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2007 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2007 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

DEPS Annual Report

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In Memoriams: Arthur H. Guenther, Robert S. Cooper

Symposium Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.
Plenary Session
Call to Order and Overview of the 2007 Sympoisum
Dr. Michael Lavan, Space and Missile Defense Command
DEPS Welcome
Mr. Edward Duff, Air Force Research Laboratory
Operational Vision for the Army and the Directed Energy Role
COL Edward Mullin, Space and Missile Defense Command
Naval Sea Systems Command PMS 405 Directed Energy and Electric Weapon Systems Program Office
CAPT David Kiel, Office of Naval Research
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
Mr. Mark Neice, High Energy Laser - Joint Technology Office
An Overview of DOE Research in the Science of Non-Defense High Energy Density Plasmas
Dr. Francis Thio, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences
Non-Lethal Weapons in Escalation of Force Operations and the Role of Directed Energy
Col Kirk Hymes, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
DHS Science & Technology Directorate
Mr. Rolf Dietrich, Dept. of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

DE Power and Thermal Management
Modeling and Simulation for Optimization of a Mobile SSL Thermal Management System (Abstract and paper also included)
Presenation: Jessica Shi, Northrop Grumman; Paper: Brian Theobald, Tommy Lo and Wayland Comer, Northrop Grumman; David Converse, Tom Banach and John Zagaja, Hamilton Sundstrand
Overview of Megawatt Power and Thermal Systems
Frank Gulczinski, Air Force Research Laboratory
Design Methodology for Dual Resonance Pulse Transformers
Z. Shotts, Radiance Technologies, Inc.
Lithium Ion Pulse Power Technology for Intermediate Energy Storage (Abstract also included)
Kamen Nechev and Brent Christensen, SAFT America; John Erbacher and Stephen Vukson, AFRL
Advanced Programmable Power Forming System for Laser Applications (Paper also included)
Gary Grider, DRS Technologies

International DE Technology
The German Roadmap to a Medium Energy Laser Weapon (Abstract Only)
Willy Bohn, German Aerospace Centre
La-Sr-MnO3 Films for a Fast Room Temperature Symmetrical Fault Current Limiter (Abstract and paper also included)
N. Žurauskienė, S. Baleviius, V. Stankevi and S. Keršulis, Semiconductor Physics Institute; A. Abrutis and V. Plaušinaitienė, Vilnius University; L.L. Altgilbers, U.S.Army Space and Missile Defence Command
Resistive Sensors for HPM Pulse Measurements (Abstract and paper also included)
Mindaugas Dagys, Z. Kanceris and R. Simniskis, Semiconductor Physics Institute
Studies of Vircator Operation at FOI (Paper Only)
Sten Nyholm, Mose Akyuz, Patrik Appelgren, Mattias Elfsberg, Tomas Hurtig, Anders Larsson and Cecilia Muller, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Fibre Laser & Laser Weapons (Abstract also included)
Emile Schweicher and Cedric Lenaerts, Optronics and Microwaves at RMA
French HPM Capabilities (Abstract also included)
Dominique Sérafin, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat

DOE High Energy Density Physics
Status of the National Ignition Facility on Its Path to Ignition (Abstract also included)
Edward Moses and Chris Barty, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Status of Heavy Ion Induction Driver Technology for Intense Particle Beams for High Energy Density Physics
B. Grant Logan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Electron Beam Pumped Lasers for Fusion Energy and Directed Energy Applications
John Sethian, John P. Apruzese, J. L. Giuliani, M. F. Wolford, A. Dasgupta, G. M. PD. D. Hinshelwood and M. C. Myers, Naval Research Laboratory; F. Hegeler, Commonwealth Technology; Tz.Petrova, Berkeley Research Assoc.
Energy Injection for Fast Ignition Fusion
Rich Stephens, General Atomics
Photon Science and Applications at LLNL: Opportunities for DoD and DOE Synergism (Abstract also included)
Chris Barty, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The Use of an Magnetically Accelerated Plasmoids (MAP) for Directed Energy Applications
John Slough, Chris Pihl and George Votroubek, MSNW LLC; Richard Milroy, University of Washington
Dielectric Function, Electron-Phonon Coupling and Pressure Ionization in the Warm Dense Matter Regime (Abstract Only)
Andrew Ng, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Models for Energy Absorption and Transport in Fast Ignition (Abstract also included)
Rodney Mason, Research Applications Corporation; M. Wei, J. King and F. Beg, UCSD; R. B. Stephens, General Atomics; D. R. Welch, Voss Scientific; Y. Sentoku, U. N. Reno; J. Tonge, UCLA; C. Ren, U. Rochester
Scaled Experiments Using Electrons to Model Heavy Ion Beams (Abstract and paper also included)
Rami Kishek, G. Bai, B. Beaudoin, S. Bernal, D. Feldman, R. Feldman, R. Fiorito, T.F. Godlove, I. Haber, T. Langford, P.G. O’Shea, C. Papadopoulos, M. Reiser, D. Stratakis, D. Sutter, K. Tian, J.C.T. Thangaraj, M. Walter, and C. Wu, University of Maryland
Computation of Ion Trajectories in a Pulsed Magnetic Nozzle
Z. Deng, Alabama A&M University; Ron Litchford, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Directed Energy Systems Programs
Airborne Laser (ABL)
Shery Welsh, Missile Defense Agency
Recommendations for a High Energy Laser Weapon System Roadmap (Abstract also included)
Douglas Crawford, Northrop Grumman

