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2010 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2010 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Technical Summaries
Beam Control
Diamond Raman Beam Combining and Cleanup
Matthew Bohn, Directed Energy Solutions
Coherent Beam Combination in Two-Dimensional Waveguides
Andrew Bratcher, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Coherent Laser Combination Using a Self-Fourier Cavity
Christopher Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering, Inc.
High-Reliability, High-Power Combiners for Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
Imtiaz Majid, Nufern
Coherently Combined High-Power Intelligent Semiconductor Emitters (COCHISE)
Shawn Redmond, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Coherent Polarization Beam Combination with Active Phase and Polarization Control
Radoslaw Uberna, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies

Diode Lasers
Diode Laser Stacks in the 100-J Range
Eckard Deichsel, JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH
Single Emitter Based High Brightness Diode Lasers with High Brightness and Narrow Linewidth
Stefan Heinemann, Fraunhofer USA, Center Laser Technology
High-Power VCSEL Pump Sources for Nd:YAG Lasers
Daniel Klemer, Aerius Photonics, LLC
Reliable Power Scaling of Diode Laser Modules Based on Arrays of Single Emitters
Paul Leisher, nLight Corporation
High-Power Optically Pumped Semicondictor Laser at 1040 nm
Jerome Moloney, University of Arizona
Record Pulsed Power Demonstration from a 2 micron GaSb-Based OPSL Grown Lattice-Mismatched on an AIAs/GaAs Bragg Mirror and Substrate
Jerome Moloney, University of Arizona
4-kW, 1mm (0.20-NA), Continuous Wave, Single-Wavelength, 9xx nm, Fiber-Coupled, Turn-Key Diode-Laser System
Rajiv Pandey, DILAS Diode Laser Inc.
Light Sources for High Brightness Pumping Applications
Rajiv Pathak, Coherent, Inc.
Wavelength-Stabilized Pump Sources from 20 to 2000 W
Kirk Price, nLIGHT Corporation
High-Brightness, Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers for Fiber Laser Pumping Enabled by Tailored Diode Laser Bars
S. David Roh, Coherent, Inc.
Advances in QCW and CW Laser Diode Arrays
David Schleuning, Coherent Inc.

Enabling Technologies
Cryogenically Cooled Diode Lasers
Matthew Bohn, Directed Energy Solutions
Analysis of the Power Quality Impact of Multiple Directed Energy Loads on an Electric Ship Power System
Angelo Gattozzi, University of Texas at Austin
Loop Heat Pipe Technology for Laser Cooling
Dmitry Khrustalev, ATK Space
Novel Technique for Laser Gain Media to Heat Sink Integration for Improved Thermal Management
Ove Lyngnes, Precision Photonics Corporation
Investigation of Interface Heat Transfer in Adhesive-Free Bond Laser Composites
Xiaodong Mu, Onyx Optics Inc.
Development of Active Heat Sink for High-Power Laser Diodes
John Vetrovec, Aqwest LLC
IBS Anti-Reflection Coatings for High-Power Fiber Laser Endcaps
Chris Wood, Precision Photonics Corporation

Fiber Lasers
kW-Class, Narrow-Linewidth Counter-Pumped Fiber Amplifiers
John Edgecumbe, Nufern
High Efficiency Coherent Combining of a 1.4-kW Fiber Laser
Gregory Goodno, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Effect of Co-Seeding of Broadband 1040-nm radiation with Narrowband 1064-nm Radiation on SBS Threshold
Leanne Henry, Air Force Research Laboratory
All-Fiber isolator in Undoped Silica Fiber
Chunte Lu, Air Force Research Laboratory/DED
Advanced Thulium:Fiber Laser Development
Martin Richardson, Townes Laser Institute, CREOL
Semi-Guiding High Aspect Ratio Core (SHARC) Fiber Laser
Vladimir Shkunov, Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems
Phase Coherence, Phase Noise and Phase Control in a High-Power Yb Fiber Amplifier
Charles Yu, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Power and Efficiency Scaling of Resonantly Cladding-Pumped Er-Doped LMA Fiber Laser
Jun Zhang, US Army Research Laboratory

Solid State Lasers
Heat-Fraction-Limited CW Yb:YAG Cryogenic Solid-State Laser with 100% Photo-Photon Efficiency
David Brown, Snake Creek Lasers, LLC
Thin Disk Laser Performance with Various Cooling Configurations
Tyler Carson, Air Force Research Laboratory/DED
Cryo-Cooled Er:YAG Laser Resonantly Pumped by a Fiber Coupled Ultra-Spectrally-Narrowed Diode Source
Viktor Fromzel, US Army Research Laboratory
Cryogenically Cooled Solid-State Lasers: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
John Hybl, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Textron's J-HPSSL 100-kW ThinZag,® Laser Program
Alexander Mandl, Testron Defense Systems
Silicon Carbide Face Cooled Thin Disk Laser
G. Alex Newburgh, Army Research Laboratory
Cryogenic Er:YAG Lasers: Aspects of Diode Pumping
Nikolay Ter-Gabrielyan, Army Research Laboratory
Yb:YAG Disk Amplifier for Pulsed Operation at High-Average Power
John Vetrovec, Aqwest LLC

Exhibit Booth Corporate Descriptions
Avo Photonics, Inc.
Coherent Inc.
DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
EM4, Inc.
EpiWorks, Inc.
Intense Ltd.
IPG Photonics
Laser Operations LLC / QPC Lasers
Lasertel, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
Ondax, Inc.
Precision Photonics
Textron Systems

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