DE Annual Symposium 2010


Thirteenth Annual Directed Energy Symposium
15-19 November 2010 Bethesda, Maryland

The Thirteenth Annual Directed Energy Symposium provides a forum for the exchange of technical and programmatic information in fields related to directed energy sources, directed energy effects, and the development, testing and fielding of directed energy weapons and related technologies. The Symposium was attended by a wide range of specialists including: researchers, managers, policy makers, and executives from government institutions (DoD, DoE and other national laboratories, program offices, the intelligence community, etc.), industry, academia, and other scientific and engineering institutions. Discussions focused on the current status and the future of directed energy technology in scientific research and program efforts.


  • Invited and contributed technical presentations
  • Public, limited and classified sessions
  • Short courses
  • Distinguished plenary speakers
  • Social reception at the Newseum
  • Installation of new DEPS Fellows
  • Introduction of new DEPS Directors
  • Poster presentations
  • Commercial, Government and Academic Exhibits
  • Tours & Demonstrations
  • Co-located Directed Energy Education Workshop

The Annual Symposium also included a Student Session chaired by Mr. Don Seeley of the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office. Beyond just the communication of research results to interested Symposium attendees, this session allows the JTO to sample the work being pursued by students, especially those that it supports by internships or scholarships. It also permits students to make presentations in a presumably less daunting environment.


Preliminary Agenda

Click here for the final program in PDF format (670 KB).
  Changes to the program did occur

Registration every morning at Marriott from 0700-0800. Breakfast and lunch at Marriott Tuesday - Friday.

   Monday, 15 November

   Tuesday, 16 November

  • Opening Plenary
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • DE Effects Testing & Evaluation
    • Decker Invited Paper
    • Beason Invited Paper
    • Laser Propagation
    • Non-Lethal Counter-Personnel Active Denial Technologies
    • DE Threats & Intel (Classified)
    • DE Transition and Policy Panel (Classified)
    • Policy and Safety (Classified)
  • Evening Welcome & Exhibitor Reception
    Hosted by BAE Systems
    Marriott at 1730

   Wednesday, 17 November

  • Morning Technical Sessions
    • DE Bioeffects
    • DE Power & Energy
    • RF Effects, Modeling & Simulation
    • Solid State - Bulk & Diode
    • Student Session
    • Beam Control (Classified)
    • DE Bioeffects (Classified)
    • DE Systems & Programs (Classified)
    • Laser Materials Effects (Classified)
    • Novel Concepts (Classified)
    • RF Effects, Modeling & Simulation (Classified)
    • Classified Posters
  • Lunch

   Wednesday, 17 November

  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • DE Power & Energy (continued)
    • RF Effects, Modeling & Simulation (continued)
    • Solid State Fiber/Bulk Lasers
    • Student Session (continued)
    • RF Counter-IED (Classified)
    • RF Sources & Technologies (Classified)
    • JTO Meeting
  • Reception at Newseum

   Thursday, 18 November

  • Morning Technical Sessions
    • DE Systems & Programs
    • Gas/DPALs
    • Policy and Safety
    • RF Sources & Technologies
    • Non-Lethal Counter-Material Technologies (Classified)
  • Extended Lunch
    • Unclassified Posters
  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • FELs & Gas Lasers
    • Gas/DPALs (continued)
    • RF Sources & Technologies (continued)
    • Non-Lethal Counter-Material Technologies (Classified, continued)

   Friday, 19 November

  • Morning Technical Sessions
    • Beam Control
    • Non-Lethal Effectiveness
    • Novel Concepts
    • DE Education Workshop
    • Non-Lethal Counter-Personnel Active Denial Technologies (Classified)
    • Non-Lethal Hailing, Warning and Suppression Technologies (Classified)
  • Symposium Adjourns 1200

Location & Accommodations

Most symposium events were held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, located at 5701 Marinelli Road in Bethesda, Maryland, although classified sessions were held at an off-site location (bus transportation was provided).


All plenary sessions and social events were open to all attendees. The parallel technical sessions were held at open, limited participation, and classified levels. The highest level of classified information presented at the 2010 Annual Directed Energy Symposium was SECRET/NOFORN.


The Annual Directed Energy Symposium produces multiple sets of proceedings as needed to cover the various classificaiton and distribution requirements of the submissions. Unclassified proceedings were automatically sent to all registrants except those who indicated they did not wish to receive them. Limited distribution and classified proceedings will be available from AFRL. All proceedings will be available after publication from the DEPS Online Store.

Symposium Contacts

Symposium Chair:    
Dr. John Pellegrino    
Symposium Co-Chair:    
Michael Deitchman    
Symposium Technical Chair:    
Dr. Mark Wood (301) 394-0042
Program Committee:    
Dr. William Baker
Mr. Jorge Beraun
Dr. Gordon Hengst
Mr. David Law
Mr. Mark Neice
Dr. Frank Peterkin
Dr. Robert Peterkin
Mr. Quentin Saulter
LtCol Kraig Sheetz
Dr. Ed Shaffer
Dr. Jack Slater
Dr. Brian Strickland
Dr. Gary Wood
Symposium Program Coordinator    
David Loomis (303) 898-3747
Symposium Coordinator    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Registration and Short Courses    
Donna Storment (505) 998-4910
Payments and Receipts    
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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