Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2015 DE Systems Symposium

The items listed below constitute the limited distribution proceedings from the 2015 Directed Energy Systems Symposium.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

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Limited Distribution C Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of US Government and its contractors.

Beam Control Conference

BC Components, Coatings and Environments
Active Primary Deformable Mirror (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Justin Mansell, Tim Lucas, Matthew Heino, and Jesse Jameson, MZA Associates Corporation
Laser Program 
A Methodology for Government Personnel to Independently Assess Laser Weapon System Performance (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Timothy Wolfe, Air Force Research Laboratory
Field Testing of Horizontal Path Non-Beacon Hit-Spot Adaptive Optics (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Justin Mansell, Jacob Thordahl, and Brian Henderson, MZA Associates Corporation; Edward Montgomery and Amanda Clark, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Turbulence Measurements / Characterization 
In-Situ Atmospheric Characterization in Support of LAWS FST, May-June 2014
Kevin McBryde, Galen Cauble, and Stephen Hammel, SPAWAR Systems Center
Climatological Vertical Profiles of Optical Extinction and Turbulence in Maritime Environments
Kevin McBryde and Stephen Hammel, SPAWAR Systems Center
Minimum Field Measurement Requirements for High Energy Laser Testing
Matthew Krizo, Steven Fiorino, and Christopher Rice, AFIT Center for Directed Energy; Robb Randall, Army Research Lab

DE Modeling & Simulation Conference

M&S for Test Validation Session
Using the Laser Performance Code ANCHOR to Evaluate High Energy Lasers in Various Atmospheric Conditions
Joseph Collins, Keith Cohn, and Joe Blau, Naval Postgraduate School
HEL MD Fiber Laser Spot Sizes Compared to HELCOMES (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Theron Henderson, Dick Bradshaw, and Steven Renfrow, Scientic, Inc.; Brian Strickland, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command; and Jessie Hazen, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Uncertainty Quantification, Verification, and Validation Session 
An HEL Generalized Scaling Law Model
Sami Shakir, Tom Dolash, Alan Andrews, and Robin Ritter, Tau Technologies; Rick Berdine, Rich Carreras, Mark Spencer, Air Force Research Laboratory
Efficient Matrix Algorithm (EMA) Application to Optical Wave Propagation (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Sami Shakir, David Fried, Ed Pease, Terry Brennan, and Thomas Dolash, Tau Technologies
Physics, Atmospheric, and Weather Considerations Session 
A Weather Effects Metric for Beam Control Development and Design
Steven Fiorino, Kevin Keefer, Elizabeth Matchefts, Brannon Elmore, Nate Nash, and Michelle Via, Air Force Institute of Technology

Employment of DEW Conference

Session IV
Atmospheric Characterization of the Marine Base Layer for a Submarine Based High Energy Laser (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Daniel Martell, Keith Cohn, Joe Blau, and Paul Fredrickson, Naval Postgraduate School; and Conor Pogue, Digital Consulting Services

Non-Lethal DE Weapons Conference

Session IV
Solid-State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT) Program
Edward Robinson, US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
US Army Solid State ADT System Technologies
Ken Brown, Raytheon
Micro Tube Heat Exchangers for Advanced Thermal Management of Directed Energy Systems
Michael Meyer, International Mezzo Technologies
Compact Lightweight Modular Prime Power for Directed Energy Systems (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Eric Sandoz, Toyon Research Corporation

RF DE Weapons Workshop

Session III
Microwave Electronic Air Defense (MEAD)
Donald Streater, Air Force Research Laboratory

Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review

High Energy Lasers Session
Power and Energy Storage Requirements for Integration of Solid State Lasers on Naval Platforms (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Joshua Valiani, Joe Blau, and Keith Cohn, Naval Postgraduate School; Conor Pogue, Digital Consulting Services
Solid State and Diode Lasers Session 
Eye-Safe Laser System for LIDAR Applications (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Graham Allen, Jay Dawson, and Paul Pax, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Alex Golovitser, Bill Hendry, Derek Hendry, Mario Palombo, Katherine Palombo, and Robert Stultz, Raytheon Company

Limited Distribution D Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of the DoD and its contractors.

Beam Control Conference

Laser Program
Beam Control System Study to Support Indirect Fires Protection Capability Analysis of Alternatives Requirements (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Chuck LaMar, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command; and Don Link, AOSims
Deep Turbulence / BC Algorithms 
Adaptive Optics Considerations with Extended Rough Targets through Strong Atmospheric Turbulence (Paper also available)
Michael Steinbock, Air Force Institute of Technology
Turbulence Measurements / Characterization 
NWP-Based Spatiotemporal Estimation of Atmospheric Turbulence in a Near-Surface Horizontal Test Channel at NSWC-DD
Eric Hallenborg, Kevin McBryde, and Stephen Hammel, SPAWAR Systems Center
Tiled & Phased Array Session 
Determination of Near Optimum Illuminator Positions for Multi-Aperture and Multi-Illuminator Coherent Imaging Systems Using Non-Iterative Phasing Techniques (Paper also available) EXPORT CONTROLLED
Jeffrey Kraczek, Paul McManamon, and Edward Watson, University of Dayton

DE Modeling & Simulation Conference

End-to-End Modeling Session
Combining Multiple Models and Simulation Tools for Virtual Prototyping of HEL Weapon Systems (Paper also available) EXPORT CONTROLLED
Gail Erten, J.Grayer, D.Sitter, and G.E.Anderson, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Physics, Atmospheric, and Weather Considerations Session 
Aero-Optics Compensation Modeling in SHaRE (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
David Goorskey, Amy Ngwele, Jason Schmidt, and Matthew Whiteley, MZA Associates Corporation
LightLike: A New Tool for Wave Optics Modeling of Advanced Optical Systems
Steve Coy, TimeLike Systems
Engagement, Mission, and Campaign Assessments Session 
DoD Efforts in HEL Propagation: A Study of HEL Simulation Programs and the Need for Further Experiments (Paper also available) EXPORT CONTROLLED
Joseph Fiordilino, University of Pittsburgh; Subrata Sanyal, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Employment of DEW Conference

Session II
Implications of Combat Systems Engineering for High Energy Laser Weapons System Development
Douglas Nelson, Robert Harney, and Mark Stevens, Naval Postgraduate School

HEL Lethality Conference

Test Facilities, Instrumentation, Diagnostics and Techniques Session
Dynamic Engagement Diagnostic (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Charles LaMar, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Tim Patterson, Radiance Technologies
HEL Beam Diagnostic Results Using Thermal Plates (EXPORT CONTROLLED)
Charles LaMar, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Richard Lee, Leidos; Tim Patterson, Radiance Technologies; and Nahim Flores, HELSTF

Classified Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to US citizens who hold a secret or higher security clearance.

DE Modeling & Simulation Conference

Engagement, Mission, and Campaign Assessments Session
Adding Advanced Technology Capabilities into Campaign Modeling & Simulation
ACE 15 Overview
Extended Airborne Target Engagement Range of Future AAMs Using LADAR Updates

RF DE Weapons Workshop

Session I
Maritime HPRF Source Optimization
Session III 
Payload Military Utility Analysis

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