Directed Energy Systems Symposium
3-7 March 2008 Monterey, California

Co-Sponsored by the
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office

Pathways to Capabilities

The Directed Energy (DE) Systems Symposium focuses on systems aspects of DE in a limited-attendance environment. The Systems Symposium consists of co-located technical sessions organized by six separate conferences, with joint
Monterey Marina
technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits. The purpose of this third annual Symposium was (1) to examine status of DE technologies to support transition to weapon acquisition, (2) to understand employment opportunities and needs for DE technologies, (3) to integrate the DE technology community with the warfighter to enable technology to warfighter transition and (4) to provide a forum to enable technical exchange between the six conference technologies.

Some portions of the Symposium were conducted at the SECRET level. Attendance at all sessions was limited to U.S. citizens with classified visit requests on file and who are employees of the U.S. Government or its contractors.

Short Courses
  • Directed Energy 101
  • Introduction to FEL
  • Beam Control for Laser Systems
  • HEL in the Extended Air Defense Simulation
  • Uncertainty Analysis for Laser Effects Testing and Analysis
  • Beam Directors 101
  • Atmospheric Effects
  • HEL Effects
  • Active Denial Systems
  • HPM Systems for Counter Materiel Applications


Although last minute changes did occur, the technical program as originally published is available here in PDF form.
A bridge connects Monterey Marriott and Convention Center

Location & Accommodations

Sessions were held at the Naval Postgraduate School, the Monterey Convention Center, and the Monterey Marriott, 350 Calle Principal, Monterey.

Companions Program

Monterey is a major California vacation destination, and many registrants were accompanied by companions. Daytime activities for companions of registrants were planned. At past Directed Energy Systems Symposia, these have included tours in the Monterey area.

In addition, companions were able to participate in the catered events at the Symposium that are held in open, public areas upon payment of a separate companion's fee.

Symposium Contacts

Symposium Co-Chairs:    
Dr. J. Thomas Schriempf (202) 781-1196
Maj Gen Stanley Gorenc, USAF (ret) (530) 755-6062
Symposium Program Coordinator    
David Loomis (303) 898-3747
Beam Control Conference    
Dr. Lawrence Grimes (505) 846-4828
Directed Energy Effects Mitigation Conference    
Stephanie Miller (210) 563-3881
David Schafer (505) 853-6083
Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference    
Douglas Rigdon (505) 853-3818
Employment of Directed Energy Weapons Conference    
CAPT David Kiel (202) 781-3775
High Energy Laser Lethality Conference    
Chuck LaMar (256) 955-3675
High Power Microwave System Workshop    
Kirk Hackett (505) 449-8749
Symposium Coordinator:    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Registration and Short Courses:    
Donna Storment (505) 998-4910

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