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Directed Energy Weapons: Time to Focus
(posted: 26 December 2016)

What could possibly make the F-35 an even more advanced jet fighter? Laser weapon systems, which promise a qualitative advantage over future threats. More.

Kiel, Loree and Seeley Elected to DEPS Board
(posted: 14 December 2016)

President Jeff Maloney announced that David Kiel, Diana Loree and Don Seeley are the newly elected Directors of the Directed Energy Professional Society. They will begin their three-year terms on the DEPS Board at the 2017 Annual Directed Energy Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama. Maloney also expressed the Society's appreciation to Bill Decker, Mark Henderson and Roger McGinnis as they rotate off the Board. More.

Penn State Advertises Positions at EO Center
(posted: 8 December 2016)

Pennsylvania State University is advertising several positions at its Electro-Optics Center in Freeport, Pennsylvania, including the position of Director of the Center. More.

MBDA Germany Trials New Laser Weapon System Demonstrator
(posted: 6 December 2016)

MBDA Germany has edged closer to fielding a new deployable laser weapon system (LWS) following a series of day/night all-weather trials. Conducted at the Bundeswehr's military training ground at Putlos on the Baltic Sea from 4-14 October, the trials were specifically designed to test the beam guidance and tracking system of the new LWS demonstrator in a sequence of simulated engagements of airborne targets. More.

Directed Energy Weapons Market to Reach $24 Billion by 2021
(posted: 30 November 2016)

The directed energy weapons market is projected to grow from USD 6.87 Billion in 2016 to USD 24.45 Billion by 2021. The directed energy weapons market is a highly dynamic and has high growth potential for several reasons, such as the changing geo-political dynamics of the global economy as well as the increasing incidences of armed conflicts, violence, and terrorism, among others. More.

Raytheon Sets Phasers to Drone Destruction with Directed Energy Weapon Test
(posted: 30 November 2016)

The Phaser is a ground-based, high-powered rf weapon. Raytheon told Aviation Week that the system is now half the size it was in a 2013 test and could be ready for operational deployment in less than two years. More.

L-3 Brashear Advertising Senior Positions in Pittsburgh
(posted: 22 November 2016)

L-3 Brashear is advertising several senior optics-related positions at its Pittsburgh location. Additional opportunities are anticipated in early 2017. For more information, enter Pittsburgh in the location search box on the page here.

NSWC Dahlgren Division Welcomes Captain Weekes
(posted: 22 November 2016)

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) welcomed a new commanding officer, Capt. Godfrey "Gus" Weekes, during a change of command ceremony held on the Potomac River Test Range on 18 November. More.

Drones Fight Back Against Laser Weapons
(posted: 17 November 2016)

Laser Weapon System went into service on the USS Ponce in 2014, and more laser weapons are making their way to the battlefield as a defense against drones. But the flying targets have begun to defend themselves. Despite the lead paragraphs, this article is a popularized review of some U.S. counter-laser programs, rather than a discussion of foreign programs. More.

South Korean Defense Minister Tours DE Facilities at Dahlgren
(posted: 8 November 2016)

U.S. Navy scientists and engineers briefed a delegation of defense officials from the Republic of Korea (ROK) on directed energy technologies at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), the Department of Defense announced on 4 November. The ROK delegation - led by Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo - saw new and emerging technologies from the electromagnetic railgun to laser weapons under development at NSWCDD. More.

Revised DOD Guidance on Illumination of Space Objects
(posted: 1 November 2016)

The re-issuance of DOD Instruction 3100.11, Management of Laser Illumination of Objects in Space, has been completed. It provides guidance for US Department of Defense laser systems as they move through the research and development cycle to operations. More.

AFRL Leads Major Laser Project for Fighter Jets
(posted: 18 October 2016)

The Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base is overseeing the government’s new fighter jet demonstration project known as SHiELD, or Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator. The program aims to place small-scale laser pod defense systems on older military aircraft, with the first system demonstration scheduled for 2021. More.

