2009 Systems Symposium

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Classified, Distribution C Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of US Government and its contractors who hold a secret or higher security clearance.

HEL Lethality Conference Proceedings

Test Facilities, Instrumentation, Diagnostics and Techniques
Ghosting and Other Anomalies Observed in Near IR Camera Beam Diagnostics (Paper only)

Component Response
Susceptibility of a Quadrifilar Helical Antenna to 1.07 Micron Laser Irradiation (Paper only)

Material Interactions
Change in the Absorption of Laser Radiation Due to Paint Content (Paper only)

Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Symposium Poster Session
Data Summary: High Energy Laser Lethality Testing on Thermal Protection Materials (Paper only)

Closing Plenary Session
DE Effects Mitigation

Classified, Distribution D Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of the DoD and its contractors who hold a secret or higher security clearance.

DE Effects Mitigation Conference Proceedings

Mitigating Laser Effects
Battlefield Laser Effects and Tactical Mitigation Strategies

DE Modeling & Simulation Conference Proceedings

Directed Energy Weapon Device Modeling and Simulation - Lasers
A COIL Improvement Model for Technology Insertion and Trade-Off Studies

HEL Lethality Conference Proceedings

System Engineering Modeling and Analysis
Drift Analysis (Paper only)
Selection, Development, and Validation of the Progressive Damage Based High Fidelity Modeling Methodology for Laser-Target Interations (Paper only)

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