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2007 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2007 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Beam Combination and Control
Supermode Selection of a Multicore Fiber Laser Array in an External Self-Fourier Cavity
Dr. Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory./DELO
Coherent Array of High-Power Fiber Laser
Dr. Christopher Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering
Spectral Beam Combining by Stack of Volume Bragg Gratings in PTR Glass
Dr. Leonid Glebov, University of Central Florida
Concept of Operation, Design and Field Test Results of an Active Laser Tracking System
Dr. Vladimir Markov, MetroLaser Inc.
The Effect of Aperturing on Laser Beam Quality
Dr. Sean Ross, Air Force Research Laboratory./DELO
Passive Phasing of Fiber Lasers
Dr. Sami Shakir, Northrop Grumman
High Power Scalable Spectral Beam Combining Enabled by Volume Bragg Gratings
Dr. B.L. Volodin, PD-LD Inc.
Coherent Beam Combining of a Large Number of PM Fibers in a 2D Fiber Array
Dr. Charles Yu, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Diode Pump Lasers
Next Generation Microchannel Coolers
Dr. Ryan Feeler, Northrop Grumman / Cutting Edge Optronics
Spectral Stabilization of Diode Bar by Volume Bragg Grating Incorporated in Fast Axis Collimator
Dr. Leonid Glebov, University of Central Florida
Fiber Coupled Diode Laser with More Than 50 W From a 0.1mm Fiber
Dr. Stefan Heinemann, Fraunhofer USA
Spectrally Narrowed and Wavelength-Stabilized High-Power, High-Efficiency 808 nm and 975 nm Diode Laser Pumps
Dr. Manoj Kanskar, Alfalight Inc.
High Brightness Single Mode and Multimode Semiconductor Lasers in the Near-Infrared
Dr. R. Lammert, Quintessence Photonics Corporation
High Power 2-D Diode Array
Dr. Keng Leong, SiMMtec, Inc.
Recent Progress of Ultra-High-Power Diode Laser Bars and Stacks at Spectra-Physics
Dr. Hanxuan Li, Spectra-Physics Lasers
Quantum Design of a Multi-Watt 1178 nm VECSEL
Dr. Jerome Moloney, University of Arizona
High Power Semiconductor Lasers in the Eye-Safe Wavelength Regime
Dr. M. Osowski, Quintessence Photonics Corporation
Advances in High Power, High Efficiency, High Brightness Fiber Coupled Diode Lasers from 635-nm to 1900-nm and Beyond
Dr. Steve Patterson, nLight
CW Rb Vapor Lasers Pumped by Commercial, Line-Narrowed Diode Laser Arrays
Dr. Allan Peterson,Spectra-Physics
Diffraction Limited Beam from a Coherent Array with a Directional Coupler
Dr. Iulian Petrescu-Prahova, High Power Devices
Wavelength Stabilization and Beam Combination of High Brightness Diode Lasers
Dr. S. David Roh, Nuvonyx, Inc.
High-Power, Fiber-Coupled, Diode-Laser Sources
Mr. Oscar Romero, Spectra-Physics Lasers
Hard-Solder Packaging of High Power Diode Bars for High Temperature Applications
Dr. David Schleuning, Coherent Inc.
Enhanced Photon Recycling for High Efficiency Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers
Dr. Yong-Hang Zhang, Arizona State University

Fiber and Waveguide
Kilowatt Level, Monolithic Fiber Amplifiers for Beam Combining Applications at 1 micron
Mr. J. Edgecumbe, Nufern
50-W Chirped-Volume-Bragg-Grating Based Fiber CPA at 1055-nm
Dr. Almantas Galvanauskas, University of Michigan
Chirally Coupled Core Fibers for High Power Effectively Single-Mode Core Size Scaling
Dr. Almantas Galvanauskas, University of Michigan
Critical Ytterbium Doped DC LMA Fiber Performance Measurements - Quantifying PCE, Core and Cladding Absorption and Photodarkening
M.SC. Teemu Kokki, Liekki Corporation
Diode-Bar Side Pumping of Double-Clad Fibers
Dr. Jeffrey Koplow, Sandia National Laboratories
Influence of Temperature on Yb-fiber Laser and Amplifier Performance
Dr. T.C. Newell, AFRL/DELO
Progress in High Power Single Emitter Fiber Sources
Dr. Johan Nilsson, University of Southampton

