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2014 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2014 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Technical Summaries
Design Approaches for Several Low-Cost High-Power Diffraction-Limited Lasers at Near Infrared
Santanu Basu, Sparkle Optics Corporation
Evaluation of Power Scaling in 2-µm Fiber MOPA Architectures for Mid-Infrared Optical Parametric Oscillator Pumping
Joshua Bradford, Alex Sincore, Robert Ryan, Pankaj Kadwani, Christian Gaida, Lawrence Shah, Martin Richardson, The Townes Laser Institute, CREOL
Narrow Line Diode Laser Stacks for DPAL Pumping
Joseph Braker, Tobias Koenning, David Irwin, Dean Stapleton, Tina Guiney, and Steve Patterson, DILAS Diode Laser Inc
Scalable and Modular Diode Laser Architecture for Fiber Coupling that Combines High Power, High Brightness and Low Weight
Joseph Braker, Andreas Bayer, Bernd Köhler, Axel Noeske, Matthias Küster, David Irwin, Steve Patterson, Jens Biesenbach, DILAS Diode Laser Inc.
High-Power, High-Brightness Diode Laser Technology for Pumping Applications in Mass Production
G.Charache, S.Heinemann, H.An, V.Negoita, T.Vethake, R.Roff, J.Jiang, T.Barnowski, C.Miester, U.Bonna, and G.Treusch, TRUMPF Photonics Inc
Super-High Efficiency Fiber-Coupled Sources (SHEFS): Breaking the 50% Ex-Fiber Power Conversion Efficiency Barrier
K.Chin, Somerville Laser Technology; J.Manni, JGM Associates, Inc.; J.Levy, M.Burkhalter, and R.Feeler, Northrop-Grumman, Cutting Edge Optronics; R.H.Chin, A.Nelson, M.Dogan, H.Eppich, G.Campbell, and J.Jacob, Science Research Laboratory, Inc; S.Ellison, Advanced Research Corporation; R.Bertaska, New England Analytical; and J.Fryer, Micro-Cooling Concepts, Inc.
Coherent Semiconductor Laser Array
Christopher Corcoran, Frederic Durville, Corcoran Engineering, Inc.
High-Power, High-Brightness Diode Pump
Christopher Corcoran, Frederic Durville, Corcoran Engineering, Inc.
Thin-Format, Scalable, High-Performance Microchannel Coolers for High-Power Laser Diodes
Henry Eppich, Geoffrey O. Campbell, Science Research Laboratory
High-Power, Large-Core Ytterbium-Doped Photonic Bandgap Fiber Laser
Guancheng Gu, Fanting Kong, Thomas Hawkins, Joshua Parsons, Maxwell Jones, Christopher Dunn, Monica T.Kalichevsky-Dong, Kunimasa Saitoh, and Liang Dong, Clemson University
Industrial Thin-Disk Laser: Current Status and Recent Developments
Jim Hurley, TRUMPF Laser Technology Center
Study of Beam-Combining Techniques for VECSELs or Fiber Lasers Using VBGs
Tim Newell, Andy Lu, Air Force Research Laboratory /Directed Energy Directorate

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