Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2008 Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2008 Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop.
Persons with the necessary credentials can obtain copies of the items below by contacting

Unless otherwise noted, abstracts and presentations are available for each entry.

Limited Distribution C Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of US Government and its contractors.
Cryogenically-Cooled Yb:YAG Amplifier with 287-W Output Power in 5.5 ps Pulses (Abstract Only)
Juiet Gopinath, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
White Light Femtosecond Lasers: Defense and Evolving Capability
Richard Fork, Nick Cote, and Luke Burgess, University of Alabama
High Power 50 J Pre-Packaged Brassboard USP Laser (Presentation Only)
David Gaudiosi, T. Yilmaz, L. Collura, X. Peng, and T. Booth, Raydiance
Flexible Short-Pulse Fiber Laser
Deborah Alterman, Alison Thomas and Mark S. Bowers, Aculite Corporation
High Peak/Average Power High Repetition-Rate Ultrafast Laser Amplifier System (Presentation Only)
Sterling Backus, Iain McKinnie, Hsiao-Hua Liu, Neil Anderson, Dirk Muller, Xiaoshi Zhang, Greg Taft, Henry Kapteyn, and Margaret Murnane, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories
Frequency Dependent Interaction of Ultrashort Fields with Nociceptor Membranes and Proteins
Brian Cooper, University of Florida
Effects of Ultra-Short Laser Pulses on Commercial Sensors and Focal Plane Arrays (Abstract Only)
Jamie Kriebel, Penn State Electro-Optics Center

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