Advanced High Power Lasers
11-14 June 2012 Broomfield, Colorado

The Advanced High-Power Lasers meeting consisted of co-located technical sessions organized by four separate conferences, with joint technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits. This year's meeting was co-located with the 2012 Beam Control Conference.
The Omni Interlocken Resort was the Conference hotel.

Registrants meeting the attendance criteria were able to attend any session of any conference for just one registration fee.

Program Highlights

  • Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop
  • Solid State and Diode Laser Technical Review
  • Free Electron Lasers Conference
  • Gas Laser Conference
  • Co-located with Beam Control Conference
  • Joint Plenary Session
  • Unclassified, public release and limited distribution technical presentations and posters
  • Short courses
  • Evening reception
  • Industrial and Government Exhibits
  • Public release and limited distribution proceedings
  • Webcasts of selected public release sessions
  • Tour of Sources and Detectors Group facilities at NIST.


The agenda distributed on site is available here. Changes to the program did occur.


Webcasting offered for the first time.

Overview Webcasting Schedule

Monday, 11 June Short Courses
   0800 to 1200 Thermal Management Technologies
   0800 to 1700 Introduction to Free Electron Lasers
   1300 to 1700 Introduction to Laser Beam Quality

Tuesday, 12 June
   0800 to 1200 Plenary session
   1300 to 1700 Research at Universities in Ultrashort Pulse Laser Applications and Measurements (UPLW)
   1300 to 1700 Laser Beam Combination (SSDLTR)

Wednesday, 13 June
   0800 to 1200 Ultrashort Pulse Laser Physics, Technology and Diagnostics (UPLW)
   1300 to 1700 High Energy Systems (SSDLTR)
   1300 to 1700 Atmospherics II (Beam Control)

Thursday, 14 June
   0800 to 1200 Nonlinear Propagation Physics (UPLW)
   0800 to 1200 Diode and Solid State Lasers (SSDLTR)
   1300 to 1700 Measurements of Nonlinear Filament-Matter Interactions (UPLW)
   1300 to 1700 Materials, Power, and Thermal Management (SSDLTR)

Joint Session

The Laser-Beam Control Interface or The Development of an Optically Efficient HEL Weapon System

A Joint Session was held at the 2012 AHPL and Beam Control Conference which addressed issues related to integrating an HEL weapon's optical train from the resonator to the exit aperture with a goal of maximizing far field irradiance. The DE community has a tradition of separately developing lasers and beam control systems then attempting forced marriages. The results have frequently led to complications and inefficiency. By bridging this specification (and frequently contractor) interface with a mix of invited and solicited papers, the session's goal was to provide laser and beam control specialists with a bit of history, some lessons learned during prior systems integrations, and a few ideas to benefit future system integration plans.


The AHPL meeting published combined proceedings, including both presentation materials and formal papers. Proceedings were produced at both the public release and limited distribution levels and provided to conference attendees free of charge. In addition, the SSDLTR produced their popular SSDLTR Technical Digest containing the extended technical summaries of the presentations given at the SSDLTR. The SDLTR Technical Digest, as well as the AHPL Proceedings can be purchased through our Online Store.


Tours of the Sources and Detectors Group laboratory facilities at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder were offered to AHPL registrants. This group, a part of the NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory, conducts activities in fiber sources and applications, laser radiometry, and high speed measurements.

AHPL Contacts

Free Electron Lasers Conference    
Roger McGinnis (202) 253-5923
Gas Laser Conference    
Kevin Hewett (505) 853-2684
Michael Heaven (404) 727-6617
Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review    
Mark Dubinskiy (301) 394-1821
Greg Quarles (425) 250-4010
Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop    
Pete Latham (505) 846-1776
Thomas Nelson
Event Coordinator and Short Courses    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Security and Registration    
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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