Event Proceedings
2008 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2008 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

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Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
Welcome to the Light Age Photons: the "Bits" of the 21st Century
Mr. Barry Schuler, Raydiance, Inc.
Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate Brief
Mr. Randel L. Zeller, Department of Homeland Security

Technology to Transition
Issues Concerning High Energy Laser Deployment
Martin Stickley, Darrell Collier, Booz, Allen, Hamilton
High Energy Laser Weapons Opportunities
Mark Neice, Joint Technology Office
Results of the DETEC Tri-Service Study Update (Abstract also included)
Mike Bertin, Science Applications International Corp

HEL Interaction and Diagnostics
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capability (Abstract also included)
Mike Bertin, Science Applications International Corp
The Feasibility of Using Remote Imagery for High Energy Laser Irradiance-On Target Measurements
Larry McKee, Science Applications International Corp
1.07 um Irradiation of Carbon-Loaded Polymeric Materials (Abstract only)
Christopher Lloyd, Naval Research Lab
Temperature Determination of Laser-Heated Target Surfaces: Is Multiband Pyrometry Accurate? (Abstract also included)
James Griggs, Science Applications International Corp
Intense Laser Acoustic Source Characterization and Nonlinear Underwater Optics Studies (Abstract only)
Ted Jones, Naval Research Lab
Comprehensive 3-D Simulation of Multiple Laser Beams Interaction with Various Targets in DE Response (Abstract only)
Ahmed Hassanein, Purdue University

Student Session
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Surrogate Explosives (Abstract only)
Leebyn Chong, Naval Research Lab
Image Based BRDF Acquisition
Phillip Grice, Brown University and Michael Marciniak, AFIT
Z-scan Measurement of the Upconversion Coefficient in Er:YAG
Robert Dibiano, Wendy Yip, Jeffrey White, Army Research Lab
Diode Laser Pump Source for Sodium Vapor Laser
R. Cwynar, B. Mussler, M. Shaffer, B. Zhdanov, R. Knize, Air Force Academy
Generation of Blue 447 nm Laser Light by Frequency Doubling of Cs Vapor Laser
D. Wright, W. Miller, B. Zhdanov, R. Knize, Air Force Academy
Measurement of Fine Structure Changing by Collisions for Helium and Rubidium
G. Jemo, R. Meeter, B. Patterson, J. Sell, R. Knize, D. Byrne, Air Force Academy
A Broad Spectrum Optical Turbulence (C n2 ) Model
Brandon McClung, University of Oklahoma, and Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of Technology

FEL Components, Systems, and Novel Concepts
Undulator Technology for High-Power Free Electron Lasers
Stephen Gottschalk, STI Optronics
Design and Fabrication of the RHIC Electron-Cooling Experiment High Beta Cavity and Cryomodule (Abstract only)
Doug Holmes, Advanced Energy Systems

DE Technology Programs
Joint High Power Solid State Laser Progress at Northrop Grumman (Abstract only)
Jay Marmo, Northrop Grumman
High Energy Laser Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Risk Reduction Test-bed (Abstract also included)
Mike Bertin, Science Applications International Corp

Solid State Slab
Beam Quality Considerations in High Average Power Solid-State Lasers
Paul Pax, R. Yamamoto, A. Rubenchik, C. Boley, LLNL
New Concept High Power Solid State Laser System (Abstract only)
Kenji Takeshita, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd - Japan
Transparent Ceramic Laser Materials
Ishwar Aggarwal, Jas Sanghera, Guillermo Villalobos, Woohong Kim, Jesse Frantz, Brandon Shaw, Shyam Bayya, Naval Research Lab and Mark Dubinskiy, Army Research Lab

Optical Components
3D Dielectric Meta-Optics for Next-Generation LASER Systems
Eric Johnson, M. Poutous, Z. Roth, P. Srinivasan, R. Rumpf, K. Buhl, T. Suleski, University of North Carolina
Impact of Process Parameters and Stack Geometry on the Optical and Structural Properties of SiO2/HfO2 Multilayers
Carmen Menoni, D. Patel, P. B. Langdon, P. Langston, E. Krous, Colorado State University, and A. Markosyan, R. Route, M. Fejer, Stanford University and L. Emmert, M. Mero, D. Ngyuen, W. Rudolph, University of New Mexico and M. Shinn, Thomas Jefferson Natl Accelerator Facility
Spinel as Exit Aperture Window for HEL Systems
Ishwar Aggarwal, Shyam Bayya, Guillermo Villalobos, Woohong Kim, Jasbinder Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory and David Reicher, Stan Peplinski, Air Force Research Laboratory and Al Ogloza, NAWC
Epoxy Free Bonding for High Performance Lasers (Abstract also included)
Nick Traggis, Neil Claussen, Precision Photonics Corp

FEL Injectors
Progress on the High-Current Superconducting Injector and Energy Recovery Linac at BNL
Ilan Ben-Zvi, Brookhaven National Lab
Electron Source Development for the NCRF Photoinjector
Nathan Moody, D. Nguyen, D. Lizon, P. Roybal, F. Krawcqyk, F. Martinez, Los Alamos National Lab and K. Jensen, Naval Research Lab, and D. Feldman, E. Montgomery, P. O’Shea, University of Maryland
Short Pulse High Power Fiber Lasers for Photo-injection
Pratheepan Madasamy, Roy Mead, Dan Hu, Eric Eisenberg, Pat Jones, Eric Honea, Aculight Corp

