Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference
6-9 August 2012 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Co-Hosted by the
International Test & Evaluation Association

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Directed energy (DE) is an important and expanding technology area for the military. Taken to include High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) systems, DE is creating a new class of weapons. Military test and evaluation (T&E) is currently adapting to these radically new technologies. New measures, methods, and facilities are required for adequate T&E of these systems.

Albuquerque Roosevelt Park
Photo courtesy Asaavedra32 via Wikimedia Commons
The purpose of this eleventh annual conference was to continue exchanging insights, experiences and ideas regarding DE T&E. As major DE systems progress through the various phases of T&E, critical questions arise regarding our ability to perform appropriate and affordable T&E. In addition, important issues regarding the vulnerability of other, more conventional systems are also of great interest to the DE T&E community. This conference provided a forum to discuss the current and future issues facing DE T&E.

Conference Highlights

  • Technical Presentations
  • Short Courses
  • Poster Papers
  • Product and Service Exhibits from Industry, Government, and Academia
  • Featured Speakers
  • Panels, Luncheons, and an Evening Reception
  • AFRL Tours
  • DE Effects Committee Meeting
  • Classified and Unclassified Sessions


A complete agenda, including sessions, is available here in PDF format.

AFRL Tours

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate offered tours of two AFRL facilities to participants in this year's DE T&E Conference. Both tours were on Thursday, 9 August.

Starfire Optical Range (SOR) Facility (morning tour)

This world-class optical research facility is located on a hilltop site 6,240 feet above sea level in Albuquerque. The SOR's primary mission is to develop optical sensing, imaging, and atmospheric propagation technologies to support Air Force aerospace missions. The SOR operates one of the world's premier adaptive-optics telescopes capable of tracking low-earth orbiting satellites. Read more...

Laser Effects Test Facility (LETF) and SPIDERWorks (afternoon tour)

The Laser Effects Test Facility conducts research to better understand the physics of laser interactions on various materials. The facility has a variety of unique test equipment to support vulnerability experiments, including continuous-wave lasers such as the 15-kW Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) and two Yb+3 fiber lasers: 50- and 20-kW. Read more...

Location & Accommodations

The DE T&E Conference was held at the Sheraton Uptown, located at 2600 Louisiana Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87110.


The DE T&E Conference will publish all submitted presentations and papers that have been properly released by a sponsoring government agency and have proper classification markings. Once available, these proceedings will be provided to conference attendees free of charge, others will be able to purchase the proceedings through our Online Store.

Event Committee

Conference Chair:    
Patrick M. Cannon 505-881-1003
Michelle Hedrick 505-846-4574
Technical Program Co-Chairs:    
James Keith 505-853-2015
Steve Squires 575-678-1161
Exhibits & Sponsorships Chair:    
Bill Dallas 703-631-6226
Conference Coordinator:    
Cynnamon Spain 505-998-4910
Tiffany Bjelke 505-998-4910

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