Advanced High-Power Lasers
6-9 June 2011 Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Advanced High-Power Lasers meeting consists of co-located technical sessions organized by four separate conferences, with joint technical and plenary sessions to encourage discussion outside narrow technical limits. The Gas Laser Conference joined the event this year.
Most sessions were held at La Fonda. (Photo: Robert Reck)

Registrants meeting the attendance criteria were able to attend any session of any conference for just one registration fee.

Program Highlights

  • Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop
  • Solid State and Diode Laser Technical Review
  • Free Electron Lasers Conference
  • Gas Laser Conference
  • Invited speakers
  • Public release, limited, and classified technical presentations
  • Short courses
  • Evening reception
  • Industrial and Government Exhibits
  • Public release and limited distribution proceedings

New to the AHPL this year, the Gas Laser Conference serves as the leading technical meeting for research and development of gas lasers for the defense and security communities. This conference provided a forum for technical papers on lasers which utilize gaseous gain media and are candidates for HEL applications. The focus of the 2011 Gas Laser Conference was on the chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) and the diode pumped alkali laser (DPAL). The conference was inaugurated by a series of invited presentations. It is anticipated that future conferences will issue a call for contributed papers.

The detailed program is available here in PDF format for download. Changes to the program did occur.


Combined proceedings, at both public release and limited distribution level, will be published. These proceedings will include both presentation materials and formal papers.


A tour of Los Alamos National Lab Free Electron Laser(FEL) capabilities was offered on Tuesday afternoon. The tour consisted of a visit to the Los Alamos National Labís Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA) FEL facility which houses the high-average-current continuous-wave (CW) normal-conducting radio-frequency (NCRF) gun. In addition to the electron gun, the visitors were shown a high-current electron beamline inside a shielded beam tunnel, megawatt-class CW klystrons and power supplies, photocathode drive lasers and a state-of-the-art resonance control cooling system.

AHPL Contacts

Free Electron Lasers Conference    
Edward Pogue (505) 449-4746
Roy Whitney (757) 269-7536
Gas Laser Conference    
Kevin Hewett (505) 853-2684
Michael Heaven (404) 727-6617
Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review    
Sean Ross (505) 846-9148
Greg Quarles (425) 250-4010
Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop    
Martin Richardson (407) 823-6819
Pete Latham (505) 846-1776
Event Coordinator    
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Security Coordinator    
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910
Payments and Receipts    
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