Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2008 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2008 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

DE Technology Programs
Joint High Power Solid State Laser Phase 3 (JHPSSL3)
Jay Marmo, R. Bell, J. Machan, S. McNaught, M. McClellan, J. Sollee, Northrop Grumman
Status of Textronís J-HPSSL 100kW ThinZag laser Program
Daniel Trainor, Dan Klimek, Alex Mandl, Michael Trainor, Michael Foote, Textron Defense Systems and Rob Coerver, Pirooz Vatan, AOA and Justin Mansell, Liyang Xu, MZA Associates
A Technology Transfer Case Study: The Enhanced Track Illuminator for the Airborne Laser Program
Olivia Koski, Lockheed Martin and Daniel Ripin, MIT Lincoln Lab, and Stephen Post, Airborne Laser Program Office
CMAPS and other DIrected Energy Systems Applications
Chad Smith, General Dynamics

HPM Sources, Protection, and Diagnostics
Enhancing EW JMEM Electronic Attack Tool with Radio Frequency Directed Energy Effects
John Tatum, Army Research Lab and Lothar Diel, US Air Force 453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron, and Ron Russell, US STRATCOM

Gas Lasers
Rubidium and Potassium Alkali Vapor Lasers
Jason Zweiback, General Atomics, and B. Krupke, WFK Lasers, LLC

HEL Lethality
Dynamic Aimpoint Laser Engagement (DALE)
Robin Ritter, Tau Technologies
Phased Array Imaging for HEL Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing and Fire Control
Paul McManamon, Exciting Technologies and Kevin Probst, The CORE Group, Inc.

Solid State Lasers
New Advances in Materials Technologiesfor DE Applications
Vida Castillo, Gregory Quarles, VLOC

Power and Thermal
Power and Thermal Management Systems for Directed Energy Weapons
Frank Gulczinski and Charles Oberly, Air Force Research Lab
Lightweight Compact 2.5 MW Power Generator for Airborne, Land, and Marine DEW Systems
Jay Vaidya, Electrodynamics Assoc and Kevin Yost, Air Force Research Lab
Advanced Thermal & Power Management for DE Weapons: An AFRL/RZPS Program Overview
Levi Elston, Air Force Research Lab
Power and Thermal Systems for a Speed-of-Light Gunship
Don Borger, Lockheed Martin

Beam Control
Assessment of Track Algorithm Performance vs Tactical Targets in Clutter as a Function of SWIR Track Sensor Characteristics
Richard Bartell, Thomas Harris, Matthew Krizo, Steven Fiorino, Salvatore Cusumano, AFIT

HPM Modeling and Simulation
Self-Consistent Modeling and Simulation Tools for Directed Energy Applications
Walter Sessions, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Henry Freund, SAIC, and J. Verboncoeur, University of California

FEL Components, Systems, and Novel Concepts
Normal-Conduction RF Injector Thermal Test Plan and Outcome
D. Nguyen, N. Moody, C. Heath, F. Krawczyk, S. Kwon, P. Marroquin, F. Martinez, M. Pieck, M. Prokop, P. Roybal, W. Roybal, T. Tomei, P. Torrez, W. Tuzel, Los Alamos National Lab

CIED Systems
Design & Deployment of a SVBIED Defeat System into a Combat Theater of Operation (Abstract only)
Stephan Brown, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Military Utility/Programs
Electric Laser on a Large Aircraft - ELLA: Status and Plans
Lawrence Grimes, Steve Doerr, Air Force Research Laboratory

DE Military Utility
Aerostat Relay Mirror Ship-Based Laser Capability Enhancement
Kenneth Billman, Anne Christian, David Tomini, Lockheed Martin
Directed Energy and Non Lethal Weapons JMEM Working Group Overview and Status
John Tatum, Army Research Lab and Linda Lamberson, Air Force Research Laboratory

Incoherent Beam Combined Systems
Navy Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Beam Director Hardware Design and Validation
Chris Behre, Joe Sharrow, Brian Hankla, Theresa Gennaro, Robert Pawlak, Pete Wick, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Jake Sames, Tom Leheka, Larry Myers, Penn State EOC, and Paul Berger, MIT Lincoln Lab and Roger Horman, RHI
Evaluation of Commercial Telescope and Development of Alignment Diagnostic for HEL Beam Combining
Jason Sames, Tom Lehecka, Larry Myers, Peter Kazunas, Penn State University, Chris Behre, Mike Richardson, Brian Hankla, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Bill Berbanets, Tim Challingsworth, L-3 Communications-Brashear

