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2011 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2011 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Diode Lasers
High-Power, High-Efficiency Cryogenic Diode Laser Stacks for Solid State Lasers
Jason Brasseur, Richard Hampton, Akheelesh Abeeluck, Marco Ortiz, Kevin Shortoff, David Neumann, Directed Energy Solutions
25-W Single Laser Diode for Cesium Vapor Pumping
Leonid Glebov, George Venus, Vasil Rotar, Ivan Divliansky, University of Central Florida, CREOL and Boris Zhdanov, US Air Force Academy
Wavelength-Beam-Combining of Quantum-Cascade-Laser Arrays
Anish Goyal, Melissa Spencer, Oleg Shatrovoy, Antonio Sanchez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Stefan Menzel, Benjamin Lee, Laurent Diehl, Christian Pflügl, Federico Capasso, Harvard University
High Brightness Optically Pumped Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Lasers
Heather Greatting, A.P.Ongstad, C.Yang, R.Kaspi, M.L.Tilton, G.C.Dente, J.C.Chavez, D.M.Gianardi, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAS
Extremely High Brightness, kW-Class Fiber Coupled Diode Lasers with Wavelength Stabilization
Robin Huang, Bien Chann, John Glenn, TeraDiode, Inc
8xx nm Laser Diode Arrays for High-Temperature and High-Power QCW Applications
Jeremy Junghans, Joseph Levy, Steve Bonham, Ryan Feeler, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
High-Brightness, Narrow-Linewidth 1532.5 nm Laser Diode Modules For In-Band Pumping of Er:YAG
Paul Leisher, Charles Hamilton, Geoff Fanning, Jake Bell, Weimin Dong, Shiguo Zhang, Mike Grimshaw, Mark DeVito, Jay Small, Mitchell Reynolds, Aaron Brown, Kevin Bruce, Keith Kennedy, Rob Martinsen, Jim Haden, nLight Corporation
Cryogenic Kilowatt Diode Pumps for Cryogenic Yb:YAG Disk Lasers
Kurt J. Linden, William R. Neal, Spire Corporation, Ryan Feeler, Jeremy Junghans, Joseph Levy, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics, and Sean Ross, Air Force Research Laboratory
A 13-kW Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser at 938 nm for Solid State Laser Pump Applications
David Matthews, Klaus Kleine, Silke Pflueger, Volker Krause, Arnd Koesters, Daniel Duennwald, Laserline Inc
High-Temperature Continuous Wave Interband Cascade Lasers Spanning the 3-5 µm Band
Jerry Meyer, Chadwick L. Canedy, Igor Vurgaftman, William W. Bewley, Chul Soo Kim, Mijin Kim, Charles D. Merritt, Joshua Abell, Naval Research Laboratory
An Overview of Diode Lasers for Defense Applications
Rajiv Pandey, Tobias Koenning, Kim Alegria, Dave Merchen, Steve Patterson, Paul Wolf, Bernd Kohler, Jens Biesenbach, DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
GaSb-Based Diode Lasers Emitting from 1.9 to 3.4 µm
L. Shterengas, G. Belenky, G. Kipshidze, T. Hosoda, R. Liang, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and D. Westerfeld, Power Photonic Corporation

