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Proceedings from the Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop are CDs of the unclassified, public release presentations materials.

Some Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshops also offer Limited Distribution (C and D) proceedings. Check our Limited Distribution Proceedings page for availability.

In 2010, this conference became part of the Advanced High-Power Laser Review.

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  Seventh Annual Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop, Newton, MA 2009
Material from 27 unclassified oral presentations, three poster papers, and 25 abstracts. Includes proceedings from the co-located SSDTLR.

$45 2009 UPL Workshop Proceedings
  Sixth Annual Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop, Boulder, CO 2008
Material from eight unclassified, oral presentations and 12 abstracts.

$45 2008 UPL Workshop Proceedings
  Fifth Annual Ultrashort Pulse Laser Materials Interaction Workshop, Boulder, CO 2007
Material from 15 unclassified, oral presentations.

$45 2007 UPL Workshop Proceedings

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