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2010 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2010 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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DEPS Annual Report

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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
DEPS Report and Recognitions
Mr. Ed Pogue, DEPS President
Power and Energy for Army Directed Energy (DE) and DE Applications
Ms. Debra Wymer, Director, Test and Warfighter Solutions Center Acting Director, Technology Center

Laser Propagation
Laser Beam Characterization of Propagation Through a Marine Atmospheric Channel
Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, U.S. Naval Academy
A Preliminary Study of Atmospheric Propagation for Potassium DPAL HEL Systems with Atmospheric Oxygen Using a Rugged TDLAS System
Christopher Rice, Air Force Institute of Technology

DE Effects Testing and Evaluation
BSDF Characterization of Short-Pulse, Laser-Ablated IR Optical Windows
Andrea Brown, Johns Hopkins University
Precision Radiometric Surface Temperature Sensor (PRST)
James Daly, Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC
Can Optical Pyrometry Determine Temperature of Laser-Heated Targets?
James Griggs, DETEC

Solid State - Bulk and Diode Lasers
Z-scan Measurement of Upconversion in Er:YAG (Paper also included)
Jeffrey White, US Army Research Laboratory
Thermal Management of Solid-State Lasers via Silicon Carbide Face Cooling
G. Alex Newburgh, Army Research Laboratory
High Brightness (600W, 200 micron, NA 0.2) Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Source
Jason Alexander, Dilas Diode Lasers
Temperature Dependent Studies of the Antiguiding Parameter in Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers
Cody Mart, Air Force Research Laboratory/DELS

RF Effect Testing, M&S
Finding Potentially Susceptible Targets of HPM Attack Using Time-Frequency Analysis (Abstract and Paper only)
Walter Wall, US Naval Research Laboratory
Vunerability Characteristics of Computer Networks by Electromagnetic Pulse for UWB Pulser (Abstract and Paper also included)
Seung Ho Han, Agency for Defense Development
Measured and Modeled Statistics of EM Coupling in Cavities with Complex Boundary Conditions
John Rodgers, University of Maryland
Microwave Nonlinear Dynamics in CMOS Circuits
John Rodgers, University of Maryland

Student Session
Modeling Light Diffraction Using COMSOL
John Bamonte, U.S. Naval Academy
Laser Detection Systems Embedded Within a Composite
Michael Moberg, U.S. Naval Academy
Analysis and Modeling of Propagation of Electromagnetic Radiation in Periodic Media
Zach Bunting, U.S. Naval Academy
Experimental and Numerical Studies of a Pulsed Rubidium Optically Pumped Alkali Metal Vapor Laser (DPAL)
Nathan Zameroski, The University of New Mexico
Implementing the Line-of-Sight Reference Frame and On-Platform Orientation Sensors into a DE Beam Control System
Connor Dunn, US Naval Academy
Sodium Vapor Laser Pumped by a Dye Ring Laser
Matthew Guy, US Air Force Academy
Development of Control System to Track Moving Target
Mark Galligan, Naval Research Laboratory

Solid State Fiber/Bulk Lasers
High Power Multimode Fiber MOPA with SBS Beam Cleanup and Wavefront Reversal (Abstract and Paper also included)
John McElhenny, Army Research Laboratory
How to Pack Fiber Laser Array More Efficiently than Close-Pack (Abstract and Paper only)
Chunching Shih, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Comparative Study and Scaling of Resonantly Cladding-Pumped, LMA Yb-Free Er-Doped Fiber Laser
Jun Zhang, Army Research Laboratory
A Theoretical Investigation of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Phase-Modulated Fiber Amplifiers
Christopher Vergien, Air Force Research Laboratory

DE Power and Energy
Army Explosive Pulsed Power (EPP) Programs
Larry Altgilbers, US Army
Advances in High-Power Inductive Output Tube Modeling and Simulation
Edward Wright, Beam Wave Research Inc
Conceptual Design of a Lightweight, Compact Superconducting MW-Class Power Transmission Cable
Timothy Haugan, Air Force Research Laboratory
Power Systems for Electric Lasers...Technology Developements at General Atomics Aeronautical
Emilio Gomez, Saft America SDD