Russia Plans to Deploy Anti-Satellite Airborne Laser Weapons
(posted: 17 October 2016)

Russia is preparing to renew flight testing of a high-power flying laser designed to operate as an anti-satellite weapon. An earlier program was discontinued in 2011 due to lack of funding but the idea has apparently regained interest among Moscow’s strategists as it is considered as an asymmetrical response to looming space-based threats. More.

ARO Funds High School and Undergraduate Apprenticeships in Research
(posted: 17 October 2016)

The High School Apprenticeship Program funds the STEM apprenticeship of promising high school juniors and seniors to work in a university structured research environment under the direction of Army Research Office sponsored principal investigators serving as mentors. The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program provides similar opportunities for Undergraduate students. Awards will be made as add-ons to research grants, MURIs, UARCs, and cooperative agreements. More on pages 59-61 of this document.

Kiel, Loree, Seeley, Shattuck, Thomas Named DEPS Director Candidates
(posted: 12 October 2016)

DEPS Secretary Sean Ross has announced the slate of candidates for DEPS Director. Members will vote to fill three seats on the DEPS Board during the fall. Write-in candidates will be accepted. The new Directors will assume their seats at the next Annual Directed Energy Symposium.

  • David Kiel, US Navy Directed Energy Weapons Office
  • Diana Loree, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Don Seeley, Applied Technology Associates
  • Paul Shattuck, Lockheed Martin
  • Jeff Thomas, Penn State Electro-Optics Center

Ron Miller's "Laser Weapon Development at Redstone Arsenal" Published
(posted: 10 October 2016)

Ron Miller's personal history of the development of laser weapons at Redstone Arsenal between 1960 and 2015 has been published by DEPS. Members receive a 20% discount on this and all DEPS books. More.

With Great Power Comes Great Laser Science
(posted: 21 September 2016)

Researchers at the photonics institute at TU Wien (Vienna) has achieved a major breakthrough. By sending very energetic pulses in the infrared regime through a solid medium, the pulses can be compressed in time and space, resulting in an incredible peak power of up to half a terawatt. More.

MBDA Secures £30M UK Laser Weapon Contract
(posted: 19 September 2016)

Britain’s defense secretary has confirmed that MBDA UK has secured a £30 million (US $40 million) deal to build a laser-directed energy weapon demonstrator. MBDA won the competition being run by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to build the demonstrator several months ago, but the announcement was held up after rival bidder Thales UK lodged a protest against the decision. More.

"Smoke Rings" of Light Form Around Laser Pulses
(posted: 17 September 2016)

A newly discovered optical vortex forms a ring around many intense laser pulses but was never noticed before. These so-called spatiotemporal optical vortices (STOVs) are a new optical phenomenon that may be useful in areas such as microscopy or the optical transmission of information. STOVs could explain decades’ worth of anomalous results and unexplained effects in the field of high-intensity laser research. More.

Fugate Briefs Breakthrough Starshot; RFP to be Released in Fall
(posted: 14 September 2016)

Dr. Bob Fugate briefed Breakthrough Starshot at the Directed Energy Systems Symposium in Portsmouth, Virginia on 14 September. Breakthrough Initiatives intends to release a request for proposals in the November timeframe for one-year laser system concepts studies of up to $400K each. A bidders conference is contemplated for October. More and More.

Brad Hoff Receives AFRL Science and Engineering Early Career Award
(posted: 3 September 2016)

Dr. Brad Hoff received the AFRL Science and Engineering Early Career Award for his contributions as a Research Physicist in the High Power Electromagnetics Division of the Directed Energy Directorate and as the Principal Investigator for the joint Air Force-Navy On-vehicle Solid-state High Power Microwave Source effort. Hoff was the recipient of the DEPS Graduate Directed Energy Scholarships from 2004 through 2009 at the University of Michigan. More.

