Event Proceedings
2008 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2008 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Beam Combination and Control
Spatial-Dispersion-Free Spectral Beam Combining of High Power Pulsed Yb-Doped Fiber Lasers
Kai Chung Hou, University of Michigan
Dynamic Characteristics of Passively Phased Fiber Amplifiers Arrays
Sami Shakir, Bill Culver, Burke Nelson, Yuji Starcher, George Bates and Jerry Hedrick,Northrop Grumman
Active Phasing of Fiber Amplifier Arrays Using LOCSET
Tom Shay, C.A. Robin, C. Vergien, C. Zerinque, A. Sanchez, D. Pilkington, C.A. Lu, Air Force Research Laboratory; J.T. Baker and David Gallant, Boeing
Incoherent Combining of High-Power Fiber Lasers for Directed-Energy Applications
Phillip Sprangle, Antonio Ting, Joseph Peńano, and Richard Fischer, Naval Research Laboratory; and Bahman Hafizi, Icarus Research, Inc.
A Laser Weapon System Architecture Based on a Collection of High Beam Quality Fiber Lasers
Detlev Tiszauer, Lockheed Martin Space System Company
Re-Imaging Assisted Phased Array in a 2-Dimensional Hollow Waveguide
Radek Uberna, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Efficient All-Fiber Passive Coherent Combining of Fiber Lasers
Baishi Wang, Eric Mies, Vytran LLC and Monica Minden, HRL Laboratories, LLC; and Anthony Sanchez, Air Force Research Laboratory

Bulk Solid State Lasers
Synthesis and Properties of Eye-Safe Single Crystal and Ceramic Sources
John Ballato, Joseph Kolis, Colin McMillen, Baris Kokuoz, Basak Yazgan Kokuoz, Karn Serivalsatit, Exley McCormick, Paul Foy, and Thomas Hawkins, Clemson University
Optimized Design of Nd Transverse Doping Profiles in Transparent YAG Ceramics for Edge-Pumped Laser Geometries
Bob Byer, Jeffrey A. Wisdom, Romain Gaume, and Roger Route, Stanford University; and Yan Lin Aung and Akio Ikesue, World-Labo, Co., Ltd.
Lowest Quantum Defect Er-Doped Laser
Mark Dubinskii, Army Research Laboratory
Towards Temperature Independent Er: Glass Lasers
William Hageman and Michael Bass, University of Central Florida
Efficient 100 kHz Repetition Rate Ultrafast Laser System with OPA/NOPA Frequency Conversion
Iain McKinnie, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Inc.
Yb:Y2O3 Ceramic Lasers
Jas Sanghera, Woohong Kim, Guillermo Villalobos, Brandon Shaw, Jesse Frantz, and Ishwar Aggarwal, Naval Research Laboratory; and Mark Dubinskiy, Army Research Laboratory

