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2011 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2011 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
KEYNOTE: Naval Aviation and Directed Energy Weapons
Rear Admiral Mathias W. Winter Commander, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, NAVAIR Asst Commander for Test and Evaluation
DEPS Report and Recognitions
Dr. Kirk Hackett, DEPS President
JIEDDO Overview and IED Pre-Detonation Requirements
Captain Douglas Borrebach Deputy Director, Resources & Requirements

New Developments in Atmospheric Measurement Systems
Design of a Differential Image Motion Monitor for Measurement of Optical Turbulence in Support of Dynamic Range Tests
Kevin Johnson, Naval Air Warfare Center
Development of the Integrated Atmospheric Characterization System (IACS)
David Roberts, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Imaging Systems for Extinction Measurements along Extended Paths
Janet E. Shields, University of California

Acquisition, Tracking and Jitter Control
Beam Jitter Mitigation using a Line-of-Sight Reference Frame and Robust Control
Richard O'Brien, United States Naval Academy
Optical Beam Jitter Control for NPS HEL Beam Control Testbed (Abstract and Paper also included)
Jae Jun Kim, Naval Postgraduate School
Passive Ranging of Rocket and Engine Plumes: Flight Test of MPR Instruments
Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology

HPM Technology and Effects
Progress in First Principles Modeling of HPM Effects (Abstract and Paper also included)
Larry Bacon, Sandia National Laboratories
Cycling of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices at Elevated Rates (Abstract and Paper also included)
David Wetz, University of Texas at Arlington
Charge Pulse Power Modulator for Directed Energy Systems
Richard Thomas, Army Research Laboratory

Student Session
Rejection of Jitter Induced Disturbances Using an Adaptive H-Infinity Control Algorithm
Shane Moran, United States Naval Academy
Strapdown Inertial Reference Unit for NPS Beam Control Testbed
Kristi Ivy Irgens, University of California - Davis and Jay Roldan, University of California-Santa Cruz
Erbium Doped Glasses as Potential Fiber Gain Media (Abstract and Paper also included)
Nana Asare, Army Research Laboratory (and University of Maryland)
Photoionization in a Rubidium Alkali Lasers
Keith Wyman, US Air Force Academy
Implementation of the Distortion Imaging Model
Madison Kretzler, Center for Directed Energy
High Sensitivity Uncooled Microbolometers for THz Imaging (Abstract and Paper also included)
Brian Kearney, Naval Postgraduate School
Characterizing the Optical Properties of Dirt in the THz Domain for Applications in Imaging through Brownout Conditions
Markus Novak, Center for Directed Energy

Maritime Laser Demonstration T&E
Dynamic Range Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements in Support of Maritime Laser Demonstration
Randle Dewees, NAWC WD
Maritime Atmospheric Measurements over Zunica Shoals
Paul Berger, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Beam Propagation & Wavefront Control
Horizontal Propagation Deep Turbulence Testbed (Abstract and Paper also included)
Jae Jun Kim, Naval Postgraduate School
Simulation of Aero-Optics over Conformal and Flat Window Turrets (Abstract and Paper only)
Michael White, Ohio Aerospace Institute

HPM Testing
Low Power Microwave (LPM) Methodology Bridge to HPM Testing
Jose Reza, Army Research Laboratory/SLAD

Electric Lasers
Lasers Based on Highly Doped Lu2O3 Ceramics (Abstract and Paper also included)
Jas Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory

Human Effects
Non-Lethal Weapons Human Effects Center of Excellence: A Joint Effort Between JNLWP and AFRL
Jimmy Fleming, Air Force Research Laboratory/RHD
Human Effects Modeling Analysis Program (HE-MAP): Models for Human Effects Characterization
Jason DeChancie, American Systems
Risk of Significant Injury (RSI)
Jim Simonds, Air Force Research Laboratory/RHD
Experiments in Modelspace: Leveraging Human Effectiveness Models and Statistical Design of Experiments to Extimate Non-Lethal Weapon Performance
Jim Fleming, Air Force Research Laboratory/RHD
An Effects-Based Design Approach Using Human Effectiveness Modeling and Simulation to Assist in the Definition and Validation of Warfighter Requirements
Allen DeNeve, Air Force Research Laboratory/RHD

International Session - HEL & HPM
Resistive Sensor for High Power Microwave Pulse Power Monitoring in Susceptibility Tests
Mindaugas Dagys, Center for Physical Science and Technology