Northrop Grumman Captures Beam Control Award for Laser Fighter Jet Demo
(posted: 30 August 2016)

The US Air Force awarded a $39 million contract to Northrop Grumman to develop the laser beam control portion of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s podded electric laser concept for fifth- and sixth-generation fighter jets. The USAF wants to demonstrate a high power, solid state laser on a fighter by 2021, according to the August contract award. More.

Army, MDA Advance High Energy Laser Programs
(posted: 26 August 2016)

Military officials, both at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium this month and at the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, stressed how important developing directed energy is for the US military’s future. The Army has made significant progress in recent years with its laser weapon demonstrators and has plans to migrate more powerful lasers onto smaller platforms. MDA will be conducting tests of lasers on Reaper unmanned air system over the next few years. More.

Raytheon Advertises for Senior Laser Engineers
(posted: 24 August 2016)

Raytheon is advertising for a High Energy Laser Program Area Chief Engineer and a High Energy Laser Weapon Systems Architect/Engineering Fellow. Both positions require a security clearance and are located in El Segundo, California. More and More.

Pentagon: Lasers Can Stop Iranian, North Korean Missiles
(posted: 19 August 2016)

The Pentagon is looking to lasers as a cheaper, more effective way to shoot down long-range missiles fired at the United States by North Korea and Iran. After experimenting with the technology for more than a decade, U.S. military officials said “directed energy” is near the point where they could use it on the battlefield. More.

Protest Stalls British Laser-Directed Energy Weapon Contract Award
(posted: 18 August 2016)

The announcement of a contract award to missile company MBDA to construct a laser-directed energy weapon demonstrator for the British Ministry of Defence has been halted after protests from a company that lost the bid. The grounds for protest by Thales UK are not known at this time. More.

2016-2017 Graduate Directed Energy Scholars Named
(posted: 17 August 2016)

The Graduate Directed Energy Scholars for 2016-2017 are listed below. These scholarships for graduate students working in Directed Energy areas are funded by grants from the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office and the Office of Naval Research and by DEPS. Applications for the next school year will be due on 1 April 2017.

  • Andrew Brown, University of Minnesota
  • Lilian Casias, University of New Mexico
  • Auralee Edelen, Colorado State University
  • Ben Eshel, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Steven Exelby, University of Michigan
  • Tyler Galpin, University of New Hampshire
  • Hemant Gandhi, Harvard University
  • Evan Hale, University of Central Florida
  • Reed Holinger, Colorado State University
  • Matthew Kemnetz, Notre Dame University
  • Cody Mart, University of Arizona
  • Jon Pouncey, University of New Mexico
  • Tyler Rowe, University of Wisconsin
  • Alex Sincore, University of Central Florida
  • Bradley Thompson, University of Illinois

Online Migration of Journal of Directed Energy at Mid-Point
(posted: 1 August 2016)

The project to make the Journal of Directed Energy available online completed the mid-way point this past weekend. Half of the issues are now available online. Papers published within the last ten years are available only to DEPS members and other subscribers, while older papers are available to all. Paper titles, abstracts and other metadata are available to everyone. Print issues continue to be available. More.

Directed Energy Weapons Gaining Acceptance Across U.S. Military
(posted: 20 July 2016)

No longer the stuff of science fiction, directed energy technology is progressing rapidly. Throughout the U.S. military services, officials are banking on new directed energy weapon systems, which promise to offer the military precision strike at a low cost for both defensive and offensive missions. More.

Britain Selects Laser Weapon Contractor
(posted: 11 July 2016)

Missile maker MBDA has been selected to demonstrate a British capability to field a laser weapon, according to industry sources. The company was selected last week and will be confirmed as the winning bidder in the next few days, so long as there are no protests from rival companies. More.

AFSOC Favors Side-Mounted Laser for AC-130J
(posted: 11 July 2016)

Air Force Special Operations Command has accepted that it will trade some offensive capability for cost savings and fielding time on its future laser-equipped Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider if the laser is mounted on the side of the aircraft. More.