Diode Lasers
Low Noise 880-nm Diode Pumps for Improved Solid State Laser Performance
Vivek Agrawal, Rajiv Pathak, Jason Watson, Andre McFayden, Heiko Winhold, Pamela Liang, Keith Murdoch, Julia Spasov, Eli Weiss, Tom Hasenberg, Juergen Pfaff, Jim Haden, and Norman Hodgson, Coherent, Inc.
Research Activities in the German National Funding Initiative BRIOLAS
Friedrich Bachmann, ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH
Solder Packaging of Optics for High-Power Diode Laser Systems
Erik Beckert, Thomas Burkhardt, Ramona Eberhardt, Fraunhofer and Petra Hennig, and Ekkehard Werner, JENOPTIK; and Andreas Tünnermann, Friedrich-Schiller-University
Diode-Laser Modules for Pumping of Rubidium Lasers
Trevor Crum, Alan Peterson, John Gloyd, Todd McGinty, Terry Towe, Randall Lane, Oscar Romero, and James Harrison, Spectra-Physics Lasers; and Jason Zweiback and Paul Banks, General Atomics
High-Reliable QCW Pump Laser Stacks
Eckard Deichsel, Dominic Schröder, Dirk Lorenzen, and Petra Hennig, JENOPTIK
Conduction Cooled Multi-kW QCW Diode Laser Arrays with Low Operating Current
Jihua Du, Rajiv Pathak, Eli Weiss, Vivek Agrawal, John Morales, and Tom Hasenberg, Coherent Inc.
High-Power Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers
Gary Evans, M. Achtenhagen, N.V. Amarasinghe, Linglin Jiang, Jeff Threadgill, J.K. Butler, and N.H. Sun, Photodigm, Inc.
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Arrays for High-Power Applications
Chuni Ghosh, Jean-Francois Seurin, Viktor Khalfin, Aleksandr Miglo, Guoyang Xu, James D. Wynn, Prachi Pradhan, and L. Arthur D’Asaro, Princeton Optronics
Design and Manufacturing of High-Efficiency, Fiber Coupled Single Emitter Arrays with 400W from a 200µm Fiber, NA=0.2
Stefan Heinemann, Boris Regaard, and Torsten Schmidt, Fraunhofer USA Inc.
High Power, High Brillance 9xx nm Diode Laser Bars
Ralf Hulsewede, Haike Schulze, Jürgen Sebastian, Petra Hennig, Dominic Schröder, and Jens Meusel, JENOPTIK
Spectrally Narrowed, Wavelength-Stabilized, High-Efficiency and High-Brightness Diodes for Precision Pumping
Manoj Kanskar, H. An, J. Cai, C. Galstad, T. Klos, D. Olson, E. Stiers, Y. He, D. Zhou, and S.H. Macomber, Alfalight Inc.
Power Beaming with Diode Lasers
Tobias Koenning and H. G. Treusch, DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
High-Brightness Single-Mode and Multimode Semiconductor Lasers in the Visible, Near-Infrared and Eye-Safe Regime
R. Lammert, K.K. Law, S.W. Oh, M.L. Osowski, W. Hu, C. Panja, P.T. Rudy, T. Stakelon, and J.E. Ungar, QPC Lasers, Inc.
Integration Aspects of Fiber and Diode Laser Systems
Tim Lauterborn, Jens Peter Steinbrecher, and Stefan Heinemann, Fraunhofer USA, Inc.
Improvements in Microchannel-Cooled High-Efficiency 885-nm Diode Laser Bars
Paul Leisher, Kirk Price, Ling Bao, Jun Wang, Weimin Dong, Mike Grimshaw, Shiguo Zhang, Mike Bougher, Suhit Das, Aaron Hodges, Mark DeFranza, Chris Ebert, Rob Martinsen Mark DeVito, Jake Bell, and Steve Patterson, nLight Corporation
Progress in Long-Wavelength High-Power Diode Laser Pump Sources
Paul Leisher, Kirk Price, Keith Kennedy, Weimin Dong, Mike Grimshaw, Shiguo Zhang, Sandrio Elim, Jason Patterson, Mike Bougher, Suhit Das, Utsu Trifan, David Dawson, Dennis McCal, Aaron Hodges, Scott Karlsen, Rob Martinsen, Jake Bell, Paul Crump, and Steve Patterson, nLight Corporation
QWI Enabled QCW High Power 808 nm Laser Diode Arrays
Valentķn Loyo-Maldonado, Gianluca Bacchin, Stephen Robertson, Sebastien Bon, Dan Yanson, Bocang Qiu, Stewart McDougall, and John Marsh, Intense Limited
Highly Efficient Diode Laser Bars for CW and Quasi-CW Operation
M. Müller, G. Grönninger, H. König, and U. Strauß, Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH; R. Kojima, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc; and M. Stoiber and J. Biesenbach, Dilas
High-Power Laser Diode Bars and Arrays for Pumping of High Energy Solid State Lasers
Nels Ostrom, Wayne Penn, and Brian O. Faircloth, Coherent Direct Diode Systems
Progress in Fiber-Coupled, High-Brightness, High-Power Diode Laser Pump Sources
Kirk Price, Steve Patterson, Scott Karlsen, Aaron Brown, Ron Mehl, Rob Martinsen, Keith Kennedy, Derek Schulte, and Jake Bell, nLight Corporation
Fiber-Coupled Diode-Laser Bars Optimized for High-Brightness Applications
S. David Roh and Daniel Grasso, Coherent, Inc.
Efficiency Limiting Processes in Infrared Semiconductor Diode Lasers
Stephen Sweeney, Arizona State University
Novel High-Power Monolithic CW Arrays
P. Thiagarajan, F.Lapinski, M. McElhinney, B. Caliva, and R. Walker, Lasertel Inc.
Coherently Combined High-Power Intelligent Semiconductor Emitters (COCHISE)
George Turner, MIT/Lincoln Laboratory
Highly Reliable, High-Brightness, Compact Pump Module
Ed Wolak, Daming Liu, Serge Cutillas, Sang-Ki Park, Kelly Johnson, Hanxuan Li, Irving Chyr, Frank Reinhardt, Robert Miller, Xu Jin, Touyen Ngugen, Terry Towe, Peggi Cross, Tom Truchan, Robert Bullock, Kiran Kuppuswamy, Dino Lenarduzzi, Jeff Mott, and James Harrison, Newport Corp
Reliability of High-Performance Semiconductor Laser Diodes in the 800-1000nm Wavelength Band
Erik Zucker, Victor Rossin, David Venables, Prasad Yalamanchili, Richard Duesterberg, Vince Wong, and Jay Skidmore, JDS Uniphase Corporation

