Event Proceedings
2009 DE Systems Symposium

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2009 Directed Energy Systems Symposium.
These, and other DEPS event proceedings, are available through the DEPS online store.

Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution and classified presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.

Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Opening Plenary
Call to Order and Introduction
Dr. Thomas Meyer and MG Jack Catton, USAF (ret.)

Symposium Poster Session
High Energy Laser Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Capibility
Mike Bertin, SAIC
Radar Observations of Turbulence Using MST and FMCW Radar
Frank Eaton, AFRL/RDSE
Study of Laser Interaction on Thin Targets
Robert Yamamoto, LLNL

Beam Control Conference Proceedings

Reference Beam Free Phase Locking of High Power Fiber Amplifier Arrays
Thomas Shay, AFRL/RDLA
Fine Beam Steering Simulation using 19- and 37-Element, Tiled-Aperture Fiber Laser Arrays (Paper only)
Andy Motes, AFRL/RVSS

Atmospheric Compensation via Separate Return Path Remote Phase Locking
Benjamin Pulford, AFRL/RDLA

DE Modeling and Simulation Conference Proceedings

Atmospheric Propagation Effects Modeling and Simulation
Estimates of Near Infrared Atmospheric Window Absorption
Michael Thomas, Johns Hopkins University

Beam Combination and Database Modeling and Simulation
Modeling and Simulation of a 19-Element, Tiled-Aperture Fiber Laser Array
Raymond Motes, AFRL/RVS

Directed Energy Weapon Device Modeling and Simulation - High Power Microwave
Small Scale Pulsed System for Autonomous Vehicles
Steven Griffin, University of Memphis

Employment of DE Weapons Conference Proceedings

Airborne Systems
Safe Employment of DEW in the Air Force (Paper also included)
Kenneth Pascoe, AFSC/SEWN

System Acquisition
Closed-Form Solution of Partially-Coherent and Multi-Aperture Beam Source Propagation through Atmospheric Distortion
D.H. Tiszauer, Lockheed Martin
Is It Worth It? Defense Procurement Impacts at the Sub-State Level
Nicole Myers, USMA

Ground Based Systems
Thermal Modeling of High Energy Lasers Using Dynamic Simulation with a Finite Element Analysis (Paper also included)
Christopher Larson, USMA
High Energy Laser Characteristics' Impact on Neutralization of an Incoming 82 mm Mortar
Dan Gluzko, USMA

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