Directed Energy Summit Emphasizes the Achievable
(posted: 30 June 2016)

A major theme of the Directed Energy Summit was attacking drones in the battlefield with laser weapons. Speakers from the Army, Marine Corps and Navy emphasized developing such systems at the Summit, held in Washington on 23 June. More and More.

NPI Recommends Coordinated Strategy to Manufacture High Power Lasers
(posted: 28 June 2016)

Members of the National Photonics Initiative (NPI) High Power Lasers Task Force announced recommendations to improve U.S. defense operations and regain the nation’s manufacturing stronghold. The recommendations, unveiled in conjunction with the Directed Energy Summit in Washington, call for the establishment of a directed energy program office that will serve to coordinate U.S. manufacturing of high power lasers. More.

CRS Reports on Navy Lasers, Railgun, and Hypervelocity Projectile
(posted: 24 June 2016)

The Congressional Research Service reports background information and issues for Congress on three potential new weapons that could improve the ability of Navy surface ships to defend themselves against enemy missiles. Any one of these new weapon technologies, if successfully developed and deployed, might be regarded as a “game changer”. More.

HEL Joint Technology Office Publishes News Bulletin
(posted: 24 June 2016)

The most recent High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office News Bulletin includes information about HEL JTO activities and a calendar of upcoming events. More.

Pete Latham Memorial Service on 18 June in Denton, Texas
(posted: 16 June 2016)

Dr. William Peters ("Pete") Latham, Jr., born 21 August 1948, passed away on 11 June at his Dallas, Texas home. Latham, a DEPS Fellow, initiated the Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Workshop in 2003 and chaired this DEPS event for many years. Services will be held at St. David of Wales Episcopal church in Denton, Texas on Saturday 18 June at 1430. More.

RF Weapon Against Drones to be Tested at Airports Across the US
(posted: 9 June 2016)

Three British companies developed the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds), which is due to be included in new trials by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is expanding efforts to source technology that can detect and defeat small, unmanned aerial vehicles near airports. 'Sometimes people fly drones in an unsafe manner,' said Marke Gibson, an FAA senior adviser. More.

Special Operations Command to Test Directed Energy Weapon on Apache
(posted: 8 June 2016)

Special Operations Command's program executive office rotary wing is working alongside the Army’s project office for Apache Attack Helicopters to conduct a feasibility test of a laser weapon on an Apache helicopter this summer, said Col. John Vannoy, program manager for rotary wing. Vannoy’s office and the Army's Apache office have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with Raytheon to put a podded laser on the aircraft, he said. More.

Journal of Directed Energy Volume 5 Available Online
(posted: 1 June 2016)

All of Volume 5 of the Journal of Directed Energy is now available online, including the tables of contents and the indexes for issues going back to spring of 2013. The general public has access to the abstracts and other information about the papers, and DEPS members have access to the papers themselves. More.

AFSOC Moves Forward on Plans to Equip AC-130J with Laser Weapon by 2020
(posted: 26 May 2016)

Air Force Special Operations Command is on track to equip an AC-130J Ghostrider gunship with a laser weapon by the end of the decade. Working alongside Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren in Virginia, the Command has wrapped up the first phase of a two-part study that will give the command greater clarity on the maturity of commercially available systems and potential design concepts, said Lt. Col. John DiSebastian, director of fixed-wing tech insertion at Special Operations Command. More.

Britain to Name Contractor for Testing Laser Weapon
(posted: 26 May 2016)

Britain is set to take its first major step toward fielding a laser directed energy weapon next month when the Ministry of Defence is due to select a contractor to build a technology demonstrator to validate the system. MoD officials could select a winning contractor to build the demonstrator as early as June 3, according to Andy Rhodes, a business development executive at Raytheon UK. More.

U.S. Lawmaker Orders NASA to Plan for Trip to Alpha Centauri by 2069
(posted: 26 May 2016)

A senior U.S. lawmaker who helps write NASA’s budget called on the agency to begin developing its own interstellar probes, with the aim of launching a mission to Alpha Centauri, our nearest star system, in 2069—the centenary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Representative John Culberson (R–TX), a self-professed space fan who chairs the House of Representatives appropriations subpanel that oversees NASA, included the call for the ambitious voyage in a committee report released recently. More.