Gas Lasers
Review of Alkali Laser Research at the US Air Force Academy (Abstract also included)
B. Zhdanov. Randall Knize, US Air Force Academy

Solid State Lasers
Development of a 500 W Output Yb: YAG Based Ultra-Short Pulse Laser System (Abstract only)
Jim Zhang, Applied Energetics
High-Average Power Amplifier for Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers
John Vetrovec, Aqwest, LLC

Beam Control
Development of an Error Signal for Use in Adaptive Algorithms for the Control of Platform Induced Jitter
Joseph Watkins, US Naval Academy
Passive Shear Layer Regularization for Aero-Optics: A Progress Report
Donald Wittich III, Eric Jumper, David Cavalieri, Alan Cain, Ed Kerschen, Notre Dame
High Efficiency Coherent Fiber Beam Combiner
Michael Wickham, Peter Thielen, James Ho, Gregory Goodno, Robert Rice, Eric Cheung, Josh Rothenberg, Northrop Grumman and David Gallant, Jeffrey Baker, Arthur Lucero, Boeing, and Anthony Sanchez, Thomas Shay, Craig Robin, Christopher Vergien, Clint Zeringue, Air Force Research Lab
Thermal Effects Modeling in High Average Power Beam Directors (Abstract only)
Joseph Penano, Naval Research Lab

Power and Thermal
Power and Thermal Management Evaluations for a Laser Power System on a Tactical Aircraft Platform (Paper also included)
Mysore Ramalingam, V. Shanmugasundaram, UES, Inc. and B. Donovan, J. Fellner, C. Miller, F. Gulczinski, Air Force Research Lab

HPM Modeling and Simulation
MW-Class Multiple-Beam Inductive Output Tube (IOT) Modeling and Design
E. Wright, K. Nguyen, Beam Wave Research, Inc and J. Pasour, S. Cooke, B. Levush, Naval Research Laboratory and I. Chernyavskiy and J. Petillo, SAIC and J. DeFord, B. Held, Simulation Technology and Applied Research, Inc. and M. Cusick, Communications and Power Industries, Inc.

Optical Systems and Propagation
Some Recent Results of Maritime Laser Propagation Measurements over 0.97, 1.35 and 7.07 km: Analysis of Turbulence Parameters and Higher-Order Statistics of Fluctuations (Paper also included)
David O’Connor, Arun Majumdar, C. Denton Marrs, P. Langston, Randle Dewees, Steven Lundin, Albert Ogloza, Gary Beckstrom, Michael Wisecarver, NAWCWD and Boris Venet, MZA Associates, and Tom Morgan, Bosque Computer
Active Turbulence Control for Direct Reduction of Laser Beam Aberrations
Aaron Freeman Jennifer Shockro, Fazlul Zubair, Philip Garcia, Jennifer Nathman, Roberto Aguirre, Haris Catrakis, University of CA
An Introduction to Discrete Cylindrical Vector Beams
Steven Kurti, Klaus Halterman, Ramesh Shori, Naval Air Warfare Center and Michael Wardlaw, Office of Naval Research
Beam Quality Conversions
Sean Ross, Air Force Research Lab
Atmospheric Turbulence Compensation with Adaptive Optics: Demonstration Results for Tactical Laser Weapons
Aaron Buckner, Northrop Grumman
Development of a Performance Model of Laser Weapon Systems Comprised of Multiple Tiled Solid State Laser Slab or Fiber Subapertures (Abstract only)
Richard Bartell, Air Force Institite of Technology

HPM Sources, Coupling, and Computational Tools
Automating High Power Microwave (HPM) Susceptibility Testing
Paul Anderson, Keith Bowers, Booz Allen Hamilton and Ben Grady, NSWC
Laser Produced Air Plasmas for Directed Energy Applications (Abstract only)
Daniela Gordon, Naval Research Lab
Compact Solid State High Power Modulator for Magnetron Based Transmitter
Richard Thomas, David Conrad, Donald Porschet, Mark Berry, Army Research Lab

Incoherent Beam Combined Systems
Atmospheric Propagation of Incoherently Combined Fiber Lasers for Tactical DE and Power Beaming Applications (Abstract only)
Phillip Sprangle, Naval Research Lab
3-km Field Demonstration of IncoherentBeam Combining Using Fiber Layers (Abstract only)
Rich Fischer, Naval Research Lab

Fiber and Thin Disk Laser Systems
Recent Progress on High Power Fiber Lasers
D. Gapontsev, IPG Photonics
The TRUMPF Disk Laser
Timothy Morris, David Havrilla, Ruediger Brockmann, TRUMPF, Inc.