Fiber Beam Combination
Nonlinear Passive Phasing of Very Large High-Power Fiber Amplifier Arrays
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAF
Chirp-Precompensated Spectral Beam Combining
Eric Cheung, James G. Ho, Tim McComb, Stephen Palese, Northrop Grumman
Coherent Laser Combination and Phase Locking of High-Power Fiber Lasers Using a Self-Fourier Cavity
Frederic Durville, Christopher J. Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering Inc, and James Porter, Raytheon Missile Systems
Spectral and Coherent Combining of Fiber Lasers by Volume Bragg Gratings
Leonid Glebov, University of Central Florida, CREOL
Regenerative Feedback Opens the Scaling Bottleneck of Passive Fiber Laser Arrays
Will Ray, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Frederic Durville, Christopher J. Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering Inc
High-Power Spectral Beam Combination of Thulium:fiber MOPAs
Lawrence Shah, R. Andrew Sims, Christina C.C. Willis, Pankaj Kadwani, Joshua D. Bradford, Martin Richardson, University of Central Florida
A 7x1 All-Fiber Coherent Beam Combiner
Sami Shakir, Yuji Starcher, TASC Inc., and Anthony Sanchez, AFRL
Coherent Combining of High Power Yb Fiber Amplifiers
Charles Yu, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Fiber Lasers
Instability Due to Optical Nonlinearity in Passively Phased High-Power Fiber Amplifier Arrays
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAF, Adrián Jacobo, Pere Colet, Campus Universitat de les Illes Balears, Sami A. Shakir, Yuji Starcher, TASC, Inc., Alejandro B. Aceves, Southern Methodist University, Ralf Deiterding, Yehuda Braiman, Casey Miller, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Charley Rhodes, Libration Systems Management
Ribbon Fiber Geometry for Power Scaling in Continuous Wave Fiber Lasers
Jay Dawson, Amber Bullington, John Heebner, Michael Messerly, Paul Pax, Arun Sridharan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Benjamin Ward, Chad Carlson, Laser and Optics Research Center
Experimental Investigation of Intracavity Fiber Array Beam Combining
Sergey Dimakov, S&IC Vavilov State Optical Institute
Single Mode, High Power, Narrow Line-width Fiber Amplifiers
John Edgecumbe, Nufern
kW-Level Exploration of Single-Frequency, Single-Transverse Mode and Robust Polarization Yb-Doped CCC Fiber MOPA
Almantas Galvanauskas, Cheng Zhu, I-Ning Hu, Xiuquan Ma, University of Michigan
Pulsed Blue Laser Source Based on a Frequency Quadrupled Tm Fiber Laser
Eric Honea, Tolga Yilmaz, Matthias Savage-Leuchs, Roy Mead, Mark Bowers, Lockheed Martin Laser Systems
Spectral Beam Compression and Combination Using Fiber Laser Sources
Sean Moore, Daniel Soh, Kevin Schroder, Wen Hsu, Sandia National Laboratories
Experimental Studies of Segmented Acoustically Tailored Photonic Crystal Fiber
Craig Robin, Clint Zeringue, Iyad Dajani, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAF
Demonstration of the Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects by Counter-Pumping in Fiber Amplifiers
Sami Shakir, Yuji Starcher, TASC, Inc., Erik J. Bochove, AFRL Directed Energy Directorate, and Charley Rhodes, Libration Systems Management, Inc.

High Energy Systems
Comparison of Absolute Measurements of Laser Power Using Next-Generation NIST High-Power Radiometer and Air Force High-Power Calorimeter
Marla Dowell, Christopher Cromer, Xiaoyu Li, NIST Optoelectronics Division, John Bagford, Dan Seibert, John Eric, Wright-Patterson AFB, David Cooper, Steve Comisford, Ernie Cromwell, Bionetics, and John Brady, Richard Bowling, AFMETCAL
Spectral Beam Combining of Fiber Lasers for Directed Energy Applications
Eric Honea, Richard Humphreys, Michael Friend, Matthias Savage-Leuchs, Tolga Yilmaz, James McLamara, Donald Jander, Lockheed Martin Laser Systems
Four-Beam Combined Laser Using SBS-PCMs With the Wave-Front Dividing Scheme
Hong Jin Kong, Sangwoo Park, Seongwoo Cha, KAIST, and Milan Kalal, Czech Technical University
Raytheon Planar Waveguide Architecture for the RELI Program
David Mordaunt, David Filgas, Steven Hughes, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Study of Multi-Core Fiber Modes Using a Fast Mode Solver and Propagator
Andrew Motes, Richard Berdine, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Sami Shakir, TASC
Program Update on Electric Laser on a Large Aircraft (ELLA) Program
Sean Ross, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAS
Northrop Grumman Coherently Combined High-Power Fiber Laser for the RELI Program
Martin Wacks, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Measurement of Thermally Induced Wavefront Distortions Using a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor
Christina Willis, Joshua D. Bradford, Lawrence Shah, Martin Richardson, College of Optics, CREOL, UCF