High Energy Lasers
AFRLs Materials Efforts: Enabling Improved Laser Systems
Dr. F. Kenneth Hopkins, Air Force Research Laboratory
Laser-Material Interaction Studies Utilizing the Solid-State Heat Capacity Laser
Mr. Bob Yamomoto, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Scalable Diode Pumped Rubidium Vapor Laser
Dr. Jason Zweiback, General Atomic

Poster Session
Narrow-Band Volume Bragg Gratings in PTR Glass Under High-Power CW Laser Radiation
Mr. Oleksiy Andrusyak, University of Central Florida
A Sub-Scale Demonstration of Photonic Laser Propulsion (PLP) Based on a Solid State Laser System
Dr. Young Bae, Bae Institute
Steps Towards a Comprehensive Formulation of Phase Locking Dynamics of External Cavity Laser Arrays with Arbitrary Internal and External Coupling
Dr. Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/DELO
A Laser Pointing, Tracking and Imaging System Based on Nonlinear Phase Conjugation Amplifier
Dr. Anatoliy Khizhnyak, MetroLaser Inc.
AFB CVD Diamond/HR Coating/ Doped YAG as High Power Solid State Laser Components
Dr. Huai-Chuan Lee, Onyx Optics, Inc.
Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Volume Diffractive Gratings in PTR Glass
Dr. Vasile Rotar, University of Central Florida
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Pumps for High-Power Solid-State Laser Pumping
Dr. Jean-Francois Seurin, Princeton Optronics
Spectral Narrowing and Stabilization of High Power LD Stacks, Bars and Single Emitters by PTR-Glass Volume Bragg Gratings
Dr. George Venus, University of Central Florida

Solid State Lasers
Depolarization Loss in Ceramic Crystal Lasers
Dr. Michael Bass, University of Central Florida
Rotary Disk Laser Reaches 250-W Milestone in 3 Years
Dr. Santanu Basu, Sparkle Optics Corporation
2-kW Average Power CW Phase-Conjugate Solid-State Laser
Dr. T.O. Clatterbuck, Raytheon
Domestically Produced Ceramic YAG Laser Gain Material for High Power SSLs
Ms. Jean Huie, Raytheon
Strength Test Results of AFB Single Crystal Composites for Solid State Laser Components
Dr. Huai-Chuan Lee, Onyx Optics, Inc.
Study of Yb-Doped Sesquioxides for Cryogenic HEL
Dr. L.D. Merkle, Army Research Laboratory
Fabrication and Properties of Ceramic Laser Materials
Dr. J.S. Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory
Novel Processing of High-Efficiency Nd:YAG Polycrystalline Laser Materials
Dr. Sean Sweeney, GE Global Research
Multi-Color QCW Array for Uncolled Pumping of Nd:YAG Laser
Dr. P. Thiagarajan, Lasertel, Inc.

Mid-Infrared Generation Via Wavelength Conversion of High-Power, High-Repetition-Frequency Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Dr. Fabio Di Teodoro, Aculight Corporation
Efficient, High-Power, Tm-Doped Silica Fiber Laser
Dr. Peter Moulton, Q-Peak, Inc.
Highly Efficient, Monolithic Fiber Amplifiers Operating at 2 m
Dr. Michael OConnor, Nufern, Inc.
High Power Eyesafe Er:YAG Laser Amplifier
Dr. Robert Stoneman, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Resonant Pumping and Upconversion in 1.6m Er3+ Lasers at 77K
Dr. N. Ter-Gabrielyan, Army Research Laboratory
High Energy 2-micron Laser Developments
Dr. Jirong Yu, NASA Langley Research Center

Thermal and Power Management
Advanced Programmable Power Forming System for Laser Applications
Dr. Gary Grider, DRS Technologies
Diagnostics for Improving Performance and Lifetime in High Power Laser Diodes
Dr. Rodney Petr, Science Research Laboratory
Power System and Thermal Management Evaluations for an Airborne Electrical Laser Power System Application
Dr. M. Ramalingam, UES, Inc.
Advanced Cooling Technologies for Tactical Solid-State Lasers on Airborne Platforms
Dr. Dan Rini, Rini Technologies Inc.

Exhibit Booths
Alfalight, Inc.
Avensys Tech/ITF Labs
Coherent Inc.
Crystal Fibre A/S
EM4 Defense
ILX Lightwave Corporation
Intense Ltd.
IPG Photonics
L-3 Communications Brashear
Lambda Americas
Lasertel, Inc.
LIMO Microoptic
nLight Corporation
Nonlinear Control Strategies, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
Ondax, Inc.
Onyx Optics, Inc.
QPC Lasers, Inc.
RPMC Lasers, Inc.
Spectra-Physics/Newport Corp

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