Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2010 DE Systems Symposium

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2010 Directed Energy Systems Symposium.
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Limited Distribution C Proceedings
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Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Decentralized Predictive Avoidance/Deconfliction
High Energy Laser Tactical Decision Aid (HELTDA) for Predictive Avoidance
Dr Steven Fiorino

Symposium Poster Session
Optical Laser Cross Section Measurements of a GaAs Solar Panel at 1.06 Microns
Michael Dexter, AFRl/RDLE
Explosive Driven Ferroelectric Pulse Generators in Cylindrical Geometry
Spencer Rendall, Radiance Technologies
Compact Explosive Driven Pulsed RF Using Vector Inversion Generators as Both Power Conditioning and RF Source
Zachary Roberts, Radiance Technologies

Beam Control Conference Proceedings

Adaptive Optics
Phase Diversity & Curvature Wavefront Sensor Adaptive Optics Test-Bed for Laboratory Experimentation
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates
Adaptive Optics Enhancement of HEL Testing
Allan Wirth, Northrop Grumman

Aero-Optic Effects
Time-Resolved Schlieren for Aero-Optic Measurements
Donald Wittich, AFRL/RDSEW

Directed Energy Systems
Multiple Beam Alignment Diagnostic for the Navy’s "Laser Weapon System" (LaWS)
Jake Sames, Penn State

Phased Array Projection
An Improved Beam Director for the DARPA Adaptive Photonic Phase-Locked Elements (APPLE) System
Andrew McKie, Raytheon
A Spreadsheet Model of Phased Array System Weight, Volume, and Performance with Mission Examples
Kevin Probst, The CORE Group

Phased Array Sensors
Heterodyne Imaging and Wavefront Sensing
Dan Marker, AFRL/RDSE

Space Based Beam Control
New Techniques for the Live Update of Gain Tables in NGS and LGS WFS Operation (Paper only)
Michael Oliker, SAIC
Experimental Demonstration of Real Time Gradient Gain Correction for Sodium Beacon Laser Guide Star
Katia Shtyrkova, AFRL/RDS

Pointing and Tracking
TASAT Signature Model Validation for SSA
David Medina, AFRL/RDLEA
Improved Jitter Control Using a Globalized Control Approach for Laser Relay Systems (Paper also included)
Leslie Chrzan, CSA Engineering
LOS Stabilization: Predictive Feed Forward Controller Field Test
Dan Herrick, AFRL

Ghosts: A Potential Source of Damage in Optical Systems
Jeremiah Montoya, Ball Aerospace

DE Effects Mitigation Conference Proceedings

DE Effects Mitigation - Tactical
Optical Cross Section Reduction Techniques
Jay Sonstroem, USA RDECOM

Directed Energy Modeling & Simulation Conference Proceedings

DE Sources/Device Modeling and Simulation
Modeling Aberrated Unstable Resonators
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates
Analysis and Comparison of Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Nd:YAG Optical Properties
Ryan Springer, Naval Air Systems Command

Weapon/Target Engagement Modeling
An HPM Engagement Design Process
James Rowley, SAIC and Dustin Culbertson, AFRL/RDTA

Employment of DE Weapons Conference Proceedings

Counter RAM
Systems Analysis of Joint High Powered Solid State Laser
Matt Krause, USMA
Value Modeling to Score Alternative System Designs for Forward Operating Base Defense (Paper only)
Matt Krause, USMA
High Energy Laser as an Army Defense Against Rockets, Artillery, and/or Mortars (Paper also included)
Joshua Maurmeier, USMA
Finite Element Thermal Model for a Mortar Targeted by a High Energy Laser (Paper also included)
Stephen Wathen, USMA
Federated Simulation Modeling (Paper also included)
Matt Krause, USMA

Target Discrimination with a Laser Interrogation (Paper also included)
Dhruvkumar Desai, Walter Cole, John DeLong, Walter Zacherl, USM
Advanced Tactical Laser Collateral Effects Analysis (Paper also included)
Daniel Emmons Allan Nagy, Jason Wyche, Justin Zohner, Robert Thomas, AFRL 711 HPW/RHDO

Effects Mitigation
Exposure to Backscatter Laser Radiation
Edward Early, TASC

T&E Considerations
Collaborative Technology and Dynamic Air Traffic Management Expands Laser Test Operations Envelope (Paper also included)
James Torres, Southern Aerospace Corp

Limited Distribution D Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of the DoD and its contractors.

Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Opening Plenary
DDR&E / Research - Perspective on Directed Energy
Dr. Lawrence Grimes, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Office of Defense Research and Engineering

Beam Control Conference Proceedings

Adaptive Optics
Branch Points in Deep Turbulence and its Relevance to Adaptive Optics
Darryl Sanchez, AFRL/RDS

Advanced Adaptive Optics
Experimental Results Demonstrating MEMS Performance in Deep Turbulence (Paper only)
Julie Smith, AFRL/RDS

Aero-Optic Effects
Feed-Forward Adaptive Optical Mitigation of Aero-Optics Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spark Beacon and Flow-Control
David Goorskey, MZA Assoiciates

Directed Energy Systems
Capabilities of HEL Beam Control Systems Against Maneuvering Targets
Travis Taylor, USA SMDC

DE Demonstration Programs
Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Generation DE Beam Control Architecture
Kenneth Billman, A. Christian, J. Brady, D. Campbell, d. correia, J. Green, M. Johnson, L. Lee, J. Perlin, Pl. Shattuck, Lockheed Martin and R. Blankinship, CSA Engineering and R. Holmes, Nutronics, Inc.

Wavefront Sensor System Study
Russ Vernon, MZA Associates
Enhancing the Survivability of HEL-Transmitting Oxyfluoride Glass (OFGTM) when Operating in Harsh DE Environments
Ken Billman, Lockheed Martin

Free-Space Quantum Communication
Free-Space Quantum Key Distribution with Multilevel Encoding via Spatial Modes of the Optical Field
Mark Grueinsen, AFRL/RDSE

DE Effects Mitigation Conference Proceedings

DE Effects Mitigation - Tactical
Intrinsic Hardening of MWIR Focal Plane Arrays
Paul Fleitz, Shekhar Guha Leo Gonzalez, AFRL/RXPJ and Jacob Barnes, Derek Upchurch, General Dynamics IT

Employment of DE Weapons Conference Proceedings

Counter RAM
Aircraft Avoidance Considerations for HEL CRAM Engagements
Phil Maki, Maki Engineering

Airborne Active Denial Weapon Concept of Operations and Modeling and Simulation
Lauren Viscito, Donald Streater, AFRL/RD

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