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Papers submited to the Journal should be no more than 32 double-spaced pages with a 12-point font. They must include, in order:

  • A brief abstract (100 to 200 words) that explains the object of the investigation and the major results.
  • For indexing purposes, three to five keywords must be indicated at the end of the abstract.
  • A nomenclature section must follow the abstract in which all symbols are identified.
  • An introduction explaining previous work and the contribution provided by the submitted paper follows the nomenclature section.
  • The introduction is followed by the body of the paper. In order to expedite reviewing, figures and tables should be included in the body of the paper in the appropriate location.
  • Accuracy of results, whether computational or experimental, must be addressed. A section clearly explaining the conclusions that may be drawn from the results and their significance is the last section of the text.
  • The body of the text is followed by:
    • the list of references, and
    • beginning on a new page, high-resolution copies of all figures, in numerical order, along with their captions. See below for detailed instructions regarding the figures contained within your manuscript.

We understand that some subjects require an expansive format. Nevertheless, papers exceeding 25 published pages in length will be subject to a page charge for each page beyond 25 pages. Manuscripts meeting the requirements outlined on this page generally will not exceed 25 published pages.

Authors should follow the recommendations set forth in the AIP Style Manual. Submissions should use American rather than British spelling, the serial comma, and international standard abbreviations for units of measurement (e.g., "g" not "gm" for gram). Metric or dual systems (metric and English) are permissible. Authors should spell out numbers through ten except when used with a unit of measurement. Use the comma in numerals of five or more digits in the text. (In tables, use the comma in numerals of four or more digits.) While papers may use "et al." in the text, but all authors of sources must be included in the reference list. Acronyms should be spelled out at first use and are allowed even if not used again. Please also write out full names in the text the first time they are used (e.g., Richard A. Jones). Equations should be numbered and may be inserted in the text using MathType (preferred) or the Microsoft Word equation editor. Do not use hyphens in place of minus signs.

Consistency with the established style, nomenclature, and fonts throughout the text is a necessity. It is preferred that authors use Times or Times New Roman font for the equations and text, and the Arial font for any figure labels (i.e., text inside figure). Inside the figures, please capitalize the first letter (only) of all phrases (e.g., Laser output; Vacuum pump; High pressure, high temperature). Footnotes to the text are acceptable. Footnotes from within tables should be placed under the bottom of the table.

References must be easily accessible public documents, although the Journal of Directed Energy (Limited Edition) will accept references to classified documents. The references are to be placed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by first authorís last name. References must be called out (referred to) in the text. Figures and tables must also be referenced (called out) in the text by respective numbers. Reference callouts in figures and tables are adequate and need not also be mentioned in the text. Tables and figures can be mentioned out of order parenthetically (i.e., a figure discussed later could be referred to earlier).

Figures must be clear and sharp, with text labels large enough to be easily legible. Figures should be embedded in the manuscript body, but electronic originals of all figures should be appended to the end of the file as described above. Creation of graphs and charts in Microsoft PowerPoint and subsequently pasted into the manuscript is encouraged. Hardcopy originals of the figures or photos appropriately labeled may be submitted in lieu of electronic copies. Figures, photos or artwork must be at least 300 dpi (600 dpi is preferable) at the size they will be printed, which is typically 1/3rd of a page or larger in 7x10 format. Hardcopies must be high-resolution artwork or glossy photo prints corresponding to the 1/3 page or larger format. (All hardcopy figures or photos will be returned to the author.)

Color illustrations or photographs are permissible; however, for unclassified Journal of Directed Energy submissions, please note the the cost associated with color figures which must be covered by the author or author's organization.

Classified manuscripts must be appropriately marked for level of classification. They must also be marked with a distribution statement on the initial page.

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