Directed Energy to DC Exhibition
19 - 23 March 2018 Washington, DC


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DE2DC Exhibition in the foyer of the Rayburn House Office Building

The Directed Energy to DC Exhibition (DE2DC) is part of the Directed Energy Outreach Campaign, which has been successfully educating decision makers and warfighters on RF and laser directed energy weapon systems and capabilities since January 2009. The DE2DC Exhibition provides an opportunity for government, industry and academia from across the United States to educate and exhibit mature directed energy hardware at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. DEPS is pleased to offer this opportunity for the seventh consecutive year. Details about the previous exhibitions are available here.

The Congressional Directed Energy Caucus welcomes the opportunity represented by this Exhibition. The Caucus Co-Chairs, Representatives Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Doug Lamborn (R-CO), have sent a letter expressing their gratitude for this annual educational event.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense has also expressed support for the 2018 Exhibition as an educational opportunity for the DOD to learn about Directed Energy.

The 2018 DE2DC Exhibition will be held in Washington DC on 19-23 March 2018. Exhibit material will be set up in the Pentagon Courtyard on Monday morning, 19 March. The event begins with the Pentagon Courtyard exhibition on Monday afternoon and Tuesday, and then closes with an exhibit and reception in the Rayburn Foyer on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

The Directed Energy Summit will be holding its annual event in conjunction with DE2DC. The Summit will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, and DE2DC schedules are coordinated so that exhibitors may participate in the Summit as well as the Exhibition.

If your organization would like to participate, please contact the Exhibition Organizer Cindy Kaiser, whose contact information is given at the end of this page. Participants are also urged to attend an organizational meeting on Wednesday, 27 September, at the Directed Energy Systems Symposium in Monterey, California. The time and place will be announced later.

The Pentagon Courtyard exhibition offers large 10x10 feet tented spaces, suitable for exhibits, posters, and large hardware. An item that can fit down the tunnel into the courtyard can be exhibited. In the first year, Active Denial and MATTS were just two of the mobile displays staged on the courtyard. If an item is too large, accommodations at parking level can be arranged. Large hardware and models of existing hardware are encouraged and welcome. Exhibit space at the Rayburn House Foyer is limited, offering a space four feet wide by eight feet deep with table, suitable for exhibits and posters. Exhibit spaces will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. A detailed draft exhibitor timeline is given below.

Exhibit Application

Exhibit applications are no longer being accepted.

Due to security requirements for this event, the deadline for submitting exhibit applications has passed. If you have any questions, or need to register staff for which security information has already been provided, please contact Tiffany Bjelke at (505) 998-4910 or email

Exhibitors requesting cancellation through 19 February will receive a full refund. Cancellations after 19 February are subject to a $250 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given after 5 February.

Draft Exhibitors Timeline

  • Thursday, 15 March:
         NLT date for shipped exhibit material to reach hotel
  • Friday, 16 March:
         Exhibit material loaded on DEPS van
  • Sunday, 18 March:
         Pre-arranged only walk-in exhibit material to hotel
  • Monday, 19 March:
         Pentagon Courtyard Exhibit: morning set up, exhibit 1230-1600
  • Tuesday, 20 March:
         Pentagon Courtyard Exhibit: 0900-1500, tear down at 1500
  • Wednesday, 21 March:
         DE Summit
  • Thursday, 22 March:
         Rayburn Foyer Exhibit / Reception: set up 1130-1300, open 1300-1900, tear down 1900
  • Friday, 23 March:
         All exhibit material removed from holding area


The recommended hotel for this event is the Residence Inn Arlington Pentagon City, 550 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. We have reserved a block of rooms at reduced rate at the Residence Inn for Exhibitors at this event. However, the room block is full. Exhibitors looking for accommodations are encouraged to stay at other hotels in the vicinity.

Please note that this hotel charges a parking fee.

The hotel reserves the right to enforce its policies, procedures, and cancellation fees. DEPS is not responsible for any hotel cancellation charges, penalties, or billing discrepancies.


All personnel associated with your organization's exhibit in DC, including exhibitors, management, set up crews, drivers, etc. must go through security screening. Information on vehicles that will be driven into the Pentagon courtyard is also required. Your registration to exhibit is not complete until this requirement is met. Instructions for providing the required information are below.

All persons participating in the DE2DC event must submit visit requests to DEPS no later than 1600 Mountain time on 2 February. Additional driver and vehicle information (below) is due at the same time. No additional people or vehicles can be added to the Pentagon access list after this date, so we encourage organizations to include additional persons and vehicles as backups as you see fit.

Persons having access to the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) should send visit notification via JPAS with:

  • Purpose of Visit: DE2DC
  • Level of visit: Confidential
  • Point of contact: Tiffany Bjelke
  • POC Phone: (505) 998-4910
  • Visited SMO: 1LNJ44
  • Dates of visit: 19-23 March 2018

For those persons not having access to JPAS, a "Visitor Certification" request should be submitted providing the information listed below. The request must be on agency letterhead (or on the agency's Visit Request Form which includes all of the required information). For each individual, the request must include:

  • Full name
  • Social Security Number *
  • Full location and date of birth
  • If no clearance exists for the individual then signed verification of U.S.Citizenship is required
  • Dates of Visit
  • Purpose of Visit: DE2DC
  • POC in individual's agency
  • Background investigation date (clearance date) if no investigation please write "No background investigation, Please run an NCIC check"
    Note: if we have to run the background check it will take longer than 72 hours to process. Please plan accordingly.
This information should be faxed to Tiffany Bjelke, DEPS FSO 505-998-4917. Alternatively, if you have encryption capability, you may email the information to

* Social Security Numbers should not be sent via email unless the email is encrypted. If you do not have encryption capability, you must fax your information to the number provided.

In addition to the information above, drivers must also submit the following information: driverís license number and state issued, vehicle ID mumber (VIN), license plate number, state registered, and make, model, description, and year of vehicle. Please include back up vehicles on the list. Submit this information to Tiffany via fax or email.

Please note that all names, visit requests, and driver/vehicle information must be submitted no later than 1600 Mountain time on Friday, 2 February and no additional names or vehicles can be added after that time. This is an external requirement placed upon DEPS and therefore cannot be adjusted. For this reason, we suggest that you submit visit requests and security information for any persons who are potential attendees, such as corporate executives, alternate staff or additional drivers or setup personnel. Only those persons who have submitted the information by this date will have the opportunity to be cleared for special access to the premises.

Please contact Tiffany at 505-998-4910 if you have any questions.

DE2DC Contacts
  Exhibition Organizer
  Cynthia Kaiser (505) 249-9117
  Exhibition Coordinator
  Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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