Battelle Fielding 100 Drone Zappers to Pentagon, Homeland Security
(posted: 24 May 2016)

Officials of Battelle, the non-profit research and development organization based in Columbus, Ohio, announced the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security had signed off on buying 100 of its “DroneDefender,” billed as the “safe” solution to warding off intruding unmanned aerial vehicles. More.

Robert Peterkin Receives Presidential Award
(posted: 24 May 2016)

Dr. Robert Peterkin, chief scientist for AFRL Directed Energy Directorate, was among this year's 13 Presidential Rank Award winners from the U.S. Air Force. A long-term DEPS member, Peterkin is being honored for his prolific research and technical leadership of new Department of Defense directed energy technologies including high power electromagnetics and high energy lasers for national security applications. More.

Raytheon Begins Delivery of Railgun Pulse Power Containers
(posted: 24 May 2016)

Raytheon Company has begun deliveries of pulse power containers in support of the U.S. Navy's Railgun program. The containers, which are comprised of multiple pulsed power modules, will be integrated into the Navy's Railgun test range for additional development and testing. Raytheon, a DEPS Platinum Sponsor, is one of three contractors developing a PPC design for the U.S. Navy. More.

Directed Energy Interstellar Propulsion Study Funded
(posted: 18 May 2016)

In 2015, the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program selected University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Philip Lubin's study on directed energy propulsion for exploring other worlds. Professor Lubin has received external funding to continue the work started in his NIAC study. More.

MDA Seeks Laser Engineer at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
(posted: 11 May 2016)

The Missile Defense Agency, Sensor & Laser Technology Program Office is seeking a laser engineer to assist in the development of directed energy systems at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. The position is open to U.S. citizens and closes on 19 May. More.

CSBA Releases Report "Winning the Salvo Competition"
(posted: 5 May 2016)

CSBA Senior Fellows Mark Gunzinger and Bryan Clark will release of their report "Winning The Salvo Competition: Rebalancing America's Air And Missile Defenses" on 20 May in Washington, DC. A plated breakfast will be provided. (This event was originally scheduled for 26 April 2016.) More.

Chuck Oberly Dies
(posted: 29 April 2016)

Charles (Chuck) Oberly, 76, of Urbana, Ohio passed away on 23 April 2016 in the Springfield Regional Medical Center. A memorial funeral service will be held on Saturday 30 April at 2:00 p.m. in the Atkins-Shively Funeral Home, 216 S. Springfield Street, Saint Paris, Ohio. Oberly was a long-term DEPS member. More.

Andreadis, Horkovich, Schriempf DEPS Emeritus Directors
(posted: 28 April 2016)

Tim Andreadis, James Horkovich and Tom Schriempf have been named Emeritus Directors by the DEPS Board. All three served multiple terms and positions on the DEPS Board, and all three served a term as Board president. DEPS Executive Director Mark Neice has expressed the Society's appreciation to them on their service to the Board and the Directed Energy community. More.

Kelly Hammett Named Director, AFRL Directed Energy Directorate
(posted: 26 April 2016)

Kelly Hammett was welcomed as the new director of the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at a ceremony at the AFRL Conference Center April 25. He was also promoted to the Senior Executive Service at the ceremony. Hammett is a DEPS Fellow. More.

David Stoudt Joins Booz Allen Hamilton
(posted: 20 April 2016)

Booz Allen Hamilton has named David Stoudt as a Senior Executive Advisor and thought leader for the firm’s Directed Energy initiative, Stoudt joins Booz Allen following 26 years of civil service, most recently serving in the executive service’s technical ranks and as the Navy’s first and only Senior Technologist for Directed Energy. Stoudt is a DEPS Fellow. More.

