About DEPS

   DEPS Mission

    The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) was founded in 1999 to foster research, development and transition of Directed Energy (DE) technology for national defense and civil applications through professional communication and education. We intend to be recognized as the premier organization for exchanging information about and advocating research, development and application of Directed Energy. Here is more about DE programs and organizations.

Our Goals

  • Encourage national interest in DE
  • Foster communication within the DE community
  • Enhance DE education
  • Recognize outstanding DE contributions
  • Publish and archive DE achievements
  • Enhance DE outreach
  • Encourage DE manufacturing


Our Activities

  • Sponsoring
    - DE Symposia, Conferences and Workshops
    - Short Courses on DE topics
    - Exhibitions, including DE to DC Showcase
  • Recognizing Contributions of DEPS Fellows
  • Publishing
    - Journal of Directed Energy
    - DE Event Proceedings
    - Directed Energy Books

   DEPS Composition and Operations

    DEPS is a non-profit corporation. Both individuals and organizations can join with DEPS in pursuit of our vision. Individuals join DEPS as members, while organizations participate as sponsors. DEPS operations are overseen by the Board of Directors, who are supported by the Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors. A small permanent DEPS staff coordinates DEPS activites from the headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The current DEPS Team is shown here.

   DEPS Members

    DEPS serves the DE Community through the volunteer efforts of its nearly 1,000 members. They represent a wide cross section of the DE community. As shown on the pie chart, about half are associated with industrial organizations. Of the third within the U.S. Department of Defense sector, all Services are well represented. Not included in the distribution are the international members, who form about 5% of the DEPS membership.

   Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors manages the Directed Energy Professional Society non-profit corporation. The Board consists of nine Directors, three of which are elected each year for three-year terms. The Board's non-voting membership also includes appointed Service Liaison members and the DEPS Executive Director.

   Directors Emeritus

   Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors

    The DEPS Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors (BSEA) is a small group of senior, highly respected individuals from within the DE community. Appointed by the DEPS Board of Directors from the pool of DEPS Fellows, the BSEA annually assists the DEPS Board in various ways, such as by evaluating graduate scholarship applicants and by recommending candidates for the rank of DEPS Fellow. Additionally, from time to time, they may be asked by the Board to recommend a technically sound position for the Board and DEPS to adopt concerning current technical, management or political issues of import to the DE community. The term of a BSEA member is three years.

For additional information on DEPS and its policies, including the copyright policy, please see the DEPS Governance page.

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