Fiber Lasers
Mode Formulation of an N+1-core Evanescently Coupled Fiber Laser Resonator
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory
SBS Mitigation with "Two-Tone" Amplification: A Theoretical Model
T. Justin Bronder, Iyad Dajani, Clint Zeringue, Thomas Shay, and Athanasios Gavrielides, Air Force Research Laboratory
100 W Femtosecond Yb-Fiber CPA System Based on Chirped-Volume-Bragg-Gratings
Guoqing Chang, University of Michigan
60W of Average Output Power From a Pulsed Thulium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Operating at 2 microns
Daniel Creeden, Peter Budni, and Peter Ketteridge, BAE Systems
Monolithic, Turn-Key, 1kW Yb-Doped Fiber Master Oscillator Power Amplifier
John Edgecumbe, David Björk, Joshua Galipeau, Gary Boivin, Scott Christianson, Bryce Samson, and Kanishka Tankala, Nufern
Efficient and Reliable 790nm-Pumped Tm Lasers from 1.91 to 2.13µm
G. Frith, B. Samson, A. Carter, J. Farroni, K. Farley, and K. Tankala, Nufern
Higher Order Mode Amplifiers
C. Headley, OFS Laboratories
High-Power Fiber-Based Green Laser with Diffraction-Limited Output Beam
Dan Hu, Eric Eisenberg, Diane Smith, Roy Mead, and Eric Honea, Aculight Corporation
Continuous Wave Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation in Optical Fiber
Steven Massey, Justin Spring, and Timothy Russell, Air Force Institute of Technology
Magnetic Quasi-Phase Matching for Optical Isolation in High-Power Fiber Amplifiers
Gerald Moore and Chunte Lu, Air Force Research Laboratory
Characterizing Higher-Order Modes Propagating in Large Mode Area Fibers
J.W. Nicholson, A.D. Yablon, S. Ramachandran, and S. Ghalmi, OFS Laboratories
Eye-Safe Ultrafast Fiber Lasers and Laser Systems Based on Short and Heavily Doped Phosphate-Glass Fiber
Pavel Polynkin, Polar Laser Laboratories and Jerome Moloney, University of Arizona
Efficient, High-Power Tm-Doped Silica Fiber Lasers
Glen Rines, Kevin Wall, Evgueni Slobodtchikov, and Peter Moulton, Q-Peak; and Bryce Samson and Gavin Frith, Nufern
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Thresholds for a Single-Frequency Fiber Amplifier with a Thermal Gradient: Co-Pumped and Counter-Pumped Systems
Thomas Shay, Air Force Research Laboratory
Towards 10s of kW Fiber Lasers Based on PCF Technology
Peter Skovgaard, Jes Broeng, Martin Nielsen, Thomas Nikolajsen, Mads Sųrensen, Thomas T. Alkeskjold, Kim Hansen, Kent Mattsson, Stig Knudsen, and Christina Olausson, Crystal Fiber A/S
Single-Mode Chirally Coupled Core Yb-Doped Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers for High Power Scaling
Craig Swan, University of Michigan
Single-Frequency Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifier with 220 W Output Power
Christopher Vergien, C. Robin, I. Dajani, T. Shay, B. Ward, and D. Pilkington, Air Force Research Laboratory

