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2012 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2012 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
Keynote: The US Naval Leadership View of Directed Energy
Dr David C Stoudt, Senior Director, Naval Capabilities and Rediness
Barriers, Opportunities, and the Future of High Energy Lasers
Mr Dan Wildt, Vice President, Directed Energy Systems, Northrop Grumman
DEPS Recognitions and Report
Dr Tim Andreadis, DEPS President

Student Poster Session
Diagnostics of High Energy Electron Beam Instabilities (Abstract and Paper also included)
Theodore Burleson, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
Simplification of Cathode Systems for High-Brightness Electron Sources
Jonathan Edelen, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
Beam Instabilities For Short Bunches in FELs
Chris Hall, S. Biedron, T. Burleson, A. Morin, S. Milton, Colorado State University and S. Benson, D. Douglas, P. Evtushenko, C. Tennant, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and B. Carlsten, Los Alamos National Laboratory and J. Lewellen, Naval Postgraduate School
Higher Order Wide-Angle Split-Step Spectral Method
Brett Hokr, C. Clark, R. Grotheer, R. Thomas, Texas A&M University
Power Calculation of Linear Accelerators
Nihan Sipahi, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
X-band Linac for CSU Accelerator Facility
Taylan Sipahi, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University

Student Session
Two Frequency Electron Gun for Thermionic Cathode System (Abstract and Paper also included)
Jonathan Edelen, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
VECSEL Scalability by Modification of the External Resonance Cavity
Joseph Braker, E. Fennig, R. Bunch, and P.. Leisher , Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Sensitivity Analysis and Characterization of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers for Directed Energy Applications (Abstract and Paper also included)
Eryn Fennig, G. Ragaunathan, K. Choquette, and P. Leisher, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Model of Heat Transferred to Cell Culture from IR Laser for Excitation Purposes
Theodore Schomay, University of Colorado
Analysis of Thermal and Strain Effects in Composites using Fiber Bragg Grating Optical Temperature Sensors
Kyle Elam, Brian Jenkins, Peter Joyce, Deborah Mechtel, United States Naval Academy
Upgrading a Modeling Tool for Solid State Laser Weapon System Cost, Size, Weight and Power
Zachariah Netzer, Phillips Scholar, Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute

DE Modeling & Simulation/Numerical Simulation I
Numerical Modeling of Nd:YAG HEL Effects in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (Abstract and Paper also included)
Andrew Tresansky, Peter Joyce, Joshua Radice, Joe Watkins, US Naval Academy
A Proposed Connection of Phased Laser Array Dynamics to Biological Neural Nets Based on the Work of Donald O. Hebb
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory
Validity of Using Gaussian Schell Model for Scattering of a Fully Coherent Beam from a Rough Impedance Surface
Santasri Basu, Milo Hyde IV, Michael Marciniak, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology and Salvatore Cusumano, MZA Associates Corporation

Laser Components I
Scalable Pump Source for Diode Pumped Alkali Laser (Abstract and Paper also included)
Bill Hersman, Robert Carrier, University of New Hampshire and David Watt, Jan Distelbrink, Xemed
Window Protection Technology for High-Power DPAL
Bill Hersman, University of New Hampshire and David Watt, Jan Distelbrink, Xemed
Pulsed vs. CW Thermal Breakdown in Nanolaminate Optical Coatings on Patterned Optics
Lucas Taylor, Andrew Brown, Joseph Talghader, University of Minnesota
Exciplex Pumped Rb-Ar and Rb-Kr Lasers
Glen Perram, Jeffrey Gallagher, Air Force Institute of Technology
Mid-Infrared Rubidium Vapor Laser
Glen Perram, Ryan Richards, Air Force Institute of Technology
Determination of Low Pressure Broadening and Shift Rates for Cs Collisions with He, Ne, and Ar from Anderson Tallman Theory
Gordon Hager, Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology
Beam Instabilities: Recent Experimental and Simulated Results
S. Biedron, T. Burleson, S. Milton, A. Morin, C. Hall, Colorado State University and S. Benson, D. Douglas, P. Evtushenko, C. Tennant, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and B. Carlsten, Los Alamos National Laboratory and J. Lewellen, Naval Postgraduate School

Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse I
EMP Coupling to Aircraft
William Prather, Air Force Research Laboratory
Swept CW Testing of Shielded Systems
William Prather, Air Force Research Laboratory and Michael Rooney, DTRA and Lenny Ortiz , Jay Anderson, OC-ALC and Jory Cafferky, EG&G and Tim Rynne, Northrop Grumman
Worldwide High-Altitude Nuclear EMP (HEMP) Simulators
Joseph Giles, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Some Residual Nuclear Weapons Effects Capability at AFRL
Hugh Pohle, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDHE
The Standardization of the High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
William Radasky, Metatech Corporation and Edl Schamiloglu, University of New Mexico
NAWCAD Patuxent River HEMP (E1) Test Capabilities
David Belt, NAWCAD

