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2009 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2009 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
Keynote Speach: Working Together for DE Weapons
Mr. Joseph Sciabica, Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory
Directed Energy and Research Opportunities in Homeland Security
Dr. Starnes Walker, Director of Research, Department of Homeland Security
DEPS Session
Dr. William Baker, Directed Energy Professional Society

Bioeffects - mmWave & HPM
W-Band High Power Sources with Permanent Magnet Transport
Baruch Levush, J. Pasour, and A. Vlasov, Naval Research Laboratory and G. S. Nusinovich and O. V. Sinitsyn, IREAP, University of Maryland and K. Nguyen and E. Wright, Beam Wave Research, Inc

Student Session
Intracavity Second Harmonic Generation of Cs Laser
Timothy Genda, Benjamin Naumann, B. Zhdanov, R.J. Knize, US Air Force Academy
Measuring the Fine-Structure Mixing Rates of Rb(52P) with He
Benjamin Naumann, Timothy Genda, J. Sell, R. Knize, B. Patterson, B. Zhdanov, US Air Force Academy
Research Towards the Development of an Optically Pumped Cesium Dimer Laser
Omar Qassim, University of New Mexico and Omar K. Qassim, Amanda Haymond, David Hostutler, Air Force Research Laboratory and Wade L. Klennert, Boeing LTS Inc.
High Power Beam Combining by Thermally Controlled Volume Bragg Gratings
Derrek Drachenberg, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Ivan Divliansky, Alexei Podvyaznyy, Vadim Smirnov, George Venus, Leon Glebov, University of Central Florida
Non-Intrusive Field Characterization in Interior Cavities with Slab Coupled Optical Sensor (SCOS)
Richard Gibson, Richard Selfridge, Stephen Schultz, Brigham Young University
Dynamic Analysis of an Optical Laser Platform Using Proportional Damping
Angela Roush, USNA
Modeling Terahertz Transmission Through Brownout Conditions
Phillip Grice, Brown University and Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology

Poster Session
Identification, Characterization and Modeling of High Power Microwave Effects in CMOS Electronics
Michael Holloway, J. Rodgers, Z. Dilli, T. Firestone, University of Maryland
Energy Recovery Linac Machine Protection; Goals & Philosophy
Kevin Jordan, Jefferson Laboratory
Acceptance Test Results for a High Current Booster Superconducting Radio Frequency Cryomodule
Tom Powers, Jefferson Laboratory
High Power RF Tests on WR650 Pre-Stressed Planar Windows
Tom Powers, M. Stirbet, R. Rimmer, T. Elliott, R. Walker, K. Davis, L. King, Jefferson Laboratory
Velocity-Changing Collision Rates using Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy
Douglas Thornton, AFIT

Beam Control
Development of a Feedforward Compensation Technique Using an Adaptive Filter to Predict Beam Position in the Mitigation of Platform Induced Jitter
Joe Watkins, Matthew Roberts, Oscar Barton, US Naval Academy
Advanced Wavefront Control Processor
Allan Wirth, Karl Holland, Earl Spillar, Xinetics
Integrated Adaptive Telescope System
Allan Wirth, Mark Smith, Frank Landers, Andy Jankevics, Xinetics

FEL Technology and Testing
The Challenges of Drive Laser Systems For MW-Class Free-Electron-Lasers Based On Photocathode-Injector Energy-Recovery-Linac
Shukui Zhang, Jefferson Laboratory
Diamond Current Amplifier Fabrication and Characterization
Joan Yater, Jonathan Shaw, Kevin Jensen, Jim Butler, Tatyana Feygelson, Brad Pate, Naval Research Laboratory
Progress on the Development of High Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes at BNL
Ilan Ben-Zvi, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Progress on the Superconducting Injector and High-Current ERL at BNL
Ilan Ben-Zvi, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Laser Programs and Applications
Status of Textron's J-HPSSL 100 kW ThinZag Laser Program
Daniel Trainor, Textron Defense Systems
DoD Instruction 5000.02 and its Impact on DE Systems
William Decker, Defense Acquisition University

Laser Novel Concepts
Catalytic Enhancement of Singlet Oxygen for Hybrid Electric Discharge Oxygen-Iodine Laser Systems
Wilson Rawlins, Seonkyung Lee, Steven Davis, Physical Sciences Inc.
Pulsed, Optically-Pumped Rubidium Laser Scaled to 24 x Threshold
Clifford Sulham, Michael Wilkinson, David Hostutler, Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology
Systematic Technology Development of the Electric Oxygen-Iodine Laser (ElectricOIL)
David Carroll, Gabriel Benevides, Joe Zimmerman, Brian Woodard, Andrew Palla, Joe Verdeyen, Wayne Solomon, CU Aerospace
Transversely Pumped Cesium Vapor Amplifier
Boris Zhdanov, M. Shaffer, R. Knize, US Air Force Academy