HEL Effects
Representation of Target Vulnerability Assessment Criteria
Nicholas Morley, Robert Ulibarri, Robert Roybal, Daniel McDonough, Jason Evanoff, Air Force Research Lab
Changes in the Reflectivity of Painted Surfaces Due to Laser Radiation
Robert Yamamoto, John Chang, Alexander Rubenchik, Paul Pax, Kurt Cutter, Peter Haugen, Lawrence Nattrass, Rodman Abbott, Thomas Soules, Mark Rotter, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Optical Systems and Propagation
Broad Spectrum Overland Surface Boundary Layer Optical Turbulence Assessments from Climatological Temperature, Pressure, Humidity & Wind
Steven Fiorino, Brandon McClung, Jean Cohen, Richard Bartell, Matthew Krizo, Kenneth Moore, Thomas Harris, Salvatore Cusumano, Air Force Institute of Technology
Development of a Performance Model of Laser Weapon Systems Comprised of Multiple Tiled Subapertures
Richard Bartell, Matthey Krizo, Steven Fiorino, Salvatore Cusumano, Air Force Institute of Technology

HPM Technology and Systems
Explosive Driven HPM Demonstrator
Larry Altgibers, USA SMDC
W-Band Frequency-Multiplying Gyrotronwith Permanent Magnets
John Pasour, Baruch Levush, Naval Research Lab and Gregory Nusinovich, Oleksandr Sinitsin, University of Maryland, and Khanh Nguyen, Beam Wave Research, and Alexander Vlasov, SAIC

HPM Susceptibility
Military Implications of the Tactical Employment of HPM Weapons: Support to NATO Field Operations (Abstract only)
David Stoudt, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Summary and Comparative Analysis of HPM Susceptibility Measurements of the NATO TALANFA System (Abstract only)
Robert Gardner, Naval Surface Warfare Center

CIED Modeling/Susceptibility
Modeling HPM Coupling to IEDs (Abstract only)
Larry Bacon, Sandia National Lab
Characterization of Electro Explosive Devices Through 3-D Finite Element Analysis
Joel Mejeur, W. Sessions, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Material Interactions and Effects on CIED Surrogates
William Smith, W. Sessions, M. Hatfield, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Novel DE Technologies
UHF Class-E Power Amplifier Development
Michael Smith, Naval Surface Warfare Center

FEL Theory & Simulation
The Effect of Shot-Noise on the Start-Up of the Fundamental and Harmonics in Free-Electron Lasers
Henry Freund, W. Miner, SAIC and L. Giannessi, ENEA

HPM/FOUO Poster Sessions
Nonlinear Simulation of Free-Electron Laser Oscillators
Henry Freund, SAIC
Preparation of the NCRF Photoinjector for Thermal and Beam Tests
Cynthia Heath, N. Moody, D. Nguyen, F. Krawczyk, F. Martinez, P. Roybal, W. Roybal, T. Tomei, P. Torrez, W. Tuzel, K. Young, Los Alamos National Lab
RF Design of a Spoke Resonator for High Power Free Electron Lasers
Frank Krawczyk, D. Nguyen, Los Alamos National Lab and Brian Rusnak, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Edward Wright, Naval Research Lab
Julie Lawrence, Air Force Research Lab and Mark Stephen, L-3 Communications, and Michael Abdalla, Michael Skipper, ASR Corporation
Analysis of Changes in Skin Histology, Plasma Proteins, and Liver Gene Expression in Rats Exposed to 94-GHZ Millimeter Waves
Nancy Millenbaugh, C. Cerna, C. Roth, K Batey, Air Force Research Lab
Compact Marx Utilizing Solid-Dielectric Switches
Tom Omohundro, R. Niksch, K. Coleman, M. McKee, Boeing and J. Alexander, J. Borchardt, G. Denison, P. Primm, J. Usher, L. Lucero, High Power Electro-Magnetics Department
EPICS-Based Control and DAQ System for the NCRF Injector Thermal Test
Martin Pieck, Pilar Marroquin, Dolores Baros, P. Danny Olivas, David Warren, Terry Madison, Los Alamos National Lab
Conservation of Energy Investigation of Electro Explosive Devices (EEDs)
Kathrine Miller, M. Hatfield, W. Sessions, W. Smith, Naval Surface Warfare Ctr

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