Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2016 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the limited distribution proceedings from the 2016 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Limited Distribution Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of US Government and its contractors. Some materials may be further limited to employees of US DoD / Contractors. Check with DE2AC for details.

HPEM Systems and Technologies
End-to-End Simulation of Directed Energy Systems
Nathaniel Lockwood, Air Force Research Laboratory
High Density Capacitors for Multi-Pulse CHAMP
Kenneth Struve, Sandia National Laboratories
Magnetic Non-Linear Transmission Lines for Solid-State High-Power Microwave Generation
Anton Geiler, Metamagnetics Inc.

Biological Effects of DE / Safety
Continuous and Pulsed Laser Ablation of Excised Porcine Muscle and Skin Tissue at 1070 nm
Semih Kumru, Air Force Research Laboratory

ABLE Beam Control Initiative
Advanced Beam Control for Locating and Engagement (ABLE) Overview
Lawrence Grimes, HEL Joint Technology
ABLE Modeling and Simulation
Michael Steinbock, Schafer Corp
Advanced Beam Control Locating and Engagement Enhanced Tracking System (ABLE-ETS)
Robert Pawlak, Naval Surface Warfare Center
1030 nm Illuminator Development for High Energy Laser Weapon Systems
David Mordaunt, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Advances in DM Technology:Active Primary Deformable Mirrors & Compact Fast High Power DMs
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation
Design Considerations for Developing a High Energy Laser Beam Expander as a Line Replaceable Unit
Jeff Maloney, L-3 Brashear

Beam Control Performance: Turbulence/Aerosols
NPS SE Near Maritime Atmospheric Optical Turbulence Measurements
Douglas Nelson, Naval Postgraduate School
Deep-Turbulence Simulation in a Scaled-Laboratory Environment Using Five Phase-Only Spatial Light Modulators
Mark Spencer, Air Force Research Laboratory
Initial Results from the Maritime Atmospheric Characterization System Atmospheric Transmission Measurement (MACS ATM) LIDAR (Paper also available)
John Stewart, Georgia Tech Research Institute Electro-Optical Systems Laboratoy
Path-Independent World-Wide CFLOS Calculator
Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology

Electrical Power for DEW
Aerospace Systems Capabilities of Hamilton Sundstrand and Goodrich Aerospace
Todd Spierling, UTC Aerospace Systems

Laser System Concepts / HEL Sources / Space Situational Awareness
MW-Class Free-Electron-Laser Technology Development
Frank Krawczyk, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Optical Comm, Active Illumination, and Advanced Materials
Quantum Key Distribution Methodology Applied to Evaluating Additional Quantum System
Alexander Duchane, Air Force Research Laboratory
Irradiance Collection and Reporting System (ICRS)
John Le Sage, SemQuest Inc.

Beam Control: Tracking & Aimpoint Control
Modeling the Impact of Slow Varying Offsets between HEL Line of Sight (LOS) and Target Aimpoint (Paper also available)
Gamze Erten, Raytheon SAS
Transitioning From Conventional HEL Fine Tracking To Ladar Solutions (Paper also available)
Joseph Paranto, Applied Research Associates
Laser Beam Control using Beaconless Adaptive-Optics Technique
Vladimir Markov, Advanced Systems &Technologies, Inc.
ATL Aero Induced Jitter Mechanism - Evidence and Future Implications (Paper also available)
Michael Stanek, Air Force Research Laboratory

Counter DEW
Aircraft HPEM Hardening in the 21st Century (Paper also available)
William Prather, Air Force Research Laboratory
Nonlinear Metasurfaces for Surface Current Suppression
Phillip Meyerhofer, Naval Research Laboratory

DE Education Workshop
Linear Systems in Optics: A DE-Inspired Short Course at AFRL
Mark Spencer, Air Force Research Laboratory
Directed Energy Systems Engineering Education at the Naval Postgraduate School
Douglas Nelson, Naval Postgraduate School

Ultra Short Pulse Laser
Burst Mode Ultra Short Pulse Laser Development
George Fischer, US ARMY ARDEC and Darren Rand, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Beam Control: Subsystems & Components
Development of the Navy High Energy Fiber Laser Helicopter Beam Director System
Robert Praus, MZA Associates Corporation
Development, Application, and System Influence of Beam Expander Architectures
Jeff Maloney, L3 - Brashear
Field Testing of the Navy High Energy Fiber Laser Helicopter Beam Director System at the AFRL ELTF
Kirk Powell, MZA Associates Corporation
Multiple-Modality Technique for Performance Assessment of Deformable Mirrors
Vladimir Markov, Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.
Efficient Stochastic Gradient AdaptiveOptics for Improved Power on Target
Adam Willitsford, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Thermal Management Components and Approaches for DEW
Advanced Thermal Management System Controls for Laser Weapons Systems
David Sykes, Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Employment and Testing of DE
Lessons Learned for Satellite Safety and Directed Energy System Integration
Steven Gabriel, Serco, Inc.
Re-Issue of the Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 3100.11 Management of Laser Illumination of Objects in Space
Christopher Behre, OSDADS/SP

HPEM Effects, M&S
High Power Electromagnetic Susceptibility and Vulnerability Toolkit (HPEM-SVT)
Walter Clover, XL Scientific

HEL Apertures, Turrets: Experiments, M&S
Research Plans For Future Aircraft Apertures (Paper also available)
Michael Stanek, Air Force Research Laboratory
Passive Flow Control for Transonic Turret
Eric Jumper, University of Notre Dame
CFD Simulation of Canonical Turret Configuration with Flow Control (Paper also available)
David Weston, Air Force Research Laboratory
CFD Support for Aero-Optic Wind-Tunnel Testing in AFRL (Paper also available)
Scott Sherer, Air Force Research Laboratory

Modeled Employment of DE
Directed Acquisition For High Energy Laser (DAFHI) Modeling & Simulation Plan for the Study of Autonomous Target Acquisition in an Aircraft Self-Protect Laser Weapon System Application
Timothy Wolfe, Air Force Research Laboratory
Weather Effects Tools for HEL Mission Planning and Fire Control
Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology
Conventional Munitions Modeling and Simulation Applied to High Energy Laser (HEL) Aimpoint Determination and Debris Fall-out Prediction (Paper also available)
Charles Needham, Applied Research Associates
Modeling High Power Microwave Propagation over Water for Non-Lethal Vessel-to-Vessel Engagement (Paper also available)
Jason Miller, Booz Allen Hamilton

HPEM Effects: Measurements/M&S
Validation of the Differential-Mode Optically-Based Current Sensor
Jeffrey Schleher, American Systems

Poster Session
Magnetic Non-Linear Transmission Lines for Solid-State High-Power Microwave Generation
Anton Geiler, Wright State University

Classified Presentations
* Distribution authorized to U.S. citizens holding a secret or higher security clearance. Additional distribution restrictions may apply.

Employment and Testing of DE
Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD): Pathway to Fielding on Tactical Air Platforms

Laser Effects & Analysis
Further Investigation of a HEL Dynamic Engagement Analysis for a Realistic Scenario

Beam Control and Laser Technologies
ABC Flight Testing: Closed Loop Performance Predictions

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