High Power Microwave Weapons Conference
2-5 March 2009 Albuquerque, New Mexico

A Joint UK-US Conference

Progress in the development and application of high power microwave (HPM) technologies for directed energy missions was explored in this conference, the fifth in a series of DEPS conferences specifically devoted to High Power Microwaves.
ADS System 2 (Official DoD Photo)
The program of this joint US/UK conference was organized with particular emphasis on enabling technologies, HPM effects, system engineering and integration, testing military utility, and policy/legal/doctrine issues associated with introducing revolutionary capabilities into the war fighting toolkit. The conference was organized around Focus Sessions emphasizing topics of interest to the community.

This conference was specifically designed for SECRET US and UK discussions and presentations and participation in was limited to U.S. and U.K. citizens with the proper visit request on file.

Focus Session topics included:

  • HPM Weapon Concepts and Military Utility
  • HPM System Engineering and Integration
  • HPM Technologies
  • HPM Effects and Testing
  • Protection Against HPM
  • Overarching Issues (Legal/Policy/Doctrine)

Detailed Agenda

The preliminary agenda is presented here. Changes in the final program did occur.

Monday, 2 March 2009
0800-1700 Short Courses
  Short Course 1: RF Directed Energy Effects (0800-1200)
  Short Course 2: Trends in Compact Pulsed Power (1300-1700)
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
0630 Registration and Breakfast at Hotel
0700 Speakers Breakfast at offsite location
0800-1050 Plenary Session
  1st Plenary Talk UK - Assistant Chief of Staff Air Command Capability, RAF
  2nd Plenary Talk US - Vice Commander Air Combat Command, USAF
  3rd Plenary Talk UK - MoD Director of Technology Development
  4st Plenary Talk US - AFRL Chief Scientist
1050-1110 Break
1110-1240 Plenary Session (Continued)
  HPM Threat Overview
  HPM Weapons - A US Army Perspective
  Legal and Policy Issues Affecting the Deployment of HPM Weapons
1240-1330 Lunch
1330-1540 Foreign Capability and Detection
  Intelligence Brief
  Determination of an Aircraft 'Safe Distance' from a Transient Electromagnetic Environment
  The Clearance of Typhoon to Operate in a High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Environment
  Results of Testing on Foreign Systems
  UAV Susceptibility
1540-1600 Break
1600-1720 HPM Bio Effects and Testing
  Pain Intolerability from Short Small Spot 95GHz Exposures
  A Historical Perspective of the ADS Bioeffects Program
  UK Bioeffects Testing
1800-2000 Conference Reception at Hotel
Wednesday, 4 March 2009
0630 Registration and Breakfast at Hotel
0700 Speakers Breakfast at offsite location
0755-0825 Call to Order / Plenary Talk
  Impact of Spent Electrons on Relativistic BWO Operation
0825-0945 HPM Weapon Concepts and Military Utility
  RF DEW Modelling, Simulation†and Assessment
  HPM Military Utility Study
0945-1010 Break
1010-1150 HPM Weapon Concepts and Military Utility (Continued)
  Modelling Effectiveness and Estimating Collateral Effects
  Marine Engine Susceptibility: HMP Dynamic Testing Over Water
  RF DE IED Neutralizer (RDIN) Concept
  AFRL Summary of Engine Stopper
1150-1235 Lunch
1235-1420 HPM System Engineering and Integration
  Phase-Locking and Power-Combining of Pulsed Magnetrons
  Prospects for†Large HPM Arrays†using†Magnetic†Modulators
  Development of a Compact Repetitively-Pulsed HPM System
  High Impedance Surface Antennas for DEW Applications
1420-1445 Break
1445-1625 HPM System Engineering and Integration (Continued)
  Shipboard Integration of DE Devices
  Compact RF Source Research at MBDA UK
  Radio Frequency System Design Tool Update
  Historical†Development of NLTL†Modulators in the UK
Thursday, 5 March 2009
0630 Registration and Breakfast at Hotel
0700 Speakers Breakfast at offsite location
0755-0825 Call to Order / Plenary Talk
  Hardware and CONOPs Progress Towards Airborne Less-than-lethal Capability
0825-0945 HPM Technologies
  Demo of 100kW and Multi-megawatt CW 95 GHz Gyrotron Oscillators
  Enhancing the UKís Technological Capability - The HPM & HiPED Principal Progs
  The Microwave Frequency Oscillator Source
0945-1010 Break
1010-1150 HPM Technologies (Continued)
  The Clark Drive, A New Pulsed Power Concept Based on Surge Arrestor Technology
  High Power RF Capabilities at Loughborough University
  FAWSEA Technology Update
  US Air Force Research Laboratory High Power Microwave Antenna Design
1150-1235 Lunch
1235-1440 HPM Technologies (Continued)
  The Gyro-Travelling Wave Amplifier (Gyro-TWA)
  High-Power High-Voltage Generator Based on a Miniature POS
  Compact Tesla Transformer-Based High-Repetition Rate Pulsed Power Generators
  High Energy Density Capacitors for Narrowband HPM Applications
  High Voltage, Flowing Fluid Switch
1440-1505 Break
1505-1715 HPM Effects and Testing
  An RF Impedance Surrogate for Detonators
  Highly Flexible Compact HPM Source for Trials Applications
  Results of HPM Weapon Characterization
  Advanced 3-axis Non-Intrusive Sensors for HPM Test Applications
  Bulk Explosive Dielectric Constant and Conductivity Measurements, Preliminary Data and Findings

Conference Committee

Conference Co-Chairs:    
Kirk Hackett, AFRL 505-449-8749
Martin Hubbard, DSTL +44 1959-892331
Iain Andrews 505-846-5825
Donna Storment 505-998-4910
Conference Coordinator:    
Cynnamon Spain 505-998-4910

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