DE Systems & Programs
Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Risk Reduction Testbed
Mike Bertin, Science Applications Internation Corporation

Development of a Power Scaling Technique for Alkali Lasers
Boris Zhdanov, US Air Force Academy
Characteristics of a High-Intensity, Pulsed, Potassium Vapor Laser
Edward Hurd, Air Force Institute of Technology
DPAL Spin-Orbit Relaxation
Greg Pitz, Air Force Institute of Technology

Policy and Safety
Impact of DoD 5000.02, Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009, and Recent Policy Guidance on DE Systems
William Decker, Defense Acquisition University

Poster Session
Electromagnetic Effects in Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (Abstract and Paper only)
Christina Allen, University of Maryland Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics
High Action Comparison of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Super Gate Turn-off Thyristors (Abstract and Paper also included)
Stephen Bayne, Texas Tech University
Space Charge Investigations on Intense Electron Beams of Relevance to Free Electron Lasers
Rami Kishek, University of Maryland

RF Sources and Technologies
Synchronous Wave Operation of a Ferrite Loaded NLTL
Dale Coleman, Sandia National Laboratories
Spatial and Temporal Focusing of an Arbitrary RF Pulse Using the Time Reversal Technique
Sun Hong, Naval Research Laboratory
Frequency-Hopping HPM Source Development
John Rodgers, University of Maryland

Beam Control
Gaussian Beams from a Beam Control (Abstract and Paper also included)
Charles Albers, BAE Systems

Non Lethal Effectiveness
Effect of Lasers on Driving (Abstract and Paper also included)
Gordon Cooke, ARDEC, Target Behavioral Response Laboratory
Tactical Checkpoint - Hail/Warn and Suppress/Stop (Abstract and Paper also included)
Elizabeth Mezzacappa, ARDEC, Target Behavioral Response Laboratory
Targeting Success is Disrupted by a Green Laser: Static, Unpredictable Targets Under Low Light (Abstract and Paper also included)
Kenneth Short, ARDEC, Target Behavioral Response Laboratory
Targeting of Convoy Vehicles is Not Disrupted by a Green Laser: Moving, Predictable Targets in Bright Lighting (Abstract and Paper also included)
Kenneth Short, ARDEC, Target Behavioral Response Laboratory

Novel Concepts and Technologies
Some Electrical Properties of an USPL Induced Plasma Channel in Air
David French, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Non-Lethal Counter-Personnel Active Denial Technologies
Solid State Active Denial Weapons (Abstract and Paper also included)
Ken Brown, Reid Lowell, Andrew Brown, KC Hwang, Raytheon and Rick Scott, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

Directed Energy Education Workshop Proceedings
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
Directed Energy Education Initiatives
Sam Blankenship, Directed Energy Professional Society
Experimental and Numerical Studies of Thermal Lensing in Optical Materials
Samantha Franklin, USAF 711 HPW/RHDO
Directed Energy Summer Intern (DESI) Program Review
Eric Smith, Center for Directed Energy

Poster Papers
Analysis and Mitigation of Flight Induced Vibrations
Joshua Brown, Center for Directed Energy
Field and Laboratory Validation of Surface Layer Optical Turbulence
Adam Downs, Center for Directed Energy
Characterizing In-flight Disturbance Data from Multiple Tactical Platforms and Operating Regimes
David Huber, Center for Directed Energy
Polarimetric Reflectance Measurements of Diffuse Scatterers
Matthew Niemiec, Center for Directed Energy
THz Propagation in Brownout
Julian Spinoza, Center for Directed Energy
Testing and Documenting HELEEOS 3.0 and LEEDR 3.0
Joshua Woyak, Center for Directed Energy

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