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2014 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the limited distribution proceedings from the 2014 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Limited Distribution Proceedings
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Laser Systems/Demonstrations
Current Advances in Space Deconfliction for High Energy Laser Battlefield Weapons
Steven Gabriel, Douglas Kohlhepp, SERCO, Inc. and Douglas Pindrock, Heather Witts, Joint Functional Component Command for Space and Paul Simpson, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) High Power Test Summary
High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD)Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) Overview
Thermal Management Subsystem (TMS) Requirements for a MobileLaser System
HEL Beam Control Research Testbed Status and Capabilities
Lewis DeSandre, B.Agrawal, Jae Jun Kim, Gero Nootz, Bautista Fernandez, Naval Postgraduate School and Ty Martinez, Naval Research Laboratory

RF Systems/Demonstrations
Coupled Electrical & Environmental Effects (CE3) Failure Isolation Using DOCA
Michael Strizich, MicroNet Solutions Inc.

RF Technology
Methodology for Analyzing RF Effects on Printed Circuit Boards
David Vigliano, Larry Bacon, Michael Walker, Jeffery William, Christos Christodolou, Sandia National Laboratories, University of New Mexico

Modeling & Simulation
Advanced Concepts Event (ACE-13) Results
Rudy Martinez, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDMW
Virtual Prototyping and Optimization of Directed Energy Systems
Nate Lockwood, Andrew Greenwood, Robert Peterkin, Donald Shiffler, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDHE
LIDAR Validation Experiments of LEEDR Aerosol Boundary Layer Characterizations
Steven Fiorino, Christopher Rice, Kevin Keefer, Michelle Via, Air Force Institute of Technology/ENP

Laser Technology
Robust Electric Laser Initiative Program Changes, Status and Results
Don Seeley, HEL JTO and Adam Aberle, Army SMDC and Nickolas Morley, AFRL and LeAnn Brasure, Jack Slater, Schafer Corp
Northrop Grumman’s Coherently Combined RELI Fiber Laser
Marty Wachs, Gregory Goodno, James Ho, Jason Machan, Stuart McNaught, Joshua Rothenberg, Chun-Ching Shih, Daniel Shimabukuro, Peter Thielen, Mark Weber, Northrop Grumman

Enablers: Power, Thermal, etc.
Multiphase Cooling of High Power Magnetrons
Aaron Wallo, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Novel Ideas and Technology
Experimental Results of a Broadband Nonlinear Metamaterial for Counter HPM Applications
Walter Wall, Sun Hong, Scott Rudolph, Kenneth Morgan, Time Andreadis, US Naval Research Laboratory and Tony Warren, Envisioneering Inc.

Standards & Terminology
DEW Standards - Where to Start?
Jack Slater, Schafer Corp

Beam Propagation
The Integrated Atmospheric Characterization System (IACS)
Dave Roberts, K. Albers, E. Brown, T. Craney, M. Hosain, R. James, N. Meraz, A. Mercer, K. Nielson, R. Ortman, T. Pool, J. Wood, J. Stewart, T. Strike, G. Gimmestad, Georgia Tech and D. Whiteman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Maritime Atmospheric Characterization System (MACS) Aerosol Transmission Measurement (ATM) LIDAR (Paper also available)
Steve Hammel, Terry Robinson, SPAWAR Systems Center and D. Roberts, T. Craney, M. Hosain, R. James, N. Meraz, J. Wood, J. Stewart, G. Gimmestad, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Improved Correlation of Thermal Blooming Distortion Number and Far-Field Irradiance in a Turbulent Environment
Steven Fiorino, Noah Van Zandt, Kevin Keefer, Patrick Donnelly, Air Force Institute of Technology/ENP

Beam Control Technology
HEL JTO Beam Control Technology Development and Transition Opportunities
Keith Bush, Schafer Corp. and Al Ogloza, Naval Postgraduate School
Long Burn HEL Deformable Mirror Technology
Marc Jacoby, Optical Physics Co
Simulation of Phased Array Laser Propagation with Sub-Aperture Piston and Tilt Compensation
Jack McCrae, AFIT/ENP
Investigating the Effect of Apparent Jitter on AFIT Active Pointer/Tracker (AAPT) Performance for AAOL-T
Matthew Krizo, Steven Fiorino, Riley Hampton, AFIT Center for Directed Energy
HEL MD Beam Shaping Optics
David O’Brien, Boeing

Target Reflected Energy Measurements (TREM) Testing in HEL Hazard Analysis Methodology Program - Implications for Hazards
Semih Kumru, Air Force Research Laboratory
Aversion to Directed Energy Among Junior Enlisted Service Personnel: A Survey Experiment
Benjamin Buch, Stanford University

Other Session
Backpack Mountable Man-Portable Laser System Development and Testing
Robert Thomas, Air Force Research Laboratory

Classified Presentations
* Distribution authorized to U.S.Citizens holding a secret or higher security clearance. Additional distribution restrictions may apply.
Disruption of Small Boat Command, Control, and Communications Capabilities

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