Poster Session
Nonlinear Transmission Line Performance Under Various Magnetic Bias Environments (Abstract and Paper also included)
J.W. Braxton Bragg, Texas Tech
Wind Speed and Height Correction for Radar Derived Optical Turbulence
Matt Buchanan, AFIT
High Power 1.5kW CW Optical Pumping Source Suitable for Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers
F. William Hersman, Xemed LLC
Psychophysical Assessment of the Effects of Visor Laser Eye Protection Devices on Visual Function
Semih Kumru, AFRL 711 HPW/RHDO
Indirect Photography
Nathan Powell, AFIT
Rechargeable Lithium Power Source for High Energy Fiber Laser (Abstract and Paper only)
Zhi Yang, ARL

High Pressure, Non-Lorentzian Lineshapes for DPAL: Theory and Experiment
Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology
Analytic Model for Alkali Metal Vapor Lasers: M2 and Radial Dependent Pump Intensity
Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology

Fiber Laser
Challenges in Making Photonic Crystal Fibers for High Energy Laser Applications
Joe Friebele, Naval Research Laboratory
Single Mode, High Power, Narrow Line-Width Fiber Amplifiers
John Edgecumbe, Nufern
Experimental Investigations of Segmented Acoustically Tailored Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifiers
Craig Robin, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDLAF

Compact Antennas and Advanced Power Systems
A Fan-Beam Radiator and Other Concepts for Compact High Power Microwave Antennas
Christos Christodoulou, University of New Mexico

Beam Physics
Intense Electron Beam Physics Modulations and Halos
Rami Kishek, University of Maryland

FEL Systems
Advances in the Understanding of Oxide Materials for High Energy Laser Coatings
Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
Multiple-Beam Inductive Output Tube Designs for High Average-Power Accelerator Applications
Edward Wright, Beam Wave Research Inc
Single-Spike Operation from Chirped-Pulsed, Step-Tapered SASE FEL
Dinh Nguyen, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Counter HPM Effects
Application of the Random Coupling Model to the Calculation of Electromagnetic Statistics in Complex Enclosures with Apertures
Zachary Drikas, Naval Research Laboratory
Suppressing High Power RF Waves on Metal or Composite Structures
Daniel Sievenpiper, University of CA

High Power DEW Thermal Management
Practical Application of High-Heat-Flux Cooling for Directed Energy Weapon Systems
Joseph Homitz, Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Multiphysical Modeling of Metal Hydrides for Energy Storage
Sangwook Sihn, University of Dayton
Overview of Active Materials for Thermal Control
John Ferguson, Air Force Research Laboratory/RXBT

HEL Threat Detection, Avoidance & Propagation
Off-Axis Detection and Characterization of Laser Beams along General Slant Paths in the Maritime Atmosphere
Frank Hanson, SSC Pacific
Characterization of Laser Beams by Off-Axis Scattering Using Multiple Cameras
Ike Bendall, SSC Pacific
An Experimental Study of the Probability Density Function of a Turbulence Induced Fluctuating Laser Beam
Reza Malek-Madani, U.S. Naval Academy

Materials for CDEW
Laser Propagation in Biaxial Liquid Crystal Polymers (Abstract and Paper only)
Eric Choate, Naval Postgraduate School
Transient Temperature Distributions Produced in a Two-Layer Finite Structure by a Dithering or Rotating Laser Beam (Abstract and Paper also included)
Hong Zhou, Naval Postgraduate School
Laser Damage Detection in Composites Using Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors
Composites Using Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors

Cathode Physics
Modeling the Quantum Efficiency of Controlled Porosity Dispenser Photocathodes
Zhigang Pan, University of Maryland

Directed Energy Education Workshop
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, HEL JTO
Defense Acquisition University - An Asset for Both Government and Industry
William Decker, DAU
Engineering Technology at University of Hawaii Maui College
Mark Hoffman, University of Hawaii - Maui
The Importance of Mentoring and Recruiting Students to Engineering Early On
Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
United States Naval Academy Directed Energy Program: Successes and Challenges
Joe Watkins, Naval Academy
Directed Energy and Lasers - Tools for Research and Experiential Education at the U. S. Coast Guard Academy
Royce James, Coast Guard Academy
Laser Education at West Point
John Hartke, U.S. Military Academy
DE Education at USAFA
Geoff Andersen, Air Force Academy

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