DE Employment and DE Programs I
DE Momentum Beaming (DEMB) for Innovative Spacecraft Maneuvering (Abstract and Paper also included)
Young Bae, Y.K. Bae Corporation
Integration of a High Energy Laser into an Existing C-RAM Air Defence System Challenges
Fabian Ochsner, Rheinmetall Air Defence
The CSU Accelerator Laboratory
Stephen Milton, Colorado State University

Poster Session
Development of Advanced Control Systems for Linear Accelerators (Abstract and Paper included)
Auralee Morin, Sandra Biedron, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University
Beam Current Results and Progress on the NCRF Photoinjector
Richard Renneke D. Nguyen, N. Moody, F. Krawczyk, K. Bishofberger, L. Duffy, F. Martinez, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Energy, Power and Thermal Management for DE I
Compact Modular High Energy FEG Systems
Zack Roberts, Radiance Technologies
High Voltage Phosphate Cells for Aviation Applications
Bridget Deveney, Yvonne Chen, Saft America and Joseph Fellner, US Air Force
Megawatt Class Power for Directed Energy Weapons
Jay Vaidya, Kevin Yost, Air Force Research Laboratory/PRPG

RF Sources
Brillouin Flow in Recirculating Planar Magnetron
David Simon, Y. Lau, R. Gilgenbach, University of Michigan and J. Luginsland, AFOSR and B. Hoff, D. French, Air Force Research Laboratory

Beam Control I
Understanding the Physics of Optical Deep Turbulence at the Earth's Boundary Layer: A Preliminary Report on the Field Campaign
Thomas Farrell, Darryl Sanchez, Julie Smith, Jason Holzman, Patrick Kelly, William Gibson, Air Force Research Laboratory and Anita Gallegos, Science Applications International Corporation
Comparison of Cn2 Profiles from Weather Radar Data to Coherent Multi-Beam Atmospheric Transceiver (COMBAT) Experiments
Steven Fiorino, Lee Burchett, Jack McCrae,, AFIT and Mikhail Vorontsov, Thomas Weyrauch, Intelligent Optics Laboratory

RF Components/FEL
Sheet Beam Klystron for the Navy FEL (Abstract and Paper also included)
Aaron Jensen, Michael Fazio, Andy Haase, Erik Jongewaard, David Martin, Jeff Neilson, Daryl Sprehn, Arnold Vlieks, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Nonlinear Harmonic Selection in an FEL Undulator System
Sandra Biedron, Karen Horovitz, Stephen Milton, Colorado State University and Luca Giannessi, ENEA
High Pressure Sealed Hydrogen Spark Switches
Spencer Rendall, M. Rose, Z. Shotts, Radiance Technologies
Electron Multipactor in HPM Systems
Jonathan Spaulding, AFRL Directed Energy, High Power Microwave Division

Technical Assessment of DE Capability
Overview of the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration
Bernard Edwards, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

RF DE Effects II
Mixed-Level Prediction of Electronic System Response to High-Power Microwaves and Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse
Larry Bacon, Alan Mar, David Vigliano, Erik Zeek, Sandia National Laboratories
Electronic Circuit Effects using an Active Thevenin Equivalent Network Approach (ATHENA)
Jeffery Williams, Larry Bacon, Michael walker, Erik Zeek, Sandia National Laboratories
Directed Energy Test Science and Technology Sensor Program
Jeffrey Schleher, American Systems

Beam Control II
Analysis of Laser Beam Propagation in Turbulent Atmosphere via Bayesian Mixtures
Eric Wang, Reza Malek-Madani , Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic , Charles Nelson , Joe Watkins and Olga Korotkova, University of Miami
Optical Angle-of-Arrival Fluctuations Observed with Two Closely Spaced Telescopes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer (Paper Only)
Andreas Muschinski, Northwest Research Associates and Shiril Tichkule, University of Colorado at Boulder

Biological Effects/Hazard Analysis
INIVTED: Perspective on Collaborations, Roadmaps, and Human Systems Integration for Directed Energy Bioeffects Research Programs
Patrick Mason, Jill McQuade, ASD(R&E)
Hazard Analysis Directed Energy Simulation (HADES) Role in the Development of High Energy Lasers and High Power Microwave Weapon Concepts
Richard Vickery, 711 HPW/RHDO

Beam Control III
Optical Directed Energy Beam Directors: Enabling Capabilities for the War Fighter (Abstract and Paper included)
Paul Konkola, Eyekon Systems
Directed Electromagnetic Energy Beam Path Bending Downward Due to Refractivity (Abstract and Paper included)
Michael Thomason, Jacobs/TYBRIN - Edwards AFB
Optical Design and Performance of Multiple Beam Combiners Using Fast Steering Mirrors
Tae Lim, Joe Watkins, United States Naval Academy
Simulated Adaptive Optics Performance for a Single-Path Deep Turbulence Scenario
Michael Steinbock, Milo Hyde, Air Force Institute of Technology and Jason Schmidt, MZA Associates Corporation

Directed Energy Education Workshop
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, HEL JTO
HEL Educational Initiative
Sam Blankenship
Cranfield University at Shrivenham and Graduate Education
David James
Colorado State University: Directed Energy Education A Few Experiences
Sandra Biedron

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