Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2007 Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2007 Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop.
Persons with the necessary credentials can obtain copies of the items below by contacting

Unless otherwise noted, abstracts and presentations are available for each entry.

Unclassified, Limited Distribution C Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of the U.S. Government and its contractors.
Keynote Address: Where We Are - Where We Want to Be (Presentation Only)
Howard Meyer, Booz, Allen and Hamilton
Progress and Science Plans for the Texas Petawatt Laser Facility (Presentation Only)
Todd Ditmire, University of Texas
Decreased Reflectivity of Aluminum Due to Ultrashort Pulse Laser Processing
Galen Duree, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Induced Birefringence Measurements of Ultrashort Pulse Laser Induced Plasma in Air
Galen Duree, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Effects on Optical Materials (Presentation Only)
Peter Mayer, Robert Krech, and William Laughlin, NRL/PSI/JTO; Mellissa Hornstein and Antonio Ting, NRL; and Gregory DiComo, Research Support Instruments

Classified Proceedings
* Distribution authorized persons holding a secret or higher security clearance.
A Vision For Short Term Navy Applications of USPLs
Ultrashort Pulse Laser Effects on Optical Materials
Ultra Short Pulsed Laser Ablation of Semiconductor Materials at Long Range
NRL Asymmetric Threat Weapon Update

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