Event Proceedings
2006 SSDLTR Technical Digest

The papers listed below constitute the Technical Digest published from the 2006 Solid State Diode Laser Technology Review.
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Unless otherwise noted, papers only are included for each entry.

Technical Summaries
Plenary Session
Laser Target Designators and Rangefinders: Integration and Production, a Merchant Suppliers Perspective (Abstract only)
Dr. Jeffrey Cavins, Northrop Grumman
Lockheed Martin Coherent Airborne LIDAR (Abstract only)
Dr. Iain McKinnie, Lockheed Martin
Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Integration for Raytheon’s Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared Pod (Abstract only)
Mr. Dan Nieuwsma, Raytheon
NASA Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS) (Abstract only)
Dr. Rob Afzal, Aculight
Qualification and Integration of the Laser Transmitter for the CALIPSO Aerosol Lidar Mission (Abstract only)
Dr. Floyd Hovis, Fibertek
NASA Initiative Toward Reliable Long-Duration Operation of Diode Laser Arrays in Space (Abstract only)
Dr. David Tratt, NASA

High Power Lasers
The Destiny of Multi-kW High-Brightness Yb:YAG Single-Rod Lasers
Mr. Hans Bruesselbach, HRL Laboratories, LLC
Pump Donuts Simplify Side Pumping of Solid State Lasers
Dr. Alan Karpinski, Laser Diode Array, Inc.
Stress Relief of Adhesive-Free-Bond (AFB®) Laser Crystal Composites at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperatures
Dr. Huai-Chuan Lee, Onyx Optics, Inc.
High Laser Damage Coatings on YAG Using Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition
Dr. Ove Lyngnes, Precision Photonics

Alternate Wavelength Sources
Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers for Molecular Detection and Imaging in the Mid Infrared
Dr. Timothy Day, Daylight Solutions, Inc.
Tunable High-Power High-Brightness Diode-Pumped VECSELs and Their Applications
Dr. Mahmoud Fallahi, University of Arizona
Power Scalable, Kilowatt-Class, Wavelength Agile OPSLs
Dr. Jerome Moloney, University of Arizona
High-Brightness from an Unstable Resonator Mid-IR Semiconductor Laser
Dr. Andrew Ongstad, AFRL/DELS
Advances in High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers in the 1400 -1600 nm Regime
Dr. M Osowski, Quintessence Photonics Corporation
Record High-Power and High-Efficiency InP-based Diode Lasers
Dr. Steve Patterson, nLight

Diode Pump Lasers
In-Situ Spatially and Temporally Resolved Temperature Measurement of Laser Diode Arrays as a Predictive Failure Analysis Tool
Mr. Jason Carter, Pennsylvania State University
High-Brightness Laser Diode Arrays for Eye-Safe Lasers Enabled by Volume Bragg Gratings
Dr. Boris Volodin, PD-LD Inc.
Multi-Kilowatt High-Brightness Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Systems
Dr. Nels Ostrom, Nuvonyx, Inc.
High-Power Conversion Efficiency and Wavelength Stabilized 970 nm Diode Laser Bars and Stacks
Dr. Manoj Kanskar, Alfalight Inc.
400-W Peak CW Power per Bar from 1-cm GaAs Bars For Emission Wavelengths From 800-nm to 980-nm, 90-W per bar at 660-nm
Dr. Paul Crump, nLight
High Vacuum Testing of High-Power Laser Diode Arrays
Dr. Eliot Geathers, Pennsylvania State University
Advances in High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers
Dr. R Lammert, Quintessence Photonics Corporation
Minimization of Diode Array Degradation via Emitter-Level Screening of Laser Diode Subassemblies
Mr. Ryan Feeler, Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics
Qualification of High-Power Laser Bars for Space Applications
Dr. Rajiv Pathak, Lasertel Inc.
Compact High Power, High Brightness Diode Laser for Pumping of Solid State Lasers
Dr. Andreas Brandt, Visotek, Inc.

High-Power Fiber Lasers
System Integration Aspects of Pulsed Fiber Lasers in MOPA Configuration
Mr. Tim Lauterborn, Fraunhofer USA
Multi-MW Peak Power Scaling of Single-Transverse Mode Pulses Using 80-µm core Yb-doped LMA Fibers
Dr. Kai-Chung Hou, University of Michigan
Very Large-Core, Yb-Doped Photonic-Crystal Rod for Multi-MW Peak Power Generation
Dr. Fabio Teodoro, Aculight Corporation
Near Diffraction-Limited, 1064nm, All-Fiber Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier (MOFA) with Enhanced SRS Suppression for Pulsed Nanosecond Applications
Dr. John McCarthy, BAE Systems
Development of Watts-Level Sources of Ultra-Short Pulses at 1.5mm Using Heavily-Doped Phosphate Glass Fibers
Dr. Pavel Polynkin, University of Arizona
High-Power Compact Fiber Chirped Pulse Amplif iers at 1558-nm using Er/Yb LMA Fibers and Chirped Volume Bragg Grating Compressors
Dr. Ming-Yuan Cheng, University of Michigan
400W+ Yb and 100W+ Er CW Single-Frequency, Single-Mode, Linearly Polarized All-Fiber Format Amplifiers
Dr. O Shkurikhin, IPG Photonics
Component Testing and Amplifier Design for 200W, Narrow Linewidth, Monolithic PM-LMA Fiber Amplifiers
Dr. David Machewirth, Nufern
Ultra-Compact High-Power Fiber Lasers with Phosphate Microstructured Optical Fibers
Dr. N Peyghambarian, University of Arizona

