Directed Energy Systems Symposium
12-16 April 2010 Monterey, California

Co-Sponsored by the
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office

The Directed Energy (DE) Systems Symposium focuses on systems aspects of DE in a limited-attendance environment. The Fifth DE Systems Symposium consisted of co-located technical sessions organized by six separate conferences, with joint technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits. The objective of this year’s symposium was to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and to focus on near term demonstrations of DE technology. Previous Symposia were also held in Monterey.
The Hyatt Regency Monterey is the Symposium hotel.

Symposium Highlights


The technical program is available here in PDF format (520Kb) for download. Changes to the program did occur.

Luncheon Speaker Professor P.V. Zarubin

Professor P.V. Zarubin spoke on the work of thousands of Soviet scientists, engineers, servicemen, and administrators who took part in numerous general and military Soviet high energy laser research and development programs between 1963 and 1980. Professor Zarubin participated in these programs, leading some of them.

Tour of NPS Directed Energy Facilities

Tours of Naval Postgraduate School DE facilities were held on Friday, 16 April. The tours included free electron laser experimental facilities including a new building, hosted by Professor Bill Colson, and beam control facilities, hosted by Professor Brij Agrawal.

Location and Accommodations

Sessions of the Symposium were held at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and at the Hyatt Regency Monterey.


Proceedings from this 2010 Directed Energy Systems Symposium are available for purchase through the DEPS online store.

Symposium Contacts

Symposium Co-Chairs:    
Mark Neice (505) 284-8200
Don Streater (757) 764-2829
Symposium Program Coordinator    
David Loomis (303) 898-3747
Beam Control Conference    
Richard Carreras (505) 846-2711
Directed Energy Effects Mitigation Conference    
Noel Montgomery (210) 536-2573
Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference    
Linda Lamberson (505) 846-9414
Employment of Directed Energy Weapons Conference    
LTCOL John Hartke (845) 938-8611
High Energy Laser Lethality Conference    
Dr. J. Thomas Schriempf (202) 781-1196
High Power Microwave System Workshop    
Mark Rader (256) 955-9205
Symposium Coordinator    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Security Coordinator    
Rhonda Peyton (505) 338-2856
Registration and Short Courses    
Donna Storment (505) 998-4910
Payments and Receipts    
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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