Johns Hopkins University APL Seeking High Power RF Engineer
(posted: 18 April 2016)

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory , located midway between Baltimore and Washington, DC, is seeking a High Power RF/Microwave Engineer. The position requires an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering with at least 5 years of specific experience in High Power RF applications, design, and testing plus the ability to obtain a Top Secret Clearance. More.

Billionaire Spending $100 million on Laser-Pushed Nanosails
(posted: 18 April 2016)

Billionaire Yuri Milner is spending $100 million on a probe that could travel to Alpha Centauri within a generation. Milner wants his $100 million to fund research that will culminate in a prototype of a laser-propelled probe that can beam images back to Earth. More.

CSBA Releases Report: Winning the Salvo Competition
(posted: 15 April 2016)

Mark Gunzinger and Bryan Clark of the Center for Strategic and Budegetary Assessments will present the report Winning The Salvo Competition: Rebalancing America’s Air And Missile Defenses at an event on 26 April in Washington, D.C. They will host a discussion of initiatives that could improve our Nation’s ability to counter guided weapon salvos that threaten its future ability to project power. More.

Heinrich, Inhofe Introduce Bill To Accelerate DE Weapon Systems For The Military
(posted: 12 April 2016)

U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee, have introduced the Directed Energy Weapon Systems Acquisition Act of 2016, a bill to accelerate the development and transition of directed energy technology capabilities for the nation's military. More.

Raytheon Ktech Lands Contract for Counter-Electronics HPM Missile
(posted: 25 March 2016)

Raytheon’s acquisition of directed energy firm Ktech in 2011 is paying dividends following the US Defense Department’s award of a $4.8 million contract to repackage two conventional air-launched cruise missiles as high-power microwave weapons. The award to Raytheon is the first significant movement on the Counter-electronics HPM Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) since a 2012 demonstration. More.

Andreadis, Schall Replace Meyer, Slater on BSEA
(posted: 23 March 2016)

Tim Andreadis and Harold Schall have replaced Tom Meyer and Jack Slater on the DEPS Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors. Executive Director Mark Neice expressed the Society's appreciation to Meyer and Slater for their service. The Board of Directors also extended Jim McManamon's term for one year. More.

David Titterton Named DEPS Fellow
(posted: 18 March 2016)

David Titterton was inducted as a DEPS Fellow at the Annual Directed Energy Symposium in Albuquerque on 10 March. He has spent a 45-year career in Directed Energy in the UK and currently has a position with Cranfield University at the Defence Academy. He has been very active in the DEPS UK/US Directed Energy Workshops. More.

Lockheed Martin Touts Low Cost Lasers
(posted: 18 March 2016)

Lockheed Martin believes laser weapons are “coming of age” and ready for use as a cheaper option against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups that employ inexpensive but deadly weapons. Last year, Lockheed tested its new Athena weapon, which uses a 30-kw fiber laser. Each shot cost less than a dollar. Lockheed Martin is a DEPS Platinum Sponsor, as are Boeing and Northrop Grumman, also mentioned in one of these links. More and More.

Maloney, Marker Elected DEPS President, Vice-President
(posted: 14 March 2016)

Jeff Maloney was elected President of the DEPS Board and Dan Marker Vice-President by the Board at its meeting last week. James Horkovich had served as President previously. Maloney was Vice-President before the election. Sean Ross continues to serve as Secretary, and Harold Schall as Treasurer. More.

National Academy Studies Intense, Ultrafast Lasers
(posted: 14 March 2016)

A committee of the National Academy is surveying high intensity science and related technology and will review the framework in which high intensity science and the development of related technology is conducted in the United States. Committee members include DEPS members Jacqueline Gish (DEPS Fellow), Henry Kapteyn, Howard Milchburg and Stephen Milton. More.

MZA Posts HBDS Testing Video
(posted: 7 March 2016)

MZA Associates Corporation has posted a video that summarizes the results of tests of the High Energy Fiber Laser Helicopter Beam Director Subsystem (HBDS). The video shows line-of-sight stabilization and moving target tracking tests. MZA is a DEPS Silver Sponsor. More and Video.

