Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2011 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2011 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Limited Distribution C Proceedings
* Distribution authorized to employees of US Government and its contractors.

Vehicle / Vessel Stopping
Effects Based High Power Microwave Weapon Design Methodology
Cynthia Ropiak, Consultant
The Use of Modeling and Simulation Tools to Address Propagation and Attenuation Issues Associated with Propagating RF to and Through a Target Boat Structure
Cynthia Ropiak, Consultant
Experimental Results Investigating Dielectric Loaded Non-Linear Transmission Lines as Microwave Sources for HPM Applications
Steven Russell, Los Alamos National Laboratory

HPM Sources
NLTL Development at Sandia National Laboratories
Jeff Alexander, Sandia National Laboratories

Thermal Management for RF & Laser Systems
Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System for Thermal Manager Applications
Gene Tu, Allcomp
Development of An Advanced Refrigeration System for Non-Lethal Direct Energy Weapon System
Greg Troszak, Advanced Cooling Technologies
Compact, Lightweight, Highly Efficient Thermal Management Pump and Systems Development for Directed Energy Weapon Systems
John Durbin, The Durbin Group, LLC
Novel Microchannel and Non-Isotropic Fin Heat Exchanger Structures for DEW Thermal Management Systems
John Kelly, Altex Technologies Corporation

HEL - System Demonstrators
High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator (HEL TD) Update

HEL Interoperability
HEL-Enabled UAV Keep Out Zone Analysis
Noah Van Zandt, Air Force Institute of Technology
Laser Weapon System Safety
Lewis Proudfoot, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons
Rapid Transition Demonstration of the Distributed Sound & Light Array
Rick Scott, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

Human Effects
Determination of Cellular Effects and Genetic Changes Following Exposure to High Voltage 10 ns Electrical Pulses
Caleb Roth, General Dynamics

Fiber Laser
Progress in Eye-Safer, Large Mode Area, Photonic Crystal Fiber Lasers and Arrays
Chad Carlson, US Air Force Academy

Compact Antennas and Advanced Power Systems
Design Study for a Dual-Frequency High-Gain L-Band HPM Antenna for Practical DEW Engagements
Robert Koslover, SARA, Inc.

Beam Physics
Simulation of a High Average Current Electron Gun for High-Power FELs (Paper)
Chad Mitchell, National Research Council Fellow

FEL Systems
FEL System Response to Shipboard Vibrations
Joshua Beauvais, Naval Postgraduate School

High Power DEW Thermal Management
Thermal Management Technology Survey
Sean Ross, Air Force Research Laboratory

HEL Threat Detection, Avoidance & Propagation
C-DEW Concepts
Leo Volfson, Torrey Pines Logic

Active Denial Technologies
Solid State Active Denial Technology Demonstrator Program
Ed Robinson, US Army ARDEC
Can 220 GHz Produce Active Denial Effects?
Kenneth Brown, Raytheon

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