Event Proceedings
2014 DE Systems Symposium

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2014 Directed Energy Systems Symposium.
These, and other DEPS event proceedings, are available through the DEPS online store.

Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution and classified presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.

Symposium Joint Sessions

Employment and M&S Conference Session
Modeling Methodologies and Advancement for HEL-FAD Analysis
Eric Magee, Matthew Whiteley, and Amy Ngwele, MZA Associates Corporation
Computational Thermal Model of Laser Penetration through Layered Materials (Paper also included)
Gunnar Tamm, Jay Trexler, and John Evangelista, U.S.Military Academy
Computational Thermal Model for the Loss of Mass due to Absorption of Laser Energy (Paper also included)
Kyle Okular, Clifford Crofford, Gunnar Tamm, and John Evangelista, U.S.Military Academy
High Energy Laser Effects on Elevated Multilayer Surfaces
Chris Wink and Yasnowski, U.S.Military Academy
Effects of Rotation and Conductor-Doped Surface Coatings on the Heat Dissipation of Steel
Ian De Mallie, Steven Vollmer, Frank Arnold, Louis Florence, and David Kashinski, U.S.Military Academy

Wrap Up Plenary Session
Counter DE Weapons Conference
Robert Cozzens, HEL Joint Technology Office
Beam Control Conference
Chris Washer, Schafer
DE Modeling and Simulation Conference
Andy Motes, Schafer
DE Test and Evaluation Conference
Patrick Cannon, AEgis Technologies

Beam Control Conference

Beam Control Systems, Experiments, and Demonstrations
Design of Deformable Mirrors for Non-Kolmogorov Aberration Compensation
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation
NPS High Energy Laser Beam Control Research Testbed
Lew DeSandre, B.Agrawal, and Jae Jun Kim, Naval Postgraduate School
NPS SE High Energy Laser Cavalry Autonomous Vehicle (HELCAV)
Douglas Nelson and Nicole Ramos, Naval Postgraduate School

Characterization and Compensation Session
Evaluation of Atmospheric Refractive Index Gradient Variability from Time-Lapse Imaging
Jack McCrae, Zach Pollock, Santasri Basu, and Steven T.Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology
NPS SE Atmospheric Optical Turbulence Characterization at Lazer Bay (San Nicolas Island)
Seth Bourn and Doug Nelson, Naval Postgraduate School
Characterization of Horizontal Laser Propagation at the Limor Site at the HELSTF (Paper also included)
Jessie Hazen and Daniel Whitley, UAH Systems Management and Production Center; Amanda Black and Edward Montgomery, US SMDC; Justin Mansell and Brian Henderson, MZA Associates; and John Rakoczyd, NASA EV-41
Wavefront Compensation using a Hotspot Beacon
Robert Praus, Barry Foucault, Keith Beardmore, and Don Link, MZA Associates Corporation
Classification of Aerosol Types using Field Deployable Ultraviolet LIDAR and Atmospheric Models
Jack McCrae, Christopher Rice, Kevin Keefer, Samuel Wamsley, Michelle Via, and Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology

Phased Arrays Session
Factors Affecting Coherent Synthetic-Aperture Lidar System Performance
Eric Magee, Jason Schmidt, and Jeffrey Widiker, MZA Associates Corporation; and David J.Rabb, Air Force Research Laboratory

Models and Components Session
Experimental Evaluation of Radiation Distribution in Fiber Laser Array with Internal Phase Locking (Paper only)
Leonid Beresnev, Jacob Denkins, Jony J.Liu, Gary Carhart, and John McElhenny, U.S.Army Research Laboratory
Membrane-Based Deformable Mirrors for High-Power Laser Systems
Jesse Jameson, Justin Mansell, and Jake Thordahl, MZA Associates Corporation
Hyperspectral Imagery for HEL Kill Assessment
Glen Perram, Kevin Gross, Michael Marciniak, Jack McCrae, and Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology

Aero-Optics/Aero-Effects Session
Deformable Mirror Requirements for Compensating Aero-Optic Wavefronts in Subsonic and Transonic Conditions
Jason Schmidt, Matthew Whiteley, and Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation

Acquisition, Pointing and Tracking Session
Mitigation of Illuminator Scintillation in Laser Illuminated Tracking Systems (Paper also included)
David Dayton and Rudolph Nolasco, Applied Technology Associates; and James Lasché and Mary Lou Robinson, Air Force Research Laboratory
Target Rotation and Aimpoint Correction using Enhanced Reconstruction (TRACER)
Eric Magee, Joe Riley, Yakov Diskin, and Kevin Jackovitz, MZA Associates Corporation
Summary of Efforts to Improve Tracking Reliability on AFIT Active Pointer/Tracker (AAPT) Performance for AAOL Flights
Jack McCrae, Matthew Krizo, Steven Fiorino, and Riley Hampton, Air Force Institute of Technology

Counter DEW Conference

Hardened Materials and Structures Sessions
Measurement of Carbon-Fiber Epoxy-Matrix Laminate Recession Rates in High-Irradiance Laser Exposures at 1070 nm
Craig Walters, Lawrence Childers, Daniel Seibert, Jonathan Vernon, Mark Forte, and Anthony Cain, Air Force Research Laboratory
New Broadband Nonlinear Optical Dyes for Laser Damage Protection in Various Pulse Width Regimes
Timothy Pritchett, Army Research Laboratory

DE M&S Conference

Physics Based Modeling and Simulation Session
Comparison of Wave Optics and a High-Fidelity Scaling Law Code and Implications for Field Test/Demos
Jack McCrae, Noah Van Zandt, Steven Fiorino, Megan Burton, Robert Lloyd, Joel Davis, Brannon Elmore, and Kevin Keefer, AFIT

Employment of DE Weapons Conference

Operational Integration Session
Recent High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) Data Collection Results
Kip Kendrick, USA SMDC
Improvised Microwave System (Paper also included)
Gunnar Tamm, Isaac Larue, Austin Bowman, Andrew Carlson, and Brodie Hoyer, U.S.Military Academy; Harry L.Moore, Jr, Preston Haney, and Dan R.Smith, Picatinny Arsenal; and Jason E.Lippe, SciTech Services, Inc.

DE System Support and Employment Policy Session
Space Deconfliction Readiness for "Pivot to the Pacific" Laser Weapons
Heather Witts, Steve Gabriel, Charles Hulme, and Douglas Kohlhepp, SERCO, Inc; and Melissa Olson, NSWC
The Impact of Centralized Deconfliction Satellite Safety Solutions on Laser Weapon Combat Effectiveness
Jerry Bukley, Boeing Directed Energy Systems; and Heather Witts, Steve Gabriel, Charles Hulme, and Douglas Kohlhepp, SERCO, Inc.
Distance Support High Energy Laser (DSHEL)
Matthew Sheehan, Socrates Frangis, Bridget Grajeda, Brian Meadows, Virginia Shields, and Darron Baida, Naval Postgraduate School

HEL Lethality Conference

Material Interaction / High Fidelity Modeling Session
Penetration Analysis of Experimental Data with Analytical Methods
Mike Libeau, Naval Surface Warfare Center

RF DEW Workshop

RFDEW Session
Survey of Available MIL STD 464C Test Sources
Jeff Schleher, American Systems; and J.Mark DelGrande, TechFlow

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