Novel DE Technology
Microwave to Terahertz Radiation Detection by Semiconductor Nanostructures (Abstract and paper also included)
S. Ašmontas, Jonas Gradauskas, Algirdas Sužiedlis, Antoni Kozi, Eslovas Paškevi, Viktorija Kazlauskait and Edmundas Širmulis, Semiconductor Physics Institute
Resonators for Low Gain, Large Transverse Size Lasers (Abstract also included)
Sean Ross and Pete Latham, Air Force Research Laboratory; Mike Tilton, Boeing
A Controlled Avalanche-Based, Electrically-Exited, O21Δ Generator Produces Yield of 20% at 40% Electrical Efficiency
Alan Hill, Plasmatronics, Inc
Hybrid Electric Oxygen-Iodine Laser Discharge, Gain, and Power Enhancements (Abstract Only)
David Carroll, CU Aerospace

Ultra-Short Pulse Laser
Multi-Confocal Paraboloidal Laser Resonator
Richard Fork,Patrick Reardon, Mike Davenport, Spencer Cole, Luke Burgess and S. Gordon Aiken, University of Alabama
Compact Monolithic Terawatt Laser
Richard Fork, Patrick Reardon, Spencer Cole, Luke Burgess and S. Gordon Aiken, University of Alabama
The Canadian Effort on the Development of Tools to Study Propagation of High Power Ultrashort Pulse Laser Beams (Abstract also included)
S.Payeur and J.C. Kieffer, INRS-EMT; M. Chateauneuf and J. Dubois, Defence R&D; C.Potvin and H.Mercure, IREQ
Activation of the Z-Petawatt Laser at Sandia National Laboratories (Abstract also included)
Patrick Rambo, J. Schwarz, M. Geissel, M. Kimmel, I.C. Smith and B. Atherton, Sandia National Laboratories
Laser Generated X-Rays and Ion Beams in the Context of Sandia’s HEDP Mission
Patrick Rambo, Matthias Geissel, B. Atherton, G. Bennett, E. Brambrink, A. Edens and J. Schwarz, Sandia National Laboratories
Propagation of Ultrashort Laser Pulse Filaments and Interactions with Optical Materials
Joseph Penano, P. Sprangel, B. Hafizi, A. Tiong, A. Zigler and D. Gordon, Naval Research Laboratory
Efficient Emitters of Pulsed Terahertz Radiation (Abstract and paper also included)
A. Reklaitis, Semiconductor Physics Institute

Laser Materials
Transparent Ceramic Laser Materials (Abstract Only)
Jas Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory
Progress in Onshore Development of Transparent Ceramic YAG for High Power Solid State Lasers
Jean Huie, Raytheon
High Power Silicon Carbide Face Cooled 4% Nd:YAG Laser
Alex Newburgh, Army Research Laboratory
High Energy Er:YAG Laser Performance (Abstract Only)
Scott Setzler, BAE Systems

SSL Technology Development
Resonant Pumping and Upconversion in 1.6 μm Er3+ Lasers at 77 K (Abstract and paper also included)
J.O. White, N. Ter-Gabrielyan, G.A. Newburgh, M. Dubinskii and L.D. Merkle, Army Research Laboratory

HPM/UWB Sources
Vector Inversion Generators Configured to Produce High Power Impulse Waveforms in the HF Region of the Spectrum
Zack Roberts, Frank Rose and Zac Shotts, Radiance Technologies, Inc.
The Orbitron Microwave Maser
Igor Alexeff, University of Tennessee
Plasma Antennas, Plasma Radomes, and Plasma FSS
Igor Alexeff, Ted Anderson, Esmaeil Farshi, Naresh Karnam and Fred Dyer, Haleakala R&D, Inc

Optical Phased Array
100 kW DE System Based on Coherent Fiber Array
Frederic Durville, Optical Fiber Systems, Inc.; Christopher Corcoran, Corcoran Engineering, Inc.

