Directed Energy Effects Committee

The Directed Energy Effects Committee supports more formal and extended collaborations than are fostered by periodic conferences and symposia. The scope of the committee includes:

  • All DE effects, including RF and lasers
  • All postures, including offense, defense, and protection
  • Materials, components, sub-systems and systems effects
  • Effects data production, including standards
  • Databases for storage of DE effects data
  • Data dissemination and information distribution
  • Simulation, modeling and other applications of DE effects data and information

The activities of the committee are governed by the Committee Charter. The officers are listed here.

The public release minutes and other information from previous Committee meetings are available here.

Committee members and others from this community are likely interested in this report on the power in the bucket metric for beam quality.

Attendance at DE Effects Committee meetings is open to any DEPS Member.

Committee Officers

David Hidinger
Maqsood Mohammed
Paul Sharpe
Martha Klein

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