Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference 2007
19-23 March 2007 Monterey, California

The M&S of DE phenomena, devices, systems, and engagements is expanding in importance as DE systems are being developed and acquired. This is especially true now that several DE systems are entering the formal development and acquisition process. The heavy dependence upon M&S throughout the lifecycle of modern systems makes M&S critical to transition and acquisition success.
Photo courtesy of Monterey County CVB

The scope of this conference encompassed:

  • High energy lasers (HEL) and high power microwaves (HPM)
  • Virtual and constructive M&S
  • Physics and engineering, engagement, mission, and campaign level M&S
  • Unclassified and classified topics
  • Government, academic, and industry viewpoints
  • M&S technology and modeling techniques
  • Model fidelity assessment
  • DE M&S in test and evaluation

Conference Highlights

  • Technical presentations and poster papers
  • Invited speakers
  • Short courses
  • Evening reception
  • Exhibits
  • Attendance restricted to U.S. citizens with security clearances
  • A Conference making up the DE Systems Symposium

Conference Organizing Committee

Conference Chair:    
Douglas Rigdon (GTRI) (505) 853-3818
Conference Co-Chair:    
Rusty Graves (AMRDEC) (256) 876-4383
Technical Chair:    
Sal Cusumano, Ph.D. (AFIT) (937) 255-3636 x7294
Technical Co-Chair:    
Marken Houle (AFIT) (937) 255-3636 x4706
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910

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