U.S. Army SMDC Seeks General Engineer in Directed Energy
(posted: 1 March 2016)

U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/U. S. Army Forces Strategic Command is seeking a General Engineer in the Directed Energy Division. The position is in Huntsville, Alabama. Only Federal employees (see announcement for the definition of this phrase.) may apply. Position closes on 15 March. More.

U.S. Army SMDC Develops Anti-UAV Laser Weapons
(posted: 23 February 2016)

Lasers are the most exotic of anti-unmanned aerial vehicle weapons, and the U.S. has several directed energy weapons projects underway. The Army’s Space and Missile Defense/Army Strategic Forces Technical Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the lead Army agency for developing high-energy laser weapons, is working on three systems with anti-UAV capabilities. More.

Laser Weapon System Chief Engineer Sought in San Diego
(posted: 23 February 2016)

Kforce, a professional staffing services firm, has a client in San Diego, California seeking a Laser Weapon System Chief Engineer. Requirements include experience in the development and fielding of a DoD Weapon System or High Energy Laser System. For more information, enter 1504847-WQG in the keywords box of the Web page linked here.

Nutronics Seeks Engineers and Scientists for Multiple Openings
(posted: 20 February 2016)

Nutronics plans to hire 3-5 engineers and scientists over the next several months to support multiple challenging programs. Currently advertised openings are linked below. Nutronics is seeking a broad range of specialties in beam control system design, development, integration, and test, and applicants in the DE community with other areas of expertise are encouraged to apply. More and More.

Marker, Meyer Replace Andreadis, Horkovich on DEPS Board
(posted: 20 February 2016)

DEPS welcomes two new members to the Board of Directors: Dan Marker, AFRL/RD, and Dr. Howard Meyer, Booz Allen Hamilton. They will be formally seated at the March Annual Symposium. DEPS would like to thank Dr. Tim Andreadis, Navy Research Laboratory, and Dr. Jim Horkovich, Schafer Corporation, for their distinguished service these past six years to the DEPS Board of Directors. Each served a term as President of the Board. More.

Penn State Electro-Optics Center Seeks Director
(posted: 1 February 2016)

The Pennsylvania State University seeks candidates for the position of Director, Electro-Optics Center (EOC) in Freeport, PA, (near Kittanning, PA). The preferred candidate should have a doctoral degree in an Engineering or Science discipline and 15 or more years of related experience. More.

CSU Offers Summer School Directed Energy Courses
(posted: 25 January 2016)

Colorado State University is hosting the U.S. Particle Accelerator School in Fort Collins, Colorado during 13-24 June 2016. DE-related course topics include microwave sources, laser principles and free electron lasers. More.

Chief of Naval Research Highlights Directed Energy in Address
(posted: 19 January 2016)

Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Mat Winter emphasized directed energy in his keynote address at the Surface Navy Association’s 28th Annual National Symposium, held in Crystal City, Virginia on 13 January. He mentioned specifically the Ground Based Air Defense On The Move program, the Laser Weapon System, and Electromagnetic Railgun as ONR-sponsored technologies that are navigating the transition pipeline successfully. More.

Pentagon Eyes Airborne Lasers for Missile Defense
(posted: 14 January 2016)

The U.S. Defense Department recently began testing a laser that might someday be affixed to drones to knock incoming missiles out of the sky. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, nominated as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he would support more funding to develop a boost-phase airborne laser weapon system for missile defense in the next decade. More.

Chinese Soldiers Have Laser Guns
(posted: 14 January 2016)

The official PLA Daily announced that Chinese soldiers are now in possession of laser guns. In combat, laser rifles like the PY132A would be useful in a wide variety of situations. More.

Dr. Gregory Quarles Named Chief Scientist at The Optical Society
(posted: 8 January 2016)

The Optical Society has announced that Dr. Gregory Quarles has joined society as Chief Scientist. In this position, Quarles, a long-term DEPS member, is responsible for the scientific infrastructure of the society. More.

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