HEL Beam Control and Propagation
Effects of Low Spatial Frequencies on Closed Loop Tracking
Eric Magee, MZA Associates

HPM Explosive and Pulsed Power
A Wideband Megawatt Source Driven by an Explosive Flux Compression Generator
Randy Curry and Kevin O’Connor, University of Missouri; Larry Altgilbers, Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Fuse and Load Testing with Mid-Sized, High Energy Density Flux Compression Generators (Abstract also included)
Andrew Young, T. Holt, M. Elsayed, A. Neuber and M. Kristiansen, Texas Tech University; L.L. Altgilbers, SMDC; A.H. Stults, AMRDEC
Characterization of Ferroelectric Material for Explosively Driven Generator Applications (Abstract also included)
Shad Holt, J.T. Krile and D.J. Hemmert, HEM Technologies; W.S. Hackenberger and E.F. Alberta, TRS Technologies; J.W. Walter and J.C. Dickens, Texas Tech University; L.L. Altgilbers, SMDC; A.H. Stults, AMRDEC
Investigation of an FCG and Pulse Transformer Based Power Condidtioning System
Thomas Holt, A. Young, A. Neuber and M. Kristiansen, Texas Tech University
Miniature Explosive Pulsed Power Systems (Abstract Only)
Sergey Shkuratov, Loki Incorporated
Design Principles for Vector Inversion Generators
Z. Shotts, Radiance Technologies, Inc
Analytic Model for Ferromagnetic Generators
P.T. Tracy, Tracy Physical Sciences Research Company; L.L. Altgilbers, Space & Missile Defense Command; A.H. Stults, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command; J. H. Burch, Teledyne Solutions, Inc; T.X. Zhang, Alabama A&M University; S.T. Wu, University of Alabama
RF Electrical Pulse Modulation Using Magnetically Triggered Thin Manganite Films (Abstract and paper also included)
S. Baleviius, V. Stankevi and N. Urauskienė, Semiconductor Physics Institute; A. Esnys and S. Tolvaiienė, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University; L.L.Altgilbers, Space and Missile Defense Command; A. Abrutis and V.Plaušinaitienė, Vilnius University

DE Less-Than-Lethal Weapons
Laser Stimulation of Action Potentials and Nociceptors in the Frog Sciatic Nerve
Nicole Jindra, Air Force Research Laboratory
Nociceptor Activation and Damage by Ultrashort E-Fields (Abstract Only)
Brian Cooper, University of Florida
Two-Band Infrared Thermographer for DE NLW Standoff Target Temperature Measurement
Julia Rentz Dupuis, David Mansur, Robert Vaillancourt, David Carlson, Elizabeth Schundler and George Genetti, OPTRA, Inc.

FEL Technology
Influence of Process Conditions on the Loss and Resistance to Laser Damage of HfO2/SiO2 Coatings for High Power Lasers
Carmen Menoni, D. Patel, B. Langdon, D. Alessi, Y. Wang, F. Tomasel and J. Rocca, Colorado State University; P. Langston and A. Ogloza, Naval Air Warfare Center; A. Markosyan, R. Route, M. Fejer, I. Cravetchi, D. Ngyuen and W. Rudolph, University of New Mexico; M. Shinn, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

DARPA Advanced Laser Programs
Optical Phased Array Beam Control
Terry Dorschner, Raytheon Network Centric Systems
Brightest is Best The Physics of X-Ray Lasers
Charles Rhodes, University of Illinois

