Directed Energy Subject Matter Experts

Directed Energy Subject Matter Experts

DEPS frequently has a need to access subject matter experts (SME) in various areas of directed energy applications, systems and technologies.
SME teaches a class.
In addition, we are sometimes approached by industrial, government and non-profit organizations to recommend SMEs to serve in various capacities. Some roles for SMEs are listed below, but the list is not exhaustive.

  • Technical project consultant
  • Strategic plan evaluator
  • Red team member
  • Proposal evaluator
  • Test plan concept advisor
  • Conference topic lead
  • Journal of Directed Energy referee
  • Course instructor


If your organization needs the services of SMEs, please contact Mark Neice or another of the contacts listed below. When a need for SMEs is generated, DEPS searches for individuals whose background is likely to match the requirements. DEPS contacts them and describes the opportunity. For those SMEs who express interest, DEPS provides the SME contact information to the organization.


To help us identify appropriate individuals, we invite DE experts who may wish to serve as SMEs to register with DEPS. Maintaining a DE SME database speeds our access to the right individuals and expands the pool from which we can draw beyond those individuals we know personally. If you would like to be included in the DE SME database, please click here and send the email. We will contact you by email to collect the pertinent information. If you have questions, please contact someone on the list below.

Some important features

  • DEPS serves to introduce the SME and the organization with a potential need. The relationship between the SME and the user oranization is developed independently of DEPS and may involve volunteer service, contracting, or even employment.

  • DEPS does not reveal information about the SME to the organization without the SME's permission. When we receive an organizational request, we ask for permission before proceeding.

  • DEPS may use the database to identify individuals it needs for specific roles, such as referees for Journal of Directed Energy manuscripts.


    Mark Neice (505) 998-4910
    Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910
    Sam Blankenship (303) 709-7452

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