Progress in Materials Development - Enabling Higher Performance Laser Sources
F. Kenneth Hopkins, Darnell E. Diggs, Air Force Research Laboratory
Doped Sesquioxides for High-Power Solid-State Laser Materials
Woohong (Rick) Kim, Guillermo Villalobos, Colin Baker, Jesse Frantz, Brandon Shaw, Jasbinder Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory, Optical Science Division, and Bryan Sadowski, Ishwar Aggarwal, Sotera Defense Solutions
Thin Disk Laser Updates: M&S Guided New Thermal Management Needs and Designs for High Brightness, CW Operation
L. A. (Vern) Schlie, Integral Laser Solutions, LL, and Hongbin (Bill) Ma, Douglas Smith, Vitaly Grusdev, University of Missouri
IR Nonlinear Absorption Leading to Laser-Induced Damage in Ge & GaSb
T.J.Wagner, L.P.Gonzalez, J.M.Murray, K.L.Schepler, S.Guha, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLA, and M.J.Bohn, R.A.Coutu, Jr, Air Force Institute of Technology
Polishing, Surface Quality, and Coatings for High Power Fibers
Chris Wood, Derrick Carpenter, Ove Lyngnes, Nick Traggis, Precision Photonics Corporation, and Scott Christensen, Imtiaz Majid, Nufern

Power and Thermal Management
Enhanced Lateral Flow Cooler for High-Power Laser Diode Bars
H.M.Eppich, G.O.Campbell, J.H.Jacob, M. Dogan, M.T.Knapczyk, K.D.Lang, R.H.Chin, Science Research Laboratory, Inc., J.M.Fryer, bMicro Cooling Concepts, Inc., and A.K.Chin, cSomerville Laser Technology
Compact High-Power Battery for Directed Energy Applications
Emilio Gomez, Y. Yvonne Chen, Saft America, Inc
Power and Thermal Management for Aircraft Directed Energy Weapons
Vipul Patel, Mike Koerner, Wayne Pearson, Honeywell International
Lab Simulation of Power and Thermal Management Systems (PTMS) for Megawatt Solid State Lasers on Aircraft
Fernando Rodriquez, Air Force Research Laboratory/RZPS
Significant Developments Relating to 2.5-MW Generator for Airborne DEW Systems
Jay Vaidya, Electrodynamics Associates, Inc., and Kevin Yost, Propulsion Directorate, AFR/PRPG

Solid State Lasers
Transition Metal-Doped Cd(1-x)Mn(x)Te for Tunable Mid-IR Applications
Mark Dubinskii, Tigran Sanamyan, Army Research Laboratory
Resonantly Pumped Performance of Er3+-Doped Double Tungstate Crystals
Viktor Fromzel, N. Ter-Gabrielyan, M. Dubinskii, US Army Research Laboratory, and M.D.Serrano, C.Cascales, C.Zaldo, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC
High-Wall-Plug-Efficiency, High-Power Green Laser with Diffraction-Limited Beam Quality
Dan Hu, Eric Eisenberg, Khush Brar, Shuming Yuan, Eric Honea, Lockheed Martin Aculight
Diode Pumped Ho3+:YVO4 Laser at 2.1-micron with Resonant Excitation
George Newburgh, Mark Dubinskii, Army Research Laboratory
Diode-Pumped Er3+:Y2O3 Ceramic Laser - Power Scaling at 2.7 µm
Tigran Sanamyan, M. Dubinskii, Army Research Laboratory

Exhibit Booth Corporate Descriptions
Avo Photonics, Inc.
Coherent Inc.
EM4, Inc.
High-Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
IPG Photonics
ITF Labs
Lasertel, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
OFS Laboratories
Ondax, Inc.
RPMC Lasers
Scientific Materials Corp
Textron Systems

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