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Welcome to the Members Page of the Directed Energy Professional Society. Access to some of the Members Area, such as for voting, is password protected. Please see the bottom of this page for account information for our members.

2017 Board of Directors Election

Balloting has ended for the election of three new members of the DEPS Board of Directors. Results will be posted soon.

Subject Matter Expert Database

DEPS frequently has a need to access subject matter experts (SME) in various areas of directed energy applications, systems and technologies. To help us identify appropriate individuals, we are inviting DE experts who may wish to serve as an SME to register with DEPS. For more information, including how to be listed in the database, click here.

Member Survey

A survey of 10% of the DEPS membership in October 2009 produced the results shown below. When possible we have compared these results to a survey conducted in 2002. Some observations:

  • The most likely DEPS member is a 50-something Ph.D. who works in lasers at an industrial organization
  • You can see from the charts that most members are not typical.
  • The Boomer peak has moved to the right by seven years in the seven years since 2002.
  • About 60% of our members are within 10-15 years of retirement; a third are much closer.
  • The proportion of 20-year-old members tripled since 2002.
  • The preponderance of advanced degrees is a reminder that our society (and our community) is heavily focused on research.
Age Distribution

  Highest Degree

Member Affiliations

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DEPS Member Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer activities not only it make possible for DEPS to serve the Directed Energy community, but they also provide professional growth opportunities for the volunteer. Some DEPS volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Most DEPS volunteers work with our events. The breadth in technical scope of our meetings provides opportunities to match the content of the event with the volunteer's technical interests. Our events need volunteers to chair and organize technical sessions, serve on event committees, and perform other services. To volunteer for an event, contact the event chair who is listed on the event web page. You can access these pages through the meetings page. If an upcoming meeting does not have a web page mounted yet, contact the chair of the previous event.

Event committees have a short term goal, the production of a meeting. Longer term associations of DEPS members include committees to focus on specific technical and educational areas. The DE Effects Committee and the Directed Energy Outreach Campaign solicit volunteers to advance their programs. The DEPS Board would consider forming committees in other areas.

Short Courses
Other volunteers have developed short courses that they present to the community, usually in association with events. Most short courses are either overview introductions or focused technical expositions in a specific area. Our short course page lists our previous offerings. Cristina Crowson coordinates the DEPS short course program. If you would like to investigate developing a DEPS short course, email Cristina or call her at 505-998-4910.

Board of Directors
All of the DEPS Directors are volunteers. They are elected by the membership, but good candidates for the election slate are always in demand by the Nominations Committee, chaired by the Board Secretary. Information about the Board is available through the About DEPS page. Contact Mark Neice if you are interested.

Reviewer for the Journal of Directed Energy
The Journal of Directed Energy has a continuing need for volunteer experts to serve as reviewers of manuscripts before publication. The requirements include expertise in some area of DE and a schedule that permits timely responses to review requests. To volunteer, contact the Editor at the Journal.

Other Opportunities
Other volunteer opportunities arise from time to time. If you want to be considered as a volunteer for some of these occasional opportunities, please contact the DEPS Executive Director, Mark Neice, and he can keep your contact information at hand for the future.

Account Information

DEPS has implemented an online database to accommodate memberships and event registrations. Our system requires that members have online accounts with us in order to access their records. Login to your account.

For those members who did not already have an account, one was automatically created for you, using your primary email address as login ID, and your DEPS member number as password. Once logged in, members may edit these account settings from your MyAccount page. If you need assistance with your account, please contact

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