Directed Energy Systems Symposium
14-18 September 2015 Norfolk, Virginia

The Directed Energy (DE) Systems Symposium focuses on systems aspects of DE in a limited-attendance environment. This tenth annual DE Systems Symposium consisted of co-located technical sessions organized by seven separate conferences, with joint technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits. The objective
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of this symposium was to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and to focus on near-term demonstrations of DE technology. Registrants were able to attend any session of the Symposium for just one registration fee.

Portions of the Systems Symposium are conducted at the Secret level, and attendance at all sessions is limited to U.S. citizens with security clearances, who are employees of the U.S. Government or its contractors.

Symposium Highlights

  • Seven co-located conferences
    • Beam Control Conference
    • Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference
    • Employment of Directed Energy Weapons Conference
    • High Energy Laser Lethality Conference
    • Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons Systems and Enabling Technologies Conference
    • RF Directed Energy Weapons Workshop
    • Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review
  • Short courses
    • Tri-Service HEL Lethality Testing & Modeling
    • Introduction to High Energy Lasers
    • Introduction to RF Systems
    • Atmospheric Optics for HELs
    • Laser Deconfliction
    • Synergistic DE/KE Analysis
  • Invited speakers
  • Unclassified and Classified technical presentations
  • Co-located exhibition with technical exhibits from Industry, Government, and Academia
  • Evening reception
  • Employment opportunities


The detailed agenda, including presentations within sessions, is available here in PDF format. Changes to the program did occur.

Location and Accommodations

Technical sessions of the Systems Symposium were held at the Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel and at off-site locations.


Companions are always a welcome addition to any DEPS meeting. To encourage them, we offer companion meal options at an additional cost. Our full meal option includes all meals that are provided for regular attendees including any evening and specialty functions that may be planned. For those companions who do not want to be tied to scheduled meal functions, we also offer a reception only option.


The conferences of the DE Systems Symposium will publish all presentations (and papers) that have been properly marked and released by a sponsoring government agency. To allow for the maximum distribution of the technical data, the Systems Symposium will generate five sets of proceedings covering the various combinations of Classification and Distributions (A, C, and D).

See our Online Store for these and other proceedings from previous Systems Symposia.

Symposium Contacts

Symposium Chairs:
James Horkovich (520) 615-4779
General Michael Hostage, USAF (Ret)
Beam Control Conference
Al Ogloza (805) 228-0336
David Loomis (303) 674-7028
Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference
Dustin Culbertson (505) 846-5032
Employment of Directed Energy Weapons Conference
Lou Florence (845) 938-5810
David Kashinski (845) 938-0184
Dan Marker (505) 710-2680
High Energy Laser Lethality Conference
J. Thomas Schriempf (202) 781-1196
Christopher Lloyd (540) 653-5675
David Loomis (303) 674-7028
Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons Systems and Enabling Technologies Conference
David Law (703) 432-0900
RF Directed Energy Weapon Workshop
Donald Shiffler (505) 853-3906
Ryan Hoffman (703) 696-3873
Mark Rader (256) 955-9205
Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review
David Mordaunt (310) 647-4389
LeAnn Brasure (505) 248-8207
Timothy Newell (505) 853-5651
Symposium Coordinator/Short Courses
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Security, Registration, and Receipts
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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