Thermal and Power Management
Ultra Compact Heat Exchangers for Thermal Management of High Power Laser Systems
Dr. Kevin Kelly, International Mezzo Technologies
High-Power Density Pulse Generator for Laser Diode Applications
Mr. Don Deaton, DRS TEM Inc.
Lightweight Cooling System for a 100kW SSL
Dr. Dan Rini, Rini Technologies, Inc.

Beam Combination and Control
Wavelength Beam Combining of Three 30-watt Fiber Amplifiers
Dr. Steve Augst, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dense Spectral Beam Combining With Volume Bragg Gratings in PTR Glass
Mr. Oleksiy Andrusyak, University of Central Florida
Novel Coherent Beam Combiner
Dr. Scott Christensen, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Passively Phasing High-Power Multi Core Fiber Laser: Experiment and Theory
Dr. Chi Liu, University of Michigan
Spatial and Temporal Stability Analysis of Multicore Fiber Amplifier Array Ring
Dr. Eric Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/DELO
Stable Operation of a Phase-Locked Laser Array in a Self-Fourier Cavity
Dr. Chris Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering, Inc.
Novel Applications of a Self Fourier Cavity to High-Power Phased Laser Arrays
Dr. Eric Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/DELO
Coherent Fiber Array for Active Satellite Imaging
Dr. Mark Culpepper, AFRL/DELO

Solid State Lasers
400-W Cryo-Cooled Yb:YAG Laser with 56% Efficiency
Dr. Bhabana Pati, Q-Peak, Inc.
Power-Scaling in a Re-Imaging Waveguide MOPA
Dr. Bert Callicoatt, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Laser Potential of Diode Pumped Yb-Doped Y2O3 Ceramics
Dr. Mark Dubinskii, Army Research Laboratory
Recent Advances in Rotary Disk Laser Technology
Dr. Santanu Basu, Sparkle Optics Corporation
113-W, 115-mJ Ho:YLF MOPA System Pumped with Tm:Fiber Lasers-Pumped, Ho:YLF Laser
Dr. Alex Dergachev, Q-Peak, Inc
High-Power Sodium Guidestars Laser Systems for Current and Future Adaptive Optic Telescopes
Dr. Allen Tracy, Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies
Stabilization, Spectral Narrowing and Optimization of Solid State Lasers Using Volumetric PTR Bragg Grating Cavity Mirrors
Dr. Te-yuan Chung, University of Central Florida

Poster Session
High Modal Selectivity in Periodic Gain Diode Laser Arrays with Lateral Margin Control
Dr. Iulian Petrescu-Prahova, High Power Devices
Hybrid Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Assembly based on Grating Coupled Laser Diodes
Dr. Oleg Smolski, University of Central Florida
A New Relation for Mode Losses of Dense Laser Arrays Coupled to an External Cavity (Abstract only)
Dr. Eric Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory/DELO
Tunable Narrow Band-Pass Filters for Laser Applications
Dr. Julien Lumeau, University of Central Florida
Effect of Increased Quantum Well Strain on GaSb Based 2.3-2.4 um High Power Diode Lasers
Dr. David Westerfeld, Power Photonic Corp
Silicon Carbide: A New Optical Heatspreader Material for Cooling of High Power Solid State Laser Gain Media
Dr. G. Alex Newburgh, Army Research Laboratory
Multiple-Fiber Channels Beam Coupling Inside a Stable Configuration Laser Cavity
Dr. Anatoliy Khizhnyak, MetroLaser, Inc.
Bend-Loss Filtered, Large-Mode-Area Fiber Amplifiers: Experiments and Modeling
Dr. Roger Farrow, Sandia National Laboratories
Theoretical Model for Self-Synchronous Locking of Optical Coherence by Single-Detector Electronic-Frequency Tagging (Abstract only)
Dr. Thomas Shay, AFRL/DELO
First Experimental Demonstration of Coherent Fiber Array Phase Locking without an External Reference Beam (Abstract only)
Dr. Thomas Shay, AFRL/DELO

Corporate Presenters
Alfalight, Inc.  
Crystal Fibre A/S  
Heracus Quartz America, LLC  
ITF Optical Technologies  
L-3 Brashear  
nLight Corporation  
Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics  
Ondax, Inc.  
Precision Photonics Corporation  
Quintessence Photonics  
Visotek, Inc.  
CorActive High-Tech, Inc.  
Dilas Diode Laser, Inc.  
Market Tech, Inc.  
Nuvonyx, Inc.  

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