DE Annual Symposium 2007


Tenth Annual Directed Energy Symposium
5-8 November 2007 Huntsville, AL

The Tenth Annual Directed Energy Symposium brought together researchers, managers, and policy makers from government offices, DoD, DoE, and other national laboratories, program offices, the
Textron Defense Systems ThinZag(r) Laser Modules
intelligence community, industry, universities, and other scientific and engineering institutions for discussions of current programs, technology efforts, and the future of Directed Energy. This annual Symposium provides a forum for the exchange of technical information in fields related to the development, testing, and fielding of High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) systems.


  • Invited and contributed technical papers
  • Classified and public sessions
  • Short courses
  • Distinguished plenary speakers
  • Reception
  • Banquet
  • Installation of new DEPS Fellows
  • Introduction of new DEPS Directors
  • Best Paper awards
  • Poster paper session
  • Industrial and Government exhibits
  • Companions program
  • Co-located DE Education Workshop


The proceedings of the Symposium have been published. These consisted of open, public release proceedings and closed session proceedings. Proceedings of the open sessions are available for purchase on this website. The closed sessions proceedings are available through AFRL/RDTA to those with the necessary security credentials.

Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper awards are made at each Symposium to selected papers in each of three categories: Best HEL Paper, Best HPM Paper, and Best Student Paper. These awards are based on the technical quality, importance to the future of DE, and clarity of the selected papers, as judged by the DEPS Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors. The awards include a plaque and a monetary award, underwritten by L-3 Communications, a DEPS sponsor.

The best paper awards for this year are:

Best Student Paper
"Demonstration and Characterization of Alkali Antimonide Dispenser Photocathodes". The paper was presented at the Symposium by Eric J. Montgomery of University of Maryland, and was co-authored by D.W. Feldman, P.G. O'Shea, Z Pan, N Sennett, K.L. Jensen, and N.A. Moody.

Best HEL Paper
"Resonant Pumping and  Upconversion in 1.6 micron Er3+ Lasers at 77 Kelvin". The paper was presented by J. White of Army Research Laboratory, and was co-authored by N Ter-Gabreilyan, G.A. Newburgh, M Dubinskii, and L.D. Merkle.

Best HPM Paper
"Resistive Sensor for High Power Microwave Pulse Measurement". The paper was presented by Mindaugas Dagys of Semiconductor Physics Institute, Vilnius Lithuania, and co-authored by Zilvinas Kancleris and Rimantas Simniskis.

Overview Agenda

An overview of the 2007 DE Symposium agenda is presented here, showing sessions and classification.

Monday, 5 November

  • Short Courses
    • Introduction to HEL
    • Introduction to HPM (FOUO)
    • Explosive-Powered Generators - A Brief Introduction
    • Fiber Lasers
    • Beam Directors 101
    • Repetitively Pulsed High Power Microwaves
    • RF Effects (FOUO)
    • Introduction to Lethality Science (FOUO)
    • The Credible Use of Modeling & Simulation in Test & Evaluation
    • Beam Quality Measures

  • Evening Welcome Reception - U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Tuesday, 6 November

  • Morning Plenary Session (OPEN)
  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • DE Power and Thermal Mangement
    • International Directed Energy Technology
    • DOE High Energy Density Physics I
    • Directed Energy Systems Programs (FOUO)
    • Ultra-Short Pulse Laser I (SECRET)
    • RF Munitions (SECRET)
  • Poster Sessions - OPEN and FOUO
  • Evening Reception at Holiday Inn

Wednesday, 7 November

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Technical Sessions
    • DOE High Energy Density Physics II
    • Novel HEL Technology
    • Ultra-short Pulse Laser II
    • Laser Materials (FOUO)
    • HEL Lethality and Effects (SECRET)
    • Counter Terriorism I (SECRET)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • SSL Technology Development
    • HPM/UWB Sources
    • Optical Phased Array (FOUO)
    • HEL Beam Control and Propagation (FOUO)
    • HPM Military Utility and Effects (SECRET)
    • Counter Terriorism II (SECRET)
  • Evening Banquet
    Hosted by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Textron Systems

Thursday, 8 November

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Technical Sessions
    • HPM Explosive and Pulsed Power
    • DE Less-Than-Lethal Weapons (FOUO)
    • FEL Technology (FOUO)
    • DARPA Advanced Laser Programs (FOUO/OPEN)
    • Foreign DE Systems (SECRET)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Technical Sessions
    • HEL Test and Evaluation Technology (FOUO/OPEN)
    • Fiber Laser Technology (FOUO/OPEN)
    • Gas and Chemical Laser Technology (FOUO)
    • HEHPM/RF Test and Evaluation (SECRET)

Friday, 9 November

Previous Directed Energy Symposia

These events have been held annually since 1998, and information about most past meetings is available. Proceedings for some may be purchased here.

Symposium Organizing Committee

Dr Michael Lavan, SMDC, Chair of the Symposium
CAPT David Kiel, Navy, Co-Chair of the Symposium

Program Committee
Mr John Wachs, Chair, SMDC
Mr Adam Aberle, SMDC
Dr Prasad Akkapeddi
Dr Igor Alexeff, UT
Dr Larry Altgilbers, SMDC
Dr Tim Andreadis, NRL
Dr Jason Baird, UMR
Dr Stephen Bayne, ARL
Dr Jim Benford, Microwave Technologies
Dr Randy Curry, UMC
Dr Wes Hackenberger
Dr Jeffry Heggemeier, AFRL
Mr Mark Henderson, NAVAIR HPM
Mr Chuck LaMar, SMDC
Ms Kelly McDonald, NAVAIR
Ms Birtha Otey, SMDC
Dr Mark Rader, NRL
Dr Frank Rose, Radiance
Mr Howard Seguine, Cubic
Mr Dave Singh, ARDEC
Mr Bob Snead, SMDC
Dr Brian Strickland, SMDC
Mr Allen Stults, AMRDEC
CAPT Larry Warner, LANL

Symposium Coordinator
Cynnamon Spain   (505) 998-4910

Registration and Short Courses
Donna Storment   (505) 998-4910

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