FEL - Modeling and Simulations
SASE & Laser Seeded FEL Amplifiers
James Murphy, Y. Hidaka, B. Podobedov, H. Qian, S. Seletskiy, Y. Shen, X. Wang, X. Yang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Numerical Issues in the Simulation of Free-Electron Lasers
Henry Freund, Science Applications International Corporation and P. van der Slot, University of Twente, and S. Benson, M. Shinn, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Electron Transport & Photoemission in Coated Semiconductors & Thin Films
Kevin Jensen, J. Yater, J. Shaw, Naval Research Laboratory and E. Montgomery, D. Feldman, Z. Pan, P. O'Shea, University of Maryland and J. Petillo, SAIC and N. Moody, LANL

Directed Energy - General Topics
Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Risk Reduction Testbed
Larry McKee, Mike Bertin, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capability
Mike Bertin, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
Comparison of VHF Radar and High-Data-Rate Optical Turbulence Profile Observations Using a Balloon-Ring Platform
Frank Eaton, Air Force Research Laboratory and Gregory Nastrom, St. Cloud State University and Demos Kyrazis, Alastair Black, R-Cubed, Inc. and Don Black, Wiley Black, Ridgeline, LLC
Tri-Service Study 2011
Minh Vuong, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability and Trung Nguyen, PEO STRI

DE Technology
Modeling and Measuring the Wideband Threat Source Antenna Pattern
Jeffrey Schleher, J. Mark DelGrande, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability

Bioeffects: Laser and Terahertz
Sensitive Evaluation of Retinal Laser Lesions
Ginger Pocock, Air Force Research Laboratory
Thermal Ablation of Biological Tissue
Elharith Ahmed, Clifton Clark, Northrop Grumman and Robert Thomas, 711 HPW/RHDO

Laser Technology
Dynamical Stability Analysis of High-Power Passively Phased Fiber Laser Arrays
Eric Bochove, Air Force Research Laboratory and Alejandro Aceves, Southern Methodist University and Lily Crabtree, Ralf Deterding, Yehuda Braiman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Adrian Jacobo, Pere Colet, University of the Balearic Islands
Impact of Annealing on the Optical Properties of Thin Film Oxides
Carmen Menoni, D. Patel, P. Langdon, P. Langston, E. Krous, Colorado State University and A. Markosyan, R. Route, M. Fejer, Stanford University and L. Emmert, M. Mero, D. Nguyen, W. Rudolph, University of New Mexico and M. Shinn, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Multi-Photon Absorption Pumping of a Blue Alkali Laser System
Greg Pitz, Cliff Sulham, Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of Technology
Joint High Power Solid State Laser Demonstration at Northrop Grumman
Marty Wacks, Stuart McNaught, Hiroshi Komine, S. Benjamin Weiss, Randy Simpson, Adam Johnson, Jason Machan, Charles Asman, Mark Weber, Gina Jones, Marcy Valley, Andrew Jankevics, David Burchman, Michael McClellan, Jeff Sollee, Jay Marmo, Hagop Injeyan, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Laser Systems + Power/Thermal Management
Li-Ion Battery as a Pulse Power Source for DEW
Kamen Nechev, S. Ferguson, S. Gargies, Y. Chen, Saft America

Directed Energy Transition and Testing
Human Effects Research Program for DE/NLW Technologies
Jimmy Fleming, A. Ashworth, 711 HPW/RHDJ Air Force Research Laboratory
Using International Cooperation to Transition Directed Energy
Kelly McDonald, NAVAIR Weapons Division
Transitioning from S&T to Acquisition and the Warfighter
John Corley, AAC/XR, Eglin AFB

Education Workshop Proceedings
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
DEPS Educational Outlook
Sam Blankenship, Directed Energy Professional Society
Directed Energy Summer Intern (DESI) Program Review
Marken Houle, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology
Modeling Membrane Deformable Mirrors
Michael Steinbock, Salvatore Cusumano, Air Force Institute of Technology and Justin Mansell, MZA Associates
DESI 2009: Science in the Sand
Phillip Grice, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology
Spectrograph for Use with IR Lasers
Karlene Karrfalt, Army Research Laboratory

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