Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2009 DE Systems Symposium

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2009 Directed Energy Systems Symposium.
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Limited Distribution C Proceedings
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Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Opening Plenary
High Energy Laser Weapons: Progress on the Horizon
Mr. Mark Neice, Director, High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office

M&S and Lethality Joint Session
Joint Service Target Data Standardization Group (JSTDSG) Overview and Review and Approval Process Team (RAPT) Process
Scott Howes, NAWCWD China Lake
Creation of an Integratable Laser Lethality Model
John Montefusco, SAIC

Symposium Joint Session
Test and Validation of Laser Close In Weapon System (CIWS) Testbed
Mr. Dan McMaster, Raytheon
AFRL/RD Technologies for Counter-UAS Applications
Mr. Nick Tarasenko, AFRL/RDTA

M&S and Beam Control Joint Session
DE2AC Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center
Richard Damron, AFRL/RDTA

Symposium Poster Session
Slow Light Applications Using a Hot Alkali Vapor
Monte Anderson, AFIT
Fundamental Challenges for Beam Phasing at a Target
Jeffery Barchers, Nutronics
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capibility
Mike Bertin, SAIC
Optical Turbulence Sensitivity Study for Laser Communications
Jannette Cohen, AFIT
Restoration of Scene Information Reflected from Non-Specular Media
Mark Hoelscher, AFIT
The Phased Array Beam Control Toolbox
Dan Marker, AFRL/RDS
Long Term Goals for Phased Array of Phased Arrays, PAPA, Technology
Paul McManamon, Exciting Technology
Trade Studies of Phased Array Laser Concepts for Tactical Aircraft Applications
Doug Rigdon, Schafer
Temperature-Dependent Material Scatterometer System (TMASS)
Kevin Teele, Ball Aerospace

Beam Control Conference Proceedings

Phased Arrays
Meeting the Premise and Promise of Phased Array Laser Systems
Jeffrey Barchers, Nutronics
Coherent Beam Combining with the Interferometric Phased Array Laser System (IPALS)
Troy Rhoadarmer, SAIC
HiPAT: (Hi-Power Phased Array Transceiver) tx/rx Sub-Aperture Sharing
Jim Rotge, Boeing
Improved Mission Effectiveness of HEL Systems With Phased Array Beam Control
Kevin Probst, CORE
Trade Studies of Phased Array Laser Concepts for Tactical Aircraft Applications
Doug Rigdon, Schafer

Laboratory Tests of Adaptive Control for Aero-Optics Compensation
Matt Whiteley, MZA

Aero-Optics Beam Control
Multi-Grid Approach for Predictive Wavefront Estimation
Jeff Barchers, Nutronics
Aero-Optics Wavefront Measurements from an Air-Breakdown Beacon
Matt Whiteley, MZA

Laboratory Investigation of Compensation and Beacon Anisoplanatism in Strong Scintillation
Troy Rhoadarmer, SAIC
The Potential of Tomography to Address the Deep Turbulence Challenge
Jeffrey Barchers, Nutronics Inc.

DE Modeling & Simulation Conference Proceedings

Atmospheric Propagation Effects Modeling and Simulation
Broad Spectrum, Three-Dimensional Optical Turbulence Assessments from Doppler Weather Radar
Jannette Cohen, AFIT/ENP

Beam Combination and Database Modeling and Simulation
Performance Model of Laser Weapon Systems Comprised of Multiple Tiled Subapertures - Status
Richard Bartell, AFIT/ENP
Covariance Based Performance Analysis
Jeff Barchers, Nutronics, Inc.

Employment of DE Weapons Conference Proceedings

Airborne Systems
FLWS on a NGF: Feasibility Analysis
Steve Doerr, AFRL/DRTA
Sensor Optimization for Remote Laser Tagging, Tracking, and Locating Operations (Paper also included)
Jennifer Kaiser, AFRL

HPM and Seaborne Systems
The Complementry Nature of Active Denial System and Kinetic Weapons
Diana Loree, AFRL/RDHA

Ground Based Systems
Raytheon Laser Centurion Demonstrator: Progress Developing of a Capabilities Based Near Term HEL Counter Mortar Weapon
James Horkovich, Raytheon

Limited Distribution D Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of the DoD and its contractors.

Symposium Joint Session Proceedings

Opening Plenary
Directed Energy and Defense Science & Technology
The Honorable Alan R. Shaffer, Principal Deputy, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Office of Defense Research and Engineering, Plans and Programs

M&S and Lethality Joint Session
Joint Efforts on Lethality Modeling & Simulation
Elizabeth Nayder, AFRL/RDTA

M&S and Beam Control Joint Session
Active Characterization Science Team Research Progress
David Medina, AFRL/RD
ATL Turret Aerodynamics
Allan Ullman, Boeing
Analysis of Speckle in Adaptive Optics Systems: Application to ABL LPSI Flight Data
Terry Brennan, the Optical Sciences Co

Symposium Poster Session
Active Contour Track Field Demonstration
James Lasche, AFRL/RDSE

Closing Plenary
Directed Energy Modeling & Simulation

Beam Control Conference Proceedings

OPC Long Burn Deformable Mirror
Marc Jacoby, OPC

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