HEL Test and Evaluation Technology
Programmatic and Deployment Issues for HEL Technology
Bob Snead, Space and Missile Defense Command
Progress Report: A Holographic Target Board for Ground Target Irradiance/Fluence Measurement
David Roberts, Georgia Tech Research Institute; Leonid Glebov, OptiGrate
JHPSSL Government Diagnostic System
Brian Edwards, Salvatore Di Cecca and Daniel Murphy, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiode Focal Planes for 3D Ladar Applications
John Shelton and Simon Verghese, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Fiber Laser Technology
The History of Fiber Lasers An AF Perspective (Abstract also included)
Richard Berdine, Air Force Research Laboratory
Mission Effectiveness of Fiber Beam Combination Configurations
Josh Rothenberg and John Nugent, Northrop Grumman
Passive Coherent Phasing of Fiber Laser Arrays
Josh Rothenberg, Northrop Grumman
Beam Propagation of Fiber Lasers at Ground Level (Abstract also included)
Nick Edison, Timothy Bradley, Jason Green and Gerald Manke II, Naval Surface Warfare Center; Jerry Snyder and Ken Morrison, General Dynamics; Jim Bautch and Bill Buitenhuys, Schafer Corp.; Jake Sames and Thomas Lehecka, Penn State EOC

Gas and Chemical Laser Technology
(Lineshape) Kinetics of Diode Pumped Alkali Laser Systems
Glen Perram and Greg Pitz, Air Force Institute of Technology
Diode Pumped Atomic Alkali Lasers With Exciplex (Excimer) Assisted Absorption (Abstract Only)
David Carroll, CU Aerospace
Diode Pumped Alkali Vapor Lasers for High Power Applications (Paper Only)
Jason Zweiback and B. Krupke, General Atomics

Poster Session
Power Conditioning For An Ultra-Compact Explosively Driven Magnetic Flux Compressions Generator System (Abstract also included)
John Krile, S. Holt and D. Hemmert, HEM Technologies; J. Walter and J. Dickens, Texas Tech University; A. Stults, AMRDEC; L. Altgilber, SMDC
Analytical Method for Calculation of Currents Produced by Shock Wave Ferromagnetic Generators (Abstract Only)
Sergey Shkuratov, Loki Incorporated
Explosive-Driven MINI-System Based on Shock Wave Ferromagnetic Seed Source and Loop Magnetic Flux Compression Generator (Abstract Only)
Sergey Shkuratov, Loki Incorporated
Operation of the Longitudinal Shock Wave Ferroelectric Generator Charging a Capacitor Bank (Abstract Only)
Sergey Shkuratov, Loki Incorporated
Electrical Breakdown of Aluminum Powder in Shock-Wave Driven Pulsed Power Systems
David Hemmert, John Krile and S. Holt, HEM Technologies
HPM Effects in Advanced Electronics (Abstract also included)
J. Rodgers, M. Holloway, T. Firestone and V. Granatstein, University of Maryland
Susceptibility of Computer Network to UWB Pulses (Paper Only)
Soo Hoon Lee,Jin Soo Choi, Cheon Ho Kim, Ji Heon Ryu and Jaimin Lee, Korea Agency for Defense Development
Simulation of Mirror Distortion and Harmonics in Free-Electron Laser Oscillators (Abstract Only)
Henry Freund and W. Miner, SAIC; M. Shinn and S. Benson, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Simplified Beamline Design for Megawatt-FEL ERL Applications (Abstract Only)
Kip Bishofberger, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Directed Energy Based Stealthy Communications and "Radar" (Abstract Only)
Roy Whitney, Jefferson Laboratory
Demonstration and Characterization of Alkali Antimonide Dispenser Photocathodes (Paper also included)
Eric Montgomery, Donald Feldman, Nathan Moody, Patrick O’Shea and Noah Sennett, University of Maryland; Kevin Jensen, Naval Research Laboratory

Education Workshop Proceedings
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, Deputy Director, HEL JTO
DEPS Education Overview
Sam Blankenship, DEPS
Photonics Education on Kauai
Francis Takahashi, Kauai Community College
Workforce Development for Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai
Mark Hoffman, Maui Community College
Optics at Huntsville City Schools' Engineering Magnet Program
Betsy Banks, Huntsville City Schools
A Model School for the Nation: The Academy for Science and Foreign Language
Tammy Summerville and Betty Duncan, Huntsville City Schools
2007 Directed Energy Summer Intern Program: Introducing DoD DE to College Undergrads
Marken Houle, AFIT Center for Directed Energy
2007 Directed Energy Summer Intern Program: Introducing DoD DE to College Undergrads
Intern Speaker: Mark Spencer

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