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2009 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2009 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Beam Control
Power Scaling a Self-Fourier Laser Array Using Different Sources
Frederic Durville, Christopher J. Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering
High Power Enhanced Stroke Deformable Mirror
Mark Ealey, Northrop Grumman/Xinetics
High-Brightness, Fiber-Coupled Lasers Enabled by Beam Combination of Diode Laser Bars
Daniel Grasso, Jay Small, S. David Roh, David Schleuning, and Rajiv Pathak, Coherent, Inc.
Phase Locking of a Fiber Array onto a Remote Object
Sami Shakir, Bill Culver, Yuji Starcher, Burke Nelson, George Bates, Jerry Hedrick Jr., Northrop Grumman and Craig Robin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Simulation of a 37-Element, Truncated-Gaussian, Tiled-Aperture, Coherent Fiber Laser Array
R. Andy Motes, Richard Berdine, Air Force Research Laboratory and Sami Shakir, Northrop Grumman
Reference Beam Free Phase Locking of a High-Power Fiber Array
Thomas Shay, Craig Robin, Chris Vergien, Clint Zeringue, Benjamin Pulford, Anthony Sanchez, Chunte Lu, Air Force Research Laboratory and Jeff Baker, David Gallant, Arthur Lucero, Boeing LTS Inc.
Optimization and Power Scaling of Two-Dimensional Re-Imaging Assisted Phased Array
Radek Uberna, Andrew Bratcher, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
All-Fiber Passive Coherent Arrays Combing Four High Power Fiber Lasers
Baishi Wang, Eric Mies, Vytran, LLC and Monica Minden, HRL Laboratories, LLC and Anthony Sanchez, Air Force Research Laboratory
Atmospheric Compensation Concepts for Passively Phased Ring Fiber Array Laser
Allan Wirth, Northrop Grumman/Xinetics and Burke Nelson, Sami Shakir, Northrop Grumman/IT
Incoherent Laser Combiner with Target in the Loop Atmospheric Correction
Allan Wirth, Andrew Jankevics, Frank Landers, Northrop Grumman/Xinetics and Tanwin Chang, Carlton Wong, Scott Vermilya, Pirooz Vatan, Northrop Grumman/Adaptive Optics Associates

Diode Lasers
Grating-Stabilized High-Brightness Fiber-Coupled Pump Modules
Sang-Ki Park, Kelly Johnson, Daming Liu, Serge Cutillas, Xu Jin, Trevor Crum, Ed Wolak, Jim Harrison, Spectra Physics
High-Brightness Fiber-Coupled Pump Modules Utilizing Robust Mini-Bar Technology Pump Devices
Trevor Crum, Ed Wolak, Oscar Romero, Todd McGinty, Jim Harrison, Spectra Physics
Multi-kW Pump Powers from Conductively Cooled QCW Laser Diode Stacks
Eckard Deichsel, Rene Platz, Dominic Schröder, Petra Hennig, JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH
Laser Array Reliability
Niloy Dutta, Franklin Nash, Al Piccirilli, Thomas Eltringham, Ron Camarda, Tony Fields, LGS Innovation Inc.
High-Power QCW Diode Arrays for Use in Military Applications
Ryan Feeler, Jeremy Junghans, Ed Stephens, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
High-Brightness Pump Modules Based on the Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Technology
Chuni Ghosh, Jean-Francois Seurin, Baiming Guo, Qing Wang, Robert Van Leeuwen, Guoyang Xu, Aleksandr Miglo, Prachi Pradhan, Princeton Optronics
Analysis of Laser Action and Thermal Management in Novel Semiconductor Structures
Ying Chen, Hong Shu, William Hageman, Michael Bass, University of Central Florida and John Zavada, U.S. Army Research Office
Semi-Automated Production of Single-Emitter-Based High-Brightness Diode Lasers
Stefan Heinemann, Boris Regaard , Ben Lewis , Torsten Schmidt, Fraunhofer USA
975 nm Surface-Emitting Distributed Feedback (SE-DFB) Laser and Array
Manoj Kanskar, Jason Cai, Diwakar Kedlaya, Thomas Klos, Michael Martin, Don Olson, Yan Xiao, Steve Macomber, Alfalight Inc.
Grating-Locked Diode Laser Pump Sources Demonstrate Zero Power Penalty
Paul Leisher, Weimin Dong, Mike Grimshaw, Steve Patterson, nLight Corporation
High Brightness Diode Laser Module Development at nLIGHT Photonics
Kirk Price, Scott Karlsen, Paul Leisher, Steve Patterson, Jake Bell, Rob Martinsen, nLight Photonics

Enabling Technologies
Fracture Strength and Toughness of Lasing Media and Composites
Huai-Chuan Lee, Helmuth Meissner, Xiaodong Mu, Onyx Optics and Chao Liu, Wei Qiu, Valdosta Optics Laboratory, Inc.
Thermal Energy Storage Techniques for High-Energy Lasers
Jennifer Lindauer, Benjamin Saarloos, David Van Ee, Daniel Rini, Rini Technologies
Measurement of Upconversion/Cross Relaxation Constants Over a Range of Er:YAG Concentrations from Cryogenic to Room Temperature
Alex Newburgh, Tigran Sanamyan, Mark Dubinskii, Army Research Laboratory
Comparison of Thermally Induced Effects in Laser Media in the Temperature Range of 77 to 770K
Michael Tilleman, Elbit Systems of America
Novel Technique for Producing Oversized Laser Gain Media in High Fluence Applications
Nick Traggis, Neil Claussen, Precision Photonics Corporation
Ion-Beam Sputtered High-Laser-Damage Coatings on YAG for CW Applications
Nick Traggis, Ove Lyngnes, Precision Photonics Corporations
Active Heat Sink for High-Power Laser Diodes
John Vetrovec, Aqwest LLC

Fiber Lasers
Comparison of Direct Amplification and Chirped-Pulse Amplification in High-Peak-Power Fiber Amplifiers
Deborah Alterman, Alison Thomas, and Mark Bowers, Lockheed Martin Aculight
Pump Fluctuation-Induced Modulation Instability of Fiber Amplifiers and Passively Phased Ring-Geometry Laser
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory and Michelle Hummel, University of New Mexico and Alejandro Aceves, Southern Methodist University and Elena Kazantseva, Yehuda Braiman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Modal Measurement of a Large-Area Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifier Using Spatially Resolved Spectral Interferometry
Jake Bromage, Christophe Dorrer, Milton Shoup III, Jonathan Zuegel, University of Rochester
KWatt Level Fiber Amplifiers for Beam Combining
Scott Christensen, Nufern
Power Scaling of Resonantly Cladding-Pumped Yb-Free Er-Doped Large-Mode Area Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
Mark Dubinskii, Jun Zhang,Valerii Ter-Mikirtyche, Army Research Laboratory
Recent Progress in Scaling of High Power Fiber Lasers at IPG Photonics
Valentin Gapontsev, V. Fomin, A. Yusim, IPG Photonics
High Power, Coherently Combinable Tm Fiber Lasers
Gregory Goodno, Lewis Book, Joshua Rothenberg, Mark Weber Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Fiber-Coupled Module Producing 100 W out of a 100 µm Fiber with NA=0.12 as a Building Block for kW-Level Direct Diode Applications
John Hostetler, Tobias Barnowski, Lisa Cross, John Jiang, Haiyan An, Thilo Vethake, Friedhelm Dorsch,TRUMPF Photonics and Stephan Strohmaier, Christoph Tillkorn, Martin Hounker, Christian Schmitz, Klaus Wallmeroth, TRUMPF Laser, GmbH + Co
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Reduction in Chilled Amplifiers
Tim Newell, Doug Nelson, Air Force Research Laboratory
Patterned Disorder in a Fiber Laser Array Improves Coherence
Will Ray, Yamato Matsuoka, Kurt Wiesenfeld, Georgia Tech and Jeffrey Rogers, Control and Dynamical Systems
Mode Locking of an Array of Fiber Lasers
Sami Shakir, Bill Culver, Yuji Starcher, Burke Nelson, George Bates, Jerry Hedrick, Jr., Northrop Grumman
Narrow-Linewidth Kilowatt-Class Continuous Wave Diffraction-Limited Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
Oleg Shkurikhin, Valentin Gapontsev, and Nicholai Platonov, IPG Photonics
400-W, High Efficiency Coherent Combination of Fiber Lasers
Peter Thielen, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Solid State Lasers
Resonantly Diode-Pumped Er3+:Y2O3 Ceramic Laser
Mark Dubinskii, Tigran Sanamyan, and Jed Simmons, Army Research Laboratory
Progress on Materials Development Enabling Solid-State Laser Sources
F. Kenneth Hopkins, William Mitchell, Geoff Fair, John Jones, and Robert Nelson, Air Force Research Laboratory
6.5-kW, Yb:YAG Ceramic Thin Disk Laser
Ahmed Lobad, Donald Stalnaker, Boeing and Sean Ross, L.A. Vern Schlie (retired), and William Latham , Air Force Research Laboratory
Textron J-HPSSL 100 kW ThinZag® Laser Program
Alex Mandl, Textron
A kW-Class, Near-Diffraction-Limited Cryogenic Yb:YAG Laser System
Darren Rand, Lincoln Laboratory
Ytterbium-Based Edge-Pumped Disk Amplifier for an Ultra-Short Pulse Laser
John Vetrovec, Aqwest LLC
Parameters for Describing Quasi-Three-Level Lasers
Jeffrey White, Army Research Laboratory

Poster Session
Novel Pump-Limited High-Power Photonic Crystal Fiber with 260W Output
Iyad Dajani, Christopher Vergien, Craig Robin, Clint Zeringue, Thomas Shay, Chunte Lu, Tim Newell, Air Force Research Laboratory
Commercial High-Efficiency 885-nm Diode Lasers
Paul Leisher, Steve Patterson, Hua Huang, Ling Bao, Jun Wang, Weimin Dong, Mike Grimshaw, Aaron Hodges, Mark DeFranza, David Balsley, Mark DeVito, Rob Martinsen, Jake Bell, nLight Corporation
Advances in the Pearl Architecture at nLight Photonics
Kirk Price, Paul Leisher, Scott Karlsen, Steve Patterson, Jake Bell, Rob Martinsen, nLight Photonics
Progress of On-Chip Wavelength Stabilization of Laser Diodes for Seeding and Pumping of High-Power Solid-State and Fiber Lasers
Jeffrey Ungar, Wentao Hu, Vic Elarde, Robert Lammert, Mark Osowski, Thomas Liu, Yaowu Ma, Chung Wan, Xiaodong Yang, Laurent Vaissié, QPC Lasers

Exhibit Booth Corporate Descriptions
Applied Companies
Avo Photonics
Coherent Inc.
CorActive High-Tech Inc.
DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.
EM4 Defense
Intense Ltd.
IPG Photonics
Laserline, Inc.
Lasertel, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
Ondax Optics, Inc.
Polaronyx, Inc.
RPMC Lasers, Inc.
Visotek, Inc.

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