Fiber Laser Technology
550-W, Single-Mode Tm Fiber Laser Amplifier
Gregory Goodno, Lewis Book, Joshua Rothenberg, Northrop Grumman
Toward Single Frequency Kilowatt-Level PM Amplifiers
John Edgecumbe, David Bjork, J. Galipeau, Gary Boivin, Thomas Ehrenreich, Kim Harmon, Scott Christensen, Bryce Samson, K. Tankala, Nufern
Novel Uses for Multicore Fibers to High-Power Fiber Lasers and Sensors
Erik Bochove, Air Force Research Lab and Christopher Corcoran, Frederic Durville, Corcoran Engineering

HPM Technology and Systems
W-Band Frequency-Multiplying Gyrotronwith Permanent Magnets (Abstract only)
John Pasour, Naval Research Lab

FEL Theory and Simulation
High Fidelity Modeling of High-Brightness Electron Beams for Free-Electron Laser Applications
Phillipe Piot, Daniel Mihalcea, M. Rihaoui, Ben Sprague, Balsa Terzic, Northern Illinois University and Ilya Pogorelov, Tech-X Corporation
Beam Halo: Origin, Detection and Mitigation (Abstract also included)
R. Kishek, P. O’Shea, B. Beaudoin, S. Bernal, R. Fiorito, I. Haber, C. Papadopoulos, M. Reiser, D. Stratakis, K. Tian, J. Thangaraj, University of Maryland
Characteristics and Capabilities for the GINGER FEL Simulation Code (Abstract only)
William Fawley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Enhanced Wall-Plug Efficiency in FEL Amplifiers Employing Energy Recover Linacs (Abstract only)
Phillip Sprangle, Naval Research Lab
Non-Conventional Tapering for Enhanced Optical Efficiency in MW-Class FEL Amplifiers (Abstract only)
Joseph Penano, Naval Research Lab
Self-Amplified MW-Class FEL (Abstract only)
Bahman Hafizi, Naval Research Lab

HPM Sources, Diagnostics, and Effects
High Power Microwave Wideband Threat System (Abstract only)
Cyndi Mora, SAIC
A Scanning Target Board for Real-Time, Wide-Area Measurement of High-Power Millimeter-Wave Beams
Michael Zintl, Jerry Woods, Ray Law, Scientific Applications & Research Assoc. and David Zacharias, Vincent O’Bryan, ZAX Millimeter Wave
Diagnostic Array for Characterizing Narrow Band HPM Sources (Abstract and paper also included)
Dale Coleman, Sandia National Lab and Cliff Woods, Greg Nelson, Air Force Research Lab

Novel DE Technologies
Compact, Scalable, High-Power THz Sources (Abstract only)
H. Bluem, Advanced Energy Systems
Widely-Tunable THz Source for Threat Reduction Applications
Nathan Moody, Q. Jia, L. Bulaevskii, M. Feldmann, Los Alamos National Lab

Poster Session
Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) Formation and their Compression Using Liners
James Degnan, P. Adamson, D. Amdahl, M. Domonkos, E. Ruden, Air Force Research Lab and C. Grabowski, M. Babineau, D. Gale, M. Kostora, J. Parker, D. Ralph, J. Beach, W. Sommars, Science Applications International Corporation and M. Frese, S. Frese, N. Roderick, J. Camacho, S. Coffey, J. Letterio, NumerExLLC and T. Intrator, G. Wurden, S. Hsu, P. Sieck, P. Turchi, W. Waganaar, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and R. Siemon, T. Awe, B. Bauer, University of Nevada and A. Lynn, University of New Mexico
Millimeter-Wave Solid-State Reactive Sintering of Polycrystalline Nd:YAG Ceramic Laser Host Materials (Abstract and paper also included)
Arne Fliflet, S. Gold, Naval Research Lab and Chad Stephenson, Bethel College Intern, R. Bruce, Bethel College, M. Imam, Materials Science and Technology Division
Microwave Window Breakdown Experiments on the UM/L-3 Relativistic Magnetron (Abstract also included)
Brad Hoff, R. Gilgenbach, Y. Lau, M. Franzi, N. Jordan, D. French, Univeristy of Michigan and P. Mardahl, M. Haworth, T. Spencer, Air Force Research Laboratory
High Power Nonlinear Ceramic RF Source (Abstract only)
Marc Litz, Army Research Lab
High Power Microwave Test Target Subsystems Surety (Abstract also included)
Cyndi Mora, Science Applications International Corporation
Normal Conducting CW RF Gun Design for High performance Electron Beams (Abstract only)
H. Bluem, Advanced Energy Systems
Alternate Accelerator and Energy Recycling System for High Power Free Electron Lasers (Abstract Only)
William Nunnally, University of Missouri

Education Workshop Proceedings
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, Deputy Director, HEL JTO
DEPS Education Overview
Sam Blankenship, DEPS
The 2008 AFIT Directed Energy Summer Intern Program: Summer Internships Impacting DoD DE Deliverables
Marken Houle, AFIT/ENP and Salvatore Cusumano, AFIT Center for Directed Energy
High Energy Laser Center of Excellence
John Gaudet, University of New Mexico
The Georgia Tech Lidar Education Program
Gary Gimmestad and Leanne West, GTRI
Photonics and STEM Education on Kauai
Francis Takahashi, Kauai Community College

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