Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2009 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2009 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

Beam Control
Field and Laboratory Validation of Surface Layer Optical Turbulence, Off-Axis Irradiance, and Desert Sand Optical Properties Models
Steven Fiorino, Richard Bartell, Matthew Krizo, John Haiducek, Christopher Rice, Phillip Grice, Adam Downs, Salvatore Cusumano, Air Force Institute of Technology
Adaptive Optics Mitigation of Thermal Blooming Effects Using a Weighted Distortion Number
Mark Spencer, Salvatore Cusumano, Jason Schmidt, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology and William Torruellas, John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Laser Programs and Applications
Tactical Mission Concepts and Applications for HEL Phased Array System
Kevin Probst, The CORE Group and Scott Harris, Flatiron Research and Timothy Finegan, Larry Huntley, Air Force Research Laboratory

Bioeffects: General Topics
Results from the Thermal Laser System (TLS) Field Evaluation
Semih Kumru, Air Force Research Laboratory
High Energy Laser Collateral Analysis Tool
Albert Bailey, Robert Gallaway, Daniel Huantes, Philip Tessier, Edward Early, El-Harith Ahmed, George Megaloudis, TASC and Paul Kennedy, Robert Thomas, Justin Zohner, 711th HPW/RHDO

FEL Technology
Power Beaming to UAVs, USVs and UUVs
Roy Whitney, George Neil, Jefferson Laboratory and Sandra Biedron, John Noonan, Argonne National Laboratory and John Lewellen, Naval Postgraduate School

DE Technology
Producing Microwaves with a Ferrolectric Generator Power Source
David Hemmert, HEM Technologies and John Mankowski, Texas Tech University
Testing of Vector Inversion Based Sources at NSWCC DD
Zac Shotts, Robert Miller, Frank Rose, Radiance Technologies

Laser Modeling and Simulation + Beam Control
Model Comparison for Accurately Predicting Membrane Mirror Deformation and Snap-Down
Michael Steinbock, Washington University and Justin Mansell, MZA Associates, and Salvatore Cusumano, Air Force Institute of Technology
Performance Model of Laser Weapon Systems Comprised of Multiple Tiled Subapertures
Richard Bartell, Jamin McCue, Matthew Krizo, Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology and Matthew Whiteley, Amy Ngwele, MZA Associates
Climate Change: Anticipated Effects on HEL Weapon Systems in Maritime Environments
Steven Fiorino, Robb Randall, Rick Bartell, Adam Downs, Air Force Institute of Technology
DARPA's Adaptive Photonic Phase-Locked Elements (APPLE) System - Test Results
Andrew McKie, Terry Dorschner, Darius Subacius, Megan Tremer, Raytheon and Scott Harris, Gary Ansell, Timothy Finegan, Bert Whitaker, Larry Huntley, Ben Pulford, Angel Flores, Anthony Sanchez, Air Force Research Laboratory

Program Reviews
USAF Directed Energy Net Assessment (DENA) Study

Non-Lethal Weapon Technology
Portable RF LL Device for Law Enforcement - Portable ADS
Joe Cecconi, National Institute Justice and Jeff Whitmore, 711 HPW/RHDR
Overview of JNLWP Directed Energy Vehicle/Vessel Stopping Programs
Scott Griffiths, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
JNLWD Solid State Non-Linear Transmission Line HPM Source Development at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Steven Russell, Bruce Carlsten, Greg Dale, Lawrence Earley, W. Brian Haynes, Max Light, Quinn Marksteiner, Walter Tuzel, Laurence Warner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Design and Construction of a 1.5 KHz Rep-Rate Vector Inversion Generator Based RF Transmitter for Non-Lethal Weapons Applications
Zac Shotts, Robert Miller, Frank Rose, Radiance Technologies

Laser Systems + Power/Thermal Management
High Power Alkali Vapor Lasers
Jason Zweiback, A. Komashko, B. Krupke, General Atomics Aeronautical System
Signatures of Laser Illuminated Devices
Walter Zacherl, Walter Cole, Photonics Research Center, USMA and Michael Marciniak, AFIT
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Technologies for Directed Energy Weapons
Levi Elston, Frank Gulczinski, Air Force Research Laboratory

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