
17-Systems-131: An Integrated Approach to AFRL/RDMW Wargaming
17-Systems-132: Integrated Weapons Environment for Analysis (IWEA)
17-Systems-133: Real-time system performance assessment from local meteorological conditions
17-Systems-134: HEL Effectiveness against Small Boat Threats
17-Systems-135: HIJENKS Target and Preliminary Effects Results
17-Systems-136: GBAD Target Vulnerability Test Results
17-Systems-137: Title not released by author
17-Systems-138: GBAD Beam Director Controls Architecture
17-Systems-139: GBAD Beam Director - Mid sized - Ruggedized - and Agile
17-Systems-140: High Power Microwave Source Design and Testing
17-Systems-141: DE Weapons Policy: Background, Progress, and Key Factors
17-Systems-142: Physics Based Sensors Modeling for HyDRA Study
17-Systems-143: Hybrid Defense of Restricted Airspace (HyDRA) Study, Increment 1 Results
17-Systems-144: Hybrid Defense of Restricted Airspace (HyDRA) Study, Increment 2 Tradespace
17-Systems-145: Futures Analytical Science and Technology (FAST) Series, Air Base Air Defense (ABAD) Wargame
17-Systems-146: Future Air Dominance Challenge Problem (FAD)
17-Systems-147: Advanced Concept Experiment 2017 (ACE 17)
17-Systems-148: High-Power Adaptive Directed Energy System Power and Thermal Management Size, Weight and Power Analysis
17-Systems-149: Thermally Enabling Architectures for Pulsed Power Systems
17-Systems-150: Protecting South Korean Civilians from an Artillery Barrage: Mission Potential for High Energy Laser Systems
17-Systems-151: Mobile Terawatt Laser Propagation Facility
17-Systems-152: Title not released by author
17-Systems-153: Title not released by author
17-Systems-154: Developing new metrics for laser propagation through a long atmospheric turbulent medium
17-Systems-155: Title not released by author
17-Systems-156: Title not released by author
17-Systems-157: Vessel Incapacitating Power Effect Radiation System and Program Summary, Requirements, and Strategy
17-Systems-158: Title not released by author
17-Systems-159: Directed Energy for Relativistic Propulsion


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