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2014 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2014 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Sessions
Directed Energy Developments
Mr Richard DeFatta, SMDC, Director, Emerging Technology Directorate
Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons
Ms Susan Levine, JNLWD, Principal Deputy (Policy & Strategy)
Recent Policy Initiatives Interim DoDI 5000.02
Bill Decker, Defense Acquisiton University

Laser Systems/Demonstrations
Range Force Protection Test Bed
Dick Bradshaw, Scientic, Inc.

RF Systems/Demonstrations
Remote Engine Stopping: Microwave Barriers (Paper only)
M. Duffield, A. Wood, G. Stimson, K. Read, Ralph Hoover, e2v Aerospace and Defense
Prevention of Electron Multipactor in HPM Systems
Jonathan Spaulding, Air Force Research Laboratory

RF Technology
Peak Power Gain via Time Reversal in Semi-Reverberant Complex Enclosures
Victor Mendez, Sun Hong, Walter Wall, Tim Andreadis, Naval Research Laboratory and Trystan Koch, Steven Anlage, University of Maryland

A Novel Glare Device Using Thermal Lensing in the Eye
Robert Thomas, Benjamin Rockwell, Air Force Research Laboratory 711 HPW/RHDO
Trends in Melanosome Microcavitation in the Near Infrared
Benjamin Rockwell, Morgan Schmidt, Robert Thomas, Air Force Research Laboratory 711 HPW/RHDO
Optical Imaging for Analysis of Ocular Lesions
Joel Bixler, TASC, Inc
Measuring High-Power Laser Emission Using Radiation Pressure
Paul Williams, John Lehman, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Bob Lee, Frank Maring, Scientech

Free Electron Lasers
Status of the CSU Accelerator and FEL Facility
Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Jorge Martinez, John Harris, Christopher Hall, Auralee Morin, Johathan Edelen, Joel Milliams, Joshua Einstein, Kahren Horovitz, Alex D'Audney, Nihan Sipahi, Tylan Sipahi, Colorado State University
A Short-Gap, Two-Frequency, Thermionic Cathode Electron Gun for High Current Injectiors (Paper also included)
Jonathan Edelen, Sandra Biedron, John Harris, John Lewellen, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
Pulsed-Wire Measurements of an Undulator Magnet (Paper also included)
Alex D’Audney, Sean Stellingwerff, Colorado State University
Study of CSR Effects in the Jefferson Laboratory FEL Driver
Christopher Hall, S. Biedron, S. Milton, Colorado State University
Beam Position Monitoring in the CSU Accelerator Facility (Paper also included)
Josh Einstein, Max VanKeuren, Stephen Watras, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
X-Band RF Power Generation Via an L-Band Accelerator System and Uses (Paper also included)
Taylan Sipahi, N. Sipahi, S. Biedron, S. Milton, Colorado State University

Poster Session
Trajectory Response Studies at the Jefferson Laboratory Energy Recovery Linac and FEL Laser (Paper also included)
Auralee Morin, S. Biedron, S. Milton, C. Tennant, D. Douglas, Colorado State University
Numerical Investigation of Particle Shape Effects on Near-field Electromagnetic Flux (Paper also included)
Keith Prussing, Michael Cathcart, Georgia Institute of Technology

Laser Technology
Investigation of Dual Seeded Raman Laser for High-Power 1178 nm Generation
Cody Mart, Air Force Research Laboratory and M. Klopfer, University of New Mexico and L. Henry, AFRL
Synchronization of Single Mode Laser Diode Arrays
Niketh Nair, Yehuda Braiman, University of Tennessee and Erik Bochove, AFRL
Innovative Approach to Life Cycle Management
Bill Wessels, Barry Posey, Dick Bradshaw, Scientic, Inc
Coherent Beam Combining and Routing using an Electronically Controlled 2x2 Optical Switch
Waylin Wing, University of Alabama and Eliot Peterson, ARL and Jeffrey White, Sensors & Electron Devices Directorate
Cladded Crystal Fibers for High Power Lasers
Brandon Shaw, Charles Askins, Woohong Kim, Shyam Bayya, Dan Gibson, Steve Bowman, Jas Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory and John Peele, Sotera Defense Solutions
50µm-Core Yb-doped Leakage Channel Fiber with Flattened Mode (Paper also included)
Fanting Kong, Guancheng Gu, Thomas Hawkins, Joshua Parsons, Maxwell Jones, Christopher Dunn, Monica Kalichevsky-Dong, Liang Dong, ECE/COMSET, Clemson University and Kanxian Wei, Bryce Samson, Nufern
High Pressure Lineshapes for Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers
Glen Perram, Gordon Hager, Gordon Lott, Aaron Archibald, L. Blank, David Weeks, Air Force Institute of Technology
Fractal Dimension, Coupling Efficiency, and Characterization of the Brillouin Spectrum
Linda Chardee Allee, Army Research Lab

Enablers: Power, Thermal, etc.
Thermal/Power Managment of DE Systems - An OEMs Perspective
Skip Williams, Applied Companies
High Efficiency and High Power Density Generator Rated for 1 MW
Cristian Anghel, Honeywell Aerospace
Electric Power &Thermal Cooling for Mobile Laser Weapon Systems
Bo Henderson, Scientic Inc.

Standards & Terminology
Calculating 'Beam Quality' Using Power in the Bucket (PIB) Curves (Paper also included)
Brian Strickland, US Army SMDC/Army Forces Strategic Command and Jack Albers, Welman Gebhart, Radiance Technologies

Beam Propagation
Minimizing Scintillation using Pseudo-Partially Coherent Beams
Meredith Lipp, Reza Malek-Madani, Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, Charles Nelson, United States Naval Academy
Scattering from a Rough Surface in Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence
Santasri Basu, Milo Hyde, Jack McCrae, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology
Determination of the Inner Scale of Turbulence: A Comparison of a Direct Thermal Analysis to Measuring the Angle of Arrival and Scintillation of a Thin Beam
Richard Watkins, Reza Malek-Madani, Chris Reynolds, US Naval Academy and Eric Wang, Lawrence Livermore Labs

Beam Control Technology
Anti-Reflective Surface Structures for High Energy Laser Optics
Lynda Busse, L. Shae, J. Frantz, S. Bayya, J. Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory Academy and C. Florea, I. Aggarwal, Sotera Defense Solutions and M. Poutous, R. Joshi, University of North Carolina
The Scattering of Partially Coherent Electromagnetic Beam Illumination from a Statistically Rough Perfectly Reflecting Surface
Mark Spencer, Milo Hyde, Air Force Institute of Technology

Near-Infrared Laser Skin Damage Thresholds and Mechanisms
Robert Thomas, Air Force Research Laboratory

Directed Energy Education Workshop
Bachelors to PhD: An Education Stimulated by Research in Directed Energy
Mark Spencer, Air Force Institute of Technology
Utilizing Undergraduate Research as Curriculum & Technical Research Resources at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Plasma Lab (CGAPL)
James Royce, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Directed Energy Professional Society Education Grant Status
Mark Neice, Directed Energy Professional Society
Fractal Dimensions, Coupling Efficiency, and Characterization of the Brillouin Spectrum
Linda Chardee Allee, University of Arizona
2013 Summer DE Scholar Internship Program at NRL
Mike Helle, Antonio Ting, T. Jones, D. Kaganovich, R. Fischer, D. Gordon, J. Penano, Naval Research Laboratory

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