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Author Instructions

Papers should be in American rather than British spelling, using the serial comma, with the use of standard abbreviations for units (e.g., g not gm for gram). Metric or dual systems of units (metric and English) are allowed. Authors should spell out numbers through ten except when used with a unit. Numbers should use the comma in numerals of four or more digits. Papers may use "et al." in the text but the authors need to include all names in the reference list. Acronyms (except for designations) would have to be spelled out at first use and would be allowed even if not used again. Authors should follow standards for setting math as given in the book Mathematics in Type. Footnotes to the text are acceptable.

Papers must include a brief (100 to 200 word) abstract that explains the object of the investigation and the major results. For indexing purposes three to five keywords must be indicated at the end of the abstract. A nomenclature section must follow the abstract in which all symbols are identified. An introduction explaining previous work and the contribution provided by the submitted paper follows the nomenclature section. A section clearly explaining the conclusions that may be drawn from the results and their significance is the last section of the text, followed by the list of references.

Papers should be a maximum of 16 pages total, use 12-point font, be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs, and tables and figures should be embedded in the text. References must be easily accessible public documents and are to be placed at the end of the paper in numerical order. References, figures, and tables must be mentioned in the text. (An exception to this is that reference callouts in figures or tables are adequate; it's not necessary that such references also be mentioned in the text.) Tables must have a double rule at the top and bottom of the table with a single rule under column headings, with any footnotes placed under the bottom double rule. Illustrations and photographs must be of sufficiently high resolution to be clear and legible when viewed on a computer display and when printed. Table and figures can be mentioned out of order parenthetically (that is, a figure that is discussed later could be referred to earlier).

DEPS Copyright Policy

The Directed Energy Professional Society vision requires that the Society create venues for the exchange of directed energy (DE) information. While we encourage the free exchange of information, we must also protect our publications as well as the contributors. To these ends, we establish these two policy positions regarding the copyright of Society publications.

  1. The Society will copyright its publications to the extent feasible. Reproduction rights will be freely assigned to the contributors subject to appropriate reference to the DEPS copyright.

  2. The contributors to our publications bear the sole responsibility for ensuring that all required approvals for publication are obtained. Affirmations will be required before publication.

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