Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop
29 June - 2 July 2009 Newton, Massachusetts

The Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop provides a forum for the presentation of state-of-the-art ultrashort pulse laser technology, physics, and applications. While the industrial, material processing applications are rapidly grasped, the potential military utility of ultrashort pulse laser technology can be elusive or overshadowed by its High Energy cousins.
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A better understanding of the existing state of ultrashort pulse laser technology will aid warfighters, researchers, and developers in matching the unique characteristics of this technology to appropriate military applications. Understanding the ultrashort pulse laser materials interaction provides a foundation for determining the applicability of ultrashort pulses for diagnostic, material fabrication, and inspection applications in industrial contexts as well. This was the seventh Workshop in this series. Information about previous meetings is available and proceedings from some are available for purchase.

The Workshop was co-located with the Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review (SSDLTR). Registrants who met the participation criteria (see Security) could attend sessions of either meeting for one registration fee.


  • Invited and contributed technical papers
  • Limited Participation (Dist C) and classified sessions
  • Short courses
  • Reception
  • Poster paper session
  • Industrial and government exhibits
  • Co-located with the SSDLTR
  • Tour of the MIT facility
  • Joint public release technical session with the SSDLTR

Featured Speakers

  • Todd Ditmire, UT Austin   "Texas Petawatt Laser"
  • Clint Friedman, US Army ARDEC   "Electromagnetic Wave Attachment to Femto-second Laser Plasma Filaments"
  • Almantas Galvanauskas, University of Michigan   "Ultrashort-Pulse Fiber Lasers: Present and Future"
  • Erich Ippen, MIT   "Femtosecond Technology for Arbitrary Optical Waveforms"
  • Franz Kaertner, MIT   "High Power Ultrafast Laser Systems for EUV and X-ray Sources"
  • Pete Latham, AFRL/RD   "Physical Processes in Semiconductor Materials Irradiated by Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers"
  • Erik Mazur, Harvard University "Femtosecond Laser Materials Processing"
  • Margaret Murnane, University of Colorado   "Power-Scaling of Cryogenically-Cooled Ultrafast Amplifiers and Applications in Coherent X-Ray Generation"
  • Keith Nelson, MIT   "High Intensity THz Pulse Generation, THz Field Control, and THz Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics"
  • Joe Penano, NRL   "THz Generation in Plasmas Using Multiple Color Laser Pulses"
  • Martin Richardson, CREOL   "Ultrafast Laser Science at the Townes Institute"
  • Sean Ross, AFRL   "Pressing System Issues for the Deployment of High Energy Lasers"
  • Martin Stickley, Booz-Allen Hamilton   "Technical Issues Concerning HEL Deployment"

Overview Agenda

An overview of the agenda is presented below. The detailed agenda, including specific sessions, is available here in PDF form. Changes to the agenda did occur.

Monday, 29 June
0800-1700   Short Courses
Tuesday, 30 June
0800-1200   Plenary Session (Open)
1200-1300   Lunch
1300-1500   Limited (Dist C) Workshop Session
1500-1530   Break
1530-1710   Open Workshop Session
1730   Clam Bake Reception (Hosted by Lockheed Martin)
Wednesday, 1 July
0800-1010   Limited (Dist C) Workshop Session
1010-1040   Break
Poster Session
1040-1150   Open Workshop Session
1200-1300   Lunch
1300-1750   Keynote Session (Open)
Thursday, 2 July
0715   Buses to Classified Session Begin
0830-1130   Classified Workshop Session
1300-1500   Tours of MIT Laboratories

Location & Accommodations

Unclassified sessions were held at the Marriott Boston Newton, located at 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton. Some classified sessions on Thursday were held at an off-site location and transporation was provided.

Tour of MIT Labs

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop attendees had the opportunity to attend a walking tour of three MIT labs on Thursday 2 July from 1300-1500. Labs visited in the tour include: Professor Erich Ippen’s lab, Professor Franz Kaertner’s lab, and Professor Keith Nelson’s lab.

HEL Research and Development for HEL-JTO BAA Industry Briefing

The High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office (HEL JTO) scheduled an Industry Briefing for Monday, 29 June at 1600 in Newton, Massachusetts to discuss BAA 09-RD-03. This Briefing was co-located with the DEPS SSDLTR and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop. Participation in the Briefing was limited to two attendees per firm. More information about this BAA and the Industry Briefing is available online at


Participation in the Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop was limited to U.S. citizens who are employees of the federal government or its contractors. In addition, participation in the classified session of the Workshop required a security clearance.

Workshop Committee

Iain McKinnie (303) 544-9068
Workshop Coordinator:    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Registration and Short Courses:    
Donna Storment (505) 998-4910
Payments and Receipts:    
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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