High Power Lasers
1 kW Re-Imaging Waveguide MOPA
Micah Boyd, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
2.3-kW Continuous Operation Cryogenic Yb:YAG Laser
Jason Brasseur, Akheelesh Abeeluck, Andrew Awtry, Lei Meng, Kevin Shortoff, Nicholas Miller, Richard Hampton, Michael Cuchiara, and David Neumann, Directed Energy Solutions
Strategic Illuminator Laser (SILL) Brassboard Performance Characterization
Glenn Brossus, Randy St. Pierre, Rob Leedom, Juan C. Garcia, Don Henderson, Molly Park, Jean-Michel Guerin, Osvaldo Jimenez, Karen Furumoto, Andrea Gonzalez, Dan Shimabukuro, Samuel Ponti, Ken Hui, and Hagop Injeyan, Northrop Grumman
Boeing Development of the Re-Deployable High Energy Laser System (RHELS)
Ronald Dauk, Boeing-SVS, Inc.
Exploration of Performance Limits of Fiber Laser Technology for Directed Energy Applications
Ken Dzurko, SPI Lasers LLC
6kW CW Single Mode Ytterbium Fiber Laser in All-Fiber Format
Dennis Gapontsev, IPG Photonics
High Power, Q-Switched DPSSLs in the Green and UV Spectral Range: State-of-the Art and Outlook
Norman Hodgson, Ezra S. Allee, David R. Dudley, Cody Kenyon, Oliver Mehl, Henry Pang, Michael J. Snadden, Charles Wang, Gary Wang, and Alexander O. W. Wiessner, Coherent Inc.
Comparison of Spectral Beam Combining Approaches for High Power Fiber Laser Systems
Eric Honea, Aculight Corporation
AFRL’s Materials Efforts: Enabling Improved Laser Systems
F. Kenneth Hopkins, Tom Kensky, and William D. Mitchell, Air Force Research Laboratory
J-HPPSL Nd:YAG Ceramic ThinZag Laser Program
Alex Mandl, Textron
Joint High-Power Solid State Laser Program Update
Jay Marmo, Jeff Sollee, Hiroshi Komine, Stuart McNaught, and Michael McClellan, Northrop Grumman
Integrated Solid State Laser Testbed
Sean Ross, Richard Bagnell, Pat Saunders, and Karl Schwenn, Air Force Research Laboratory; and Joshua Kann and Robert Wilmot, Boeing-LTS
Scaling High-Power Thin Disk Lasers
Sean Ross, Vern Schlie, and Jonathan Stohs, Air Force Research Laboratory; and Donald Stalnaker, Adrian Lucero, and Robert Rathge, Boeing-LTS
Rugged, High-Performance Nd:YAG Slab Oscillators and Amplifiers
Van Rudd, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Gas-Cooled Disk Laser
John Vetrovec, Aqwest, LLC

Mid-IR Lasers
OPGaAs Applications
Pete Budni, BAE Systems
MIR Lasers
Eric Honea, Aculight Corp.
New Frontiers of Cr2+ and Fe2+ Doped II-VI Mid-IR Lasers
Sergey Mirov, University of Alabama
Fiber-Based Mid-Infrared Sources and Applications
Jas Sanghera, L.B. Shaw, D. Gibson, F. Kung, and I.D. Aggarwal, Naval Research Laboratory
OPGaAs Materials
Pete Schunemann, BAE Systems

Power and Thermal
Multi-Evaporator Hybrid Two-Phase Loop Cooling System for Solid-State Lasers
David Bugby, Swales Aerospace
Low-Temperature Spray Cooling for Cryogenic Laser Systems
Bradley Carman, Daniel P. Rini, and Benjamin Saarloos, Rini Technology
Ceramic Microchannel Coolers for Laser Diode Arrays
Ryan Feller, Jeremy Junghans, Greg Kemner, and Ed Stephens, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
Mechanically Pumped Two-Phase System With Multiple Compact Evaporators for Laser Cooling
Dmitry Khrustalev, Dave Wolf, and Pete Cologer, ATK Space Division
Mechanical Properties of Van der Waals Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) Optical Composites
H.C. Lee and Helmuth Meissner, Onyx Optics, Inc.
Advanced Thermal Energy Storage Techniques for High Powered Solid State Laser Systems
Jennifer Huddle-Lindauer, Benjamin Saarloos, and David Van Ee, Rini Technology
A Compact Laser Current Source for Vehicle Mounted Laser Weapon Systems
David Prestel, Northrop Grumman
Lightweight and Compact Thermal Management System for Solid-State High-Energy Laser
John Vetrovec, Aqwest, LLC

Visible Lasers
The Starfire Optical Range Sodium Guidestar Fasor
Craig Denman, Paul Hillman, Jack Drummond, and John Telle, Air Force Research Laboratory
System Overview and Details of High-Power 589nm Guidestar Lasers
Ian Lee, Neil Vanasse, Munib Jalali, Zachery Prezkuta, Estelle Andrews, Bruce Tiemann, Ken Groff, Nathan Rogers, Jared Roush, Grant Moule, and Allen Hankla, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Quantum Design and Demonstration of a Yellow Orange OPSL
Jerome Moloney, J. Hader, Li Fan, C. Hessenius, M. Fallahi, and H. Li, University of Arizona; W. Stolz and S.W. Koch, Philipps Universität Marburg; J.T. Murray, Areté Associates; and R. Bedford, Air Force Research Laboratory
High-Power, Versatile Waveform Generation at 1319 nm in a Solid-State Waveguide-Based MOPA System
Allen Tracy, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies

Poster Session
Cavity-Mode Analysis of Northrop-Grumman Passive Beam-Combining Experiments
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory and Sami Shakir, Northrop Grumman
Pump Fluctuation Effects on Spatiotemporal Phase Stability of Fiber Amplifier
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory
Coherent Multicore Fiber Laser Array
Frederic Durville, Optical Fiber Systems and Christopher Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering
Statistics of Filamentation in Semiconductor Broad Area Emitters
Jerome Moloney and M. Kolesik, University of Arizona
Aerosol Techniques for the Fabrication of HOM Fiber Lasers
Ted Morse, R. Chivas, and R. Shubochkin, Boston University
High Rollover Power from 8xx nm and 9xx nm Asymmetric Epitasial Laser Structures with Optical Trap
Iulian Petrescu-Prahova, P. Modak, E. Goutain, D. Bambrick, D. Silan, J. Riordan, T. Moritz, and J. H. Marsh, Intense Ltd
Large Aperture Chirped Bragg Gratings in PTR Glass for High Energy fs Pulse Stretching and Compression
Vadim Smirnov, OptiGrate
Spectral Beam Combining of Fiber Lasers with Automatic Wavelength Control
Nikolai Vorobiev, Oleksiy Andrusyak, George Venus, and Leonid Glebov, University of Central Florida and Vadim Smirnov, OptiGrate

Exhibit Booth Corporate Descriptions
AdValue Photonics, Inc.
Avensys Tech/ITF Labs
Avo Photonics
Coherent Inc.
Crystal Fibre
DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
EM4 Defense
Intense Ltd.
Laserline, Inc.
Lasertel, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Newport Corp./Spectra-Physics
nLight Corporation
Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
Ondax, Inc.
Onyx Optics, Inc.
Photonics Industries International, Inc.
QPC Lasers, Inc.
RPMC Lasers, Inc.

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