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2013 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2013 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Feasibility of High-Energy Lasers Onboard United States Marine Corps (USMC) Helicopters
Miguel Alvarez, United States Marine Corps
A Dynamical Description of High Power Phased Laser Arrays and Biological Neural Assemblies or other Interconnected Systems in Physics, Biology and Society
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory
Comparison of the Effect of Kerr and Gain Non-Linear Phase on Passive Phase Locking of Fiber Amplifier Arrays
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory
"Near Diffraction Limit Coherent Addition of Broad-Area Laser Diode Array
Bo Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Anti-Reflective Surface Structures for High Energy Laser Applications
Lynda Busse, Naval Research Laboratory
Coherent Combination of Watt-Class Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Kevin Creedon, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Quasi-Analytical Solution for Mode Instability Thresholds
Liang Dong, Clemson University
Ultra High Brightness Laser Diode Modules around 1.5 µm for Highly Efficient Resonant Pumping
Haro Fritsche, Technische Universitšt von Berlin
Mode-Dependent Losses in 50micron Core Leakage Channel Fibers
Guancheng Gu, Clemson University
Power Scaling of Resonantly Pumped Holmium-Doped Fiber Lasers
Alexander Hemming, Defence Science, and Technology Organisation
1.2 kW 1,030 nm High Brightness, Narrow Line-Width Yb-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Ye Huang, Nufern
High Power Planar Waveguide Laser for the Raytheon RELI Program
David Mordaunt, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
High Spectral and Spatial Brightness Diode Laser Pump Sources for Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers and Fiber Laser Pumping Applications
Rajiv Pandey, DILAS Diode Laser Inc
Pointing and Jitter Control for the United States Naval Academy Multi-Beam Combining System
Zachary Patrick, United States Naval Academy
Development of Single Mode Crystalline Core Double Clad Fibers
L.B. Shaw, Naval Research Laboratory

Exhibit Booth Corporate Descriptions
3SP Group
Avo Photonics, Inc.
IPG Photonics
Optigrate Corp
PowerPhotonics